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  1. Waiting for the day you visit the website again.....

  2. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/breathing-scrolling/eiblpipblgnenllddpmfgonelobclmfb?hl=en


    I shall try it :) Though, how would it know which direction to scroll in (up/down) O.o 

  3. 3 word story

    remove our shirts
  4. What's the CPU usage while it's playing? Is it in 4K?
  5. I sent him a PM. The "Daily" Q&A posts are fine and not really "Off-topic" considering this is a "General" thread where every thing else not categorized kind of falls into. The "Daily" Q&A posts like this one are not good posts. Example of good daily post: What's your favorite ice cream? Vanilla. Example of bad daily post: What color is Zebra the server manager? Yellow crap stain. I hope the above makes sense to everyone. Also: You can't report posts if you're going to "join in on the fun"...But that's my opinion...
  6. Sign-in Problems

    Issue(s) resolved. @denros will be combing through some of the site as there are a lot of warnings in regards to "This secure page has insecure content" warnings.
  7. Sign-in Problems

    Tested myself and confirmed. This happens not just with HTTPS but with HTTP as well. I'm sifting through logs at the moment but I don't think the issue is on our side. @denros there are multiple other issues with HTTPS as well. Not all content on the page is going via HTTPS. To re-create, use a different browser or something else and navigate to various pages. You will sometimes get the warning that not all content on the page is secure (not sure if this is because of CloudFlare?) and you can see a lot of links that go out in HTTP (which is causing this error). I will re-post after continuing with logs.
  8. Sign-in Problems

    I'm not seeing any issues. We had enabled "Force https for sign-in pages" (basically) but currently there is no sign in page (the only "sign in" I see is at the top of all pages if you're not logged in). In addition to this, there are no errors in any logs indicating a problem. In order to check it anymore, I need more information like... * Was it displaying a 403 error? 500 Error? * What are the exact steps to reproduce it?
  9. I am able to replicate this on Firefox 46.0.1 but not sure what's causing the issue. I think it seems kind of minor but as usual, probably a pain to resolve it.
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