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  1. Been in GFL for about 3 years now. Things sure have changed (for the better and for worse).

    1. rapperdan


      Uhh I might have gone on css ze back when we had it long before I ever joined gfl just saw a high pop css server when I first got css I thought some weird shit was going on with my game so I left.

      tfw I have the 5 year token and only played on like one or two community servers for css

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    2. DemonWithAShotgun


      Idk why loli is seen as so perverse and wrong. They're just drawings :lenny: 

    3. Korowa
    4. -q-


      give me lolis or give me death

  3. Most of the cool people have moved on to better things in their lives. Also, go away fake burts.
  4. Best Regards 4.png.978dd4b99749e9e7e682dbae0f9438e1.png

    1. -q-


      Best Regardsnephockey.png.34893657cb54d91b71e864839636b74a.png

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/DanRappold/ Plenty of memes on here. Here is my personal collection:
  6. How and why did you do it? vRpNfdadQvCZ2IZggu0t2Q.png

    Your ts3 info compared to anyone else just gonna use domps as an example Y_TyywOrTsiOdEiDJqvWFg.png

    1. -q-


      3Tjc55Y.png Blank characters man

    2. rapperdan


      lol ya boi

  7. Three character limits = trash