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  1. Neutral leaning towards -1 This statement isn't geared towards you specifically, but it seems a lot of players "explode" on to the server, see that admin requirement of 35 hours and focus on that to apply. I believe there's more to it. I also feel that wanting to be an admin should be characteristics you display prior to applying, not because you've applied. I've been on the server enough with you and heard your demeanor towards other players, and I can say based just on that, I don't feel you're ready.
  2. In-Game Name(s): RepeatPete Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56658381 Age: point & laugh at the old guy - 48 Hours on Server: 212.47 Why do you want to be an admin: Short and to the point, I like the server. I want to see the community grow and retain a good consistent core group of players. I want the people that come here to have a good time and enjoy that time. It's difficult to sit idly by when wishing I could help more than just simple bind reminders. Up until now, I've settled for pestering the admins via #need-an-admin, but now I would appreciate the opportunity to help more directly. ~side note: Yes, I will use voice. I rarely do at first on servers. I have a fairly deep voice with a wicked southern accent. For some reason that equates to stupidity or some other stereotypical comments. What will you do as admin to make the server better: I would want to make sure I'm well versed in the rules of the server as well as GFL's general community rules. Using that, I would ensure those playing on the server aren't plagued with the common troublemakers you see come on, only to cause drama. The core group that I know of are here to play, not to put up with those who exploit, players screaming, shouting obscenities or using racial slurs. Applying the rules and the resulting consequences fairly and without bias I feel would result in a better experience for all that come to play, have fun and enjoy the community. Have you ever been an admin before and if so, where were/are you an admin? First admin-ish position I had was for Aeria Games in 2006. The position was GameSage, GS for short in a MMORPG called Shaiya. We were basically regular players who reported issues/players to the GMs via tickets or direct messages on the website. We had to track issues, making reports at the end of each week. We were given a stipend of in-game items/gold for the amount of work we put in. I was laid off work in late 2009, so I had to re-focus on getting another job. (2007-2009) I was GM/dev for the same game, but for 2 private servers. I handled training the GameSages, player tickets, back-end MySQL database queries for online admin tools. (2010-2011) I was one of 2 senior mods on a Minecraft server. The server owner had some IRL issues come up, so the server had to be shutdown. (2012-2013) I was head admin, becoming co-owner of a GMOD PH server. I trained new admins, did a little back-end database work on the point shop and donations as well as general server administration (file system cleanup, adding banned props, restarts, etc.) Server was initially called Noobs R Us, then re-branded as Stomping Grounds. On average our PH population was consistent with GFL's. (2016-2018) I was an admin and tech lead for Caedas Gaming Community. (I edited loot tables, bounced servers, assisted players and designed our custom Atlas map). We ran a 4 server ARK cluster and then a 3x3 Atlas cluster. (2018-2019) Admin for RustEZ, US Scourge server. (5/2019 - 4/2020). I still love this game and the group who play there. The owner began implementing many changes, those changes not always working as anticipated, then having to be removed or changed just caused more and more contention. Couple that with the stir-crazy of self-isolation, the angst in folks just grew. I parted ways amicably, and am welcome back as an admin anytime. What, in your opinion, makes an ideal admin? You can't be someone seeking some feeling of entitlement or power. You're willing to give up your own play time to watch others in the event some form of cheating is suspected. You apply the rules equally, and without bias to everyone. You are entrusted with not only representing the server, but the community as well. You can't take things personally. It's very unpopular being an admin at times, and you have to know that passing a consequence to one ore more players will often garner negative reactions to which you cannot react, provided those reactions do not continue to break server rules. Sponsor(s): I was told I could not mention my highly sought-after tentative non-lucrative sponsorship from Cheetos & Slurpee, so forget I mentioned it. I do however have an endorsement from a former admin if that counts @Rabid Hound did say to let @TheThirdReaper know that she'd give me a good recommendation and @TheThirdReaper as well
  3. Name? most call me Pete (not actual name, but it'll do for here) Age? Birthday? I have had a few Timezone? CST Gender? Male What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? If I woke up suddenly as a woman, I'd be afraid to see myself in a dress Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)? Member Which server(s) do you prefer? I've always mainly played PH, but have been playing Murder How long have you been playing? GMOD...first played Nov 3, 2012. I didn't do much with it until 2016 though. Since then, I've clocked in over 800 hours. How often are you online and for how long? I am often online after 5pm CST Biggest accomplishment on this server? I've only began playing on GFL, but have enjoyed some of the regulars so far Best thing that ever happened to you? Meeting @Xx_Darkie_xX Worst thing that ever happened to you? broken femur, 2 surgeries to correct Words/Phrases you say frequently? "Is that right?" Your greatest fear? Drowning Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? I don't get embarassed easily, so that's a hard one Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? @Xx_Darkie_xX because she is amazing Favorite Animal? Dog, but overall I have an affinity for all animals Favorite Color? Red/Black Favorite Song? my taste is in music is very eclectic, so again it's hard to pin down just one Favorite Book? Necronomicon Ex-Mortis lol Favorite Movie? any of the Halloweens, except Season of the Witch Favorite TV Show? I don't watch television Favorite vacation spot? somewhere cozy, away from people and preferably in woods Coolest place you visited? probably a science museum since I'm a huge nerd Favorite place to be alone? my home office Favorite thing to do with your spare time? game, before gaming I used to design and build haunted houses Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? @Xx_Darkie_xX Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? drink straight from the orange juice container Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. I'm sure it was at the expense of someone else, because I'm a horrible person at times and find humor where it shouldn't be. Something you wish existed. my bank account with over a million bucks in it Something you wish was still around. common courtesy Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. I'd like to see a better variation in maps on the murder server. Each and every time I play, it's on gm_construct and that does grow stale after a while. Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. I'm entirely too "wordy". I have a knack for anything electronic. By day, I'm a database administrator (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Mongo and Cassandra) Favorite Meme or GIF
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