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  1. i give it a month
  2. had the art teacher making sure it was right every stroke he painted lmao
  3. Some people where talking about zeuses and they thought about dual weilding zeuses and like you start out with 1 zeus and once you kill someone it goes to dueling zeuses and it resets amma after every shot. Ideas from Jguary and stoutspour
  4. This looks like a pretty fun map https://gamebanana.com/maps/189375
  5. When i first joined the server i wasn't member so i thought maybe i should wait a couple of rounds but it didn't work as soon as we changed maps no one was member and all of the credits where reset, they weren't in there gangs either. The picture shows that no one had credits.
  6. Stewie2k has broken rules multiple times(on ct and t). I have no evidence of those occasions. This evidence shows him chat spamming, advertising vg/false vging, and Abusing call admin. This topic may not be important but thank you for reading <3
  7. Yes I do the first time I got banned I don't know how I did so sorry but yes I will follow the rules