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  1. Rocket League does not have cross-platform parties at the moment. There may be a way of playing in a private match together but I have yet to test this. Until I can confirm that I can do that, I will say no to all console players signing up for the tournament. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. After seeing the success of the recent GFL Overwatch tournament, I decided to try and do another Rocket League tournament (first tournament). I tried to create another tournament back in October but not enough people signed up. I am hoping things will turn out better this time around. Since I want to appeal to the most people within the community, I am creating this poll to get a grasp of what type of tournament is wanted. While I really doubt hoops or rumble are gamemodes people want to play in a tournament style, I wanted to be as thorough as possible in terms of fitting the want of the people. We have already done a default 1v1 tournament which went well, but can be done again with enough support. If we do a 2v2 or 3v3 tournament, I will not make people create teams on Challonge (the bracket website) like I did before since I think this hurt the amount of people who signed up with my previous attempt of a tournament. I will opt into just using the forums. I have not tested yet, but I may be able to livestream the tournament myself this time around. If I can't, I will be asking around to see if another person can do it. Commentators will be needed (I do not know if I will commentate yet). Prizes are still being worked out, but they will most likely be a few Steam games and potentially Supporter/VIP for a month. If you have any suggestions, questions, or would like to help with the behind-the-scenes, be sure to let me know below. After a couple weeks, I will make a decision (assuming there is enough support for the tournament) and make a thread about the tournament. Date and times will not be decided until then but plan on it being in held in a month or two.
  3. Neither the US or Mexico has done anything to hurt the other directly. Due to NAFTA and the fact that it is cheaper to have basic labor done in second world countries compared to first world countries, corporations have moved to Mexico hence why they are "stealing our jobs." Illegal immigrants cross the border (criminal and "lawful") and take refuge in sanctuary cities where they are able to get jobs and such. Depending on the circumstances, they can even vote in elections (primarily democrat voters which is why democrats oppose actually enforcing immigration laws. Hopefully, this will also be proven in the investigation he plans on conducting on this previous election, but I digress. Trump is simply protecting our country and its people. Mexico does nothing to help the situation so they will reap what they have sown. The wall should most likely be a metaphoric wall (stronger border control, extra surveillance, etc.) but a physical wall will suffice. On a last note, a cold war will never happen with Mexico and the US. The US is and will alway be ahead of Mexico in practically all ways you can imagine, meaning that Mexico would not be able to do anything. We can bully them all we want with no fear of direct repercussions. I will begin by saying the "Muslim ban" is not a "Muslim ban." It is ban of Islamic states on a list created by the Obama administration specifying terrorist threats. The ban does not even include the top five countries having the highest number of Muslim citizens. Obama himself did the same thing several times (sometimes worse conditions) with no major backlash. Trump does it and the world throws a temper tantrum. As @Benroyjam said, it has been temporarily ended by a judge. The ban is entirely justified since Obama has done it in the past and since it is only temporary to get a proper vetting system in place for people who are actually in need of coming to the US otherwise known as poor, non-ISIS sympathizers. On a personal level, I have no issue with Muslims. I only have an issue with Islam since it is the worst mainstream religion the world has to offer in terms of its roots and ideologies. Therefore, I support the ban to prevent those who utilize the worst of Islam from coming to the US. Trump is smarter than most people make him out to be. Give it some time and hopefully you will understand what I mean.
  4. Seems appropriate for the amount of political discussion that goes on these days. Feel free to civilly talk or debate amongst each other about any political topics. If you want, you can also state your stances. For example: https://secure.isidewith.com/elections/2016-presidential/2828510642#. You do not need to have it in the form of a link like I do, but it is much more compact. This gives pretty much all of the general information you would want to know. Anything in specific can be mentioned and talked about. Rules: 1. Do not attack people directly (i.e. calling someone a Nazi simply because you do not like their opinions); Opt for an actual argument 2. This is not a "safe space". Do not read topics here if you get offended easily. 3. If someone is giving false information, you are allowed to "fact check" that person so long as you have a reliable source linked to that correction (preferably an independent source). I guess I will start off the discussion: What does everyone think of Trump's actions so far?
  5. https://www.rt.com/usa/374942-trump-dakota-keystone-approval/ I will leave this here as another source that is not the Huffington Post It is a bit dated, but I will put a video talking about the topic which is pretty much my view point on the situation.
  6. If you need any further changes, let me know.
  7. I figured I should let the public know about this. I have been leading the team since sometime in January of 2016, just about a year at this point. In that time, I have developed the team from practically nothing into a semi-organized group of graphic designers willing to help out the community's graphic needs. We made it through tough times of only four members and with the forum move as well. I definitely made several mistakes throughout my time as leader and could have done a better job in my opinion, but overall, I did a decent job all things considered. I do not think I could have done as good without the occasional advice from @nick027nd (past leader for those that did not know) and several other team members (some of which have left). A year later after taking the position, I believe it is time to pass the torch on to someone else. Transition of power is a necessary thing to keep a group stable and healthy. I also feel I have not been doing much over the course of the last few months. I have lost the passion that I had way back when. Lastly, I have been busy with life activities and school. Right when I believe that I will be more active for the team, something comes up. I believe resigning will give someone else a chance to do what I have not been able to. I hate to do this since we only recently merged the GFX and Media teams into the Creative Team, which needs someone to get the Media side of things going again, but I do not think I would be capable of doing so with my current state. I would like to thank all of the GFX Team Members who put up with me for all these months. You guys have helped out this community greatly and it is much appreciated. Continue doing what you do best. @cankyarts @Azura @Bae @Tai @OutOfIdeas @Radify25 @OGB4LIFE @bobe @inHaze Myself and the other Trusted members are looking for a new leader at the moment. I will make sure the transition goes smoothly and to overlook the team for the first few weeks to make sure things are stable. Lastly, as a quick clarification, this resignation is only for GFX/Creative Team Leader, not Community Advisor.
  8. tournament

    I, for the most part, play tanks (Zarya mostly) and support so I most likely will not win, but it is worth a try.
  9. ART OF THE MONTH: JANUARY Brought to you by the GFL GFX Team Welcome to the third Art of the Month (AOTM) contest. If you need to read over the rules and guidelines, refer to this thread: The theme of this month is LANDSCAPE. Here is an example image: You can make whatever image you would like so long that it sticks to the theme. The dimensions can be anything that you deem appropriate. As said before, the deadline is the end of the month, Jan. 31. Afterwards, a poll will be made to determine the winner. I recommend anyone with any actual artistic talent to participate. If you have any questions be sure to message me or the other GFX members: @Bae @Azura @LieutenantColonelShove @Tai @Radify25 @inHaze @cankyarts @bobe @OGB4LIFE Paint those happy little trees and rocks and good luck!
  10. ART OF THE MONTH: DECEMBER Brought to you by the GFL GFX Team Welcome to the first Art of the Month (AOTM) contest. If you need to read over the rules and guidelines, refer to this thread: The theme of this month is SCIENCE. Below will be the images submitted along with the person's name and description: Name: @CatieSai Description: It's a space mushroom. Just a space mushroom. I was inspired by Mario with this one. Enjoy. Name: @Finnick Description: Marine Biology Name: @Deltacommander Description: automated turret (not sure if it would work I mean it's a robot? if not just remove it) my first published 3d style drawing, I may remake it later. This poll will lock on Jan. 8. and the winner will be announced the following day. Good luck to the few that entered!