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  1. Lag

    well i guess its not fps lag cause ive built things like i have on other servers and had little lag, redstone stops all the time as well
  2. Lag

    Anytime redstone goes off there is a whole lot of lag, which might be me not sure, but there's hella lag with 15 people on its fps and rubber banding
  3. Lag

    fix lag so laggy with 15 people its absurd
  4. I knew i wasn't allowed to do it but at the time i didnt see why it mattered with the mc server not being up and the discord being completly dead and i understand i shouldn't of done it, theres appeals for a reason.
  5. Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible): BamBoozled#4431 Why were you banned?: I got muted on the minecraft discord so i decided to leave it and join back through a link (which was really stupid) and i got banned. Why should you be unbanned? I would like to be unbanned because i want to see the announcements for all of the servers. I understand i shouldn't of done that and im truly sorry. Thanks
  6. Joe

  7. I banned you for that like a month ago I honestly think it should be perm at this point After doing it again, you just do it to ruin the round and the act like you didn’t mean too
  8. Not once have a i targeted you most of your punishments arent from me its a wide assortment of the whole admin team but when you say the n-word and do stuff like this there needs to be consequences. Please Close
  9. If you're still doing the stuff i have proof of then yes i do
  10. Doesnt matter if its your first offense for favortism you've been ctbanned for longer than this, you're lucky it wasn't longer, you are a constant offender on ct and on the server in general if you would change you wouldn't get harsh punishments. https://medal.tv/clips/14321965/p5GQ5j3yNZUG
  11. What do you expect us to do with this nobody is advertising and there is no proof it’s false they could be vw’ing you for anything; it could be false but there isn’t proof
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