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  1. Happy Birthday!  :duck:

  2. happy birthday my guy.

    You can draw the frames of glasses any day on my face btw ;)

  3. Since this thread will inevitably get locked by the communist regime, I will post this now rather than later tonight. Thanks for the positive replies everyone and some good old fashion GFL drama. I got the exact responses I had expected to see. You guys never fail to amuse me. I have read enough, though. I will be off now.
  4. Figured I would finally escape the dying communist regime known as modern day GFL. I have been here 3.5 years. I have had my fun. I did what I could to help GFL but it went down the wrong path a long time ago. I do not think it will ever be fixed. I do not exactly have much of a reason to stay at this point. I know most people in GFL who knew me were not very fond of me and are happy to see this thread, but I do not care. Glad some people found me at least tolerable. I hope to go down in infamy for most and become a legend for a small amount of others. I can almost guarantee this is the most toxic "goodbye" post there is and will ever be. Let's see if I can create the longest mention list (as retarded as they are) and see how many people I can trigger: @Domps VERO.co Amanda > Akko @SashaDuck I am leaving you in charge of the Freedom Squad, you mexican @Bigtime388 Gay @DevilEagle America > Britland @Otter Screaming weeaboo @OtakuSupreme Blind screaming weeaboo @IAmSuperFineMan Best black man GFL has ever seen @CLITPUNCHER Best nudes dealer GFL has ever seen @PaulaDeen Rhode Island is trash @StupidMe Best purge admin @Crayzze Swooshmaster @SoJa $17k is nothing. You should have stolen more. @Skittlez Easily the most toxic ex-staff we have @CrusTi Stop vaping and smoking weed, it is not good for you @Rose You used to be extremely toxic. Now you are moderately toxic. Good job. @-_Fx_- I wish I was able to get you demoted. You are easily the most toxic person in GFL currently. @Violator See above. @starsandspiders Thank you for being able to take my criticisms instead of getting triggered like everyone else. @John Jeez Man A tolerable hypocrite @Misaki step on me please. also, you are a weeb. @Snoopy https://youtu.be/Q4nk1U6gj30 @StickDuck @DoctorDuck @ToniDuckboni @harry @Floopyhiggle Best symmetra player @Cypher Best Purge manager @Sir42 Rocket league king @brandonthepinkwizard @CNe7532294 Best bird drinker and person to talk to about politics @Major_Push @Xy_ Keep making emotes great again and stop hiding posts about politics @Roy Thanks for allowing me to be CA and other ranks way back. For the future, pick more competent staff and take Shuruia's advice. @Winter Stop advertising servers in shoutbox. It doesnt work. @AceOfSpades See above. @Telemetry Loli king. @Gamer4Life Biggest joke of GFL @Kyptonik @Based_Matt RIP DarkRP @Omid Never forget #UnbanOmid @nick027nd Best GFX leader @Azura Thanks for taking over for me, even if it was only for like a month. @Amelie Make more good music @GrumpyR3aper Tell Amelie to make more good music @Shiny 2nd best purge manager @Zebra You killed purge. Also, you should learn to hide your biases. @ButterKing5000 Kill off purge please. End its misery. You have the power. @X2D @i have had it up to duck @shinigami_senpai Send me some 3d loli hentai please. @DOOMSlayer_ MAGA @Joshy Chaotic Good. Stay that way. @Yuuji Flat is justice. @Ariistuujj Talk. @Ben Roy Best minecraft server @SwegBuster @Nick In case you could not find it: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3op5l7ix9lah8xi/AACFPGh1Wb4WPJvExygnng-ga?dl=0 @Mary You are an attention whore. @Bunnynator See above. @PB-n-J Stop ignoring me. @Jerry Hat Trick @Leks RIP Teamspeak @GFLBot You are useless in your current state. @inHaze One of the best GFX members back in the day @SaladFlake You should have DDoSed purge more. @Severely_Artistic Minecraft server idea was retarded. @Auggie Shovel more snow. @MilkMan Do not get triggered over facts. @Joel Smith Nice new community you made with some other people. Hope it goes well. @JerryBomb Macs are trash. @Nap14hockey That is all the people I can think of or care to mention in this mess. All my GFL memes: I will stay around for a day or two to read a few replies and then I will be off. If you need to talk to me, I will still be using Teamspeak and there are still other means of contacting me (see signature).
  5. Rip TS perms, Otter, and my chances of having you "deal" with a certain someone sometime in the future.
  6. The Academic Frost* Yes Greta Van Fleet Remo Drive Caligula's Horse Vitalism Come Wind
  7. I could see @Gamer4Life and some others here in GFL shooting up a school
  8. FREEDOM SQUAD Who are we?: We are supporters of freedom and ducks. We advocate for unbans of those who have been wronged and for freedom of speech on GFL. Who has been wronged?: @Otter @Telemetry @harry and many others. Harry was the easiest to make our mascot because there was already an emote for him. Who is currently a member?: @SashaDuck @i have had it up to duck @StickDuck @DoctorDuck @Otter @ToniDuckboni @WashingDuck How to join: Step 1: Go to @harry's profile and save his profile picture (or save it from here) Step 2: Go to your profile and edit your profile picture. Step 3: Change your name to something that resembles your previous name, but with the word "duck" in it. (optional) Step 4: Spread the word of the duck .
  9. except when he cannot find a dropbox link to the forum badges that is in like 3 locations, gets upset with me because I forgot on a single occasion to send him that same link when I got home, and then proceeded to never ask me for the link again. When confronted over it by someone else, they went and found the link in 30 seconds. Good use of a director position, right?
  10. 75% GFL's active player base do not know who I am. I do not think a lot of them are old enough to know me from my time in GMOD or actively look at the forums which is where I am mostly. 20% have anywhere between a neutral to a greatly negative opinion of me. The last 5% enjoy my presence. I could not ask for it to be any other way.
  11. I would say @Misaki is closer to the evil side
  12. wlcl.png

    :duck: F R E E D O M S Q U A D :duck:
  13. Where is the "none of these are good" option? Voted for the dan one since it is the best of the worst (which is really saying something).
  14. He has brainwashed you to think that. You have been corrupted! I want to see people make some more using other GFL people.
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