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  1. best mechanic ever
  2. nice
  3. Suddenly some ideas came out, so I decided to add more into the first level. Because I felt that my level 1 is too short. Try to make it longer.
  4. Doorhuggers are deaf.
  5. OK😖
  6. How about turns the dmg into points and allows the player to exchange for the skin? We can set the skin last for a certain time. It's a small reward for the defender and appreciation for them.
  7. Working on a zombie escape map. The theme of the map is about Greek Mythology. The name will be fix temporary as ze_Hades_v1. Hopefully will be done on December. This is my first map and I try to work as best as I can. I want to make the map not just defending but a little bit more than that. There are 3 levels. No boss for the first 2 levels. The first level was completed. There is a maze in the map. The second level and so on still in progress.







  8. Level 1 completed, basically. Just need adjustments for the lighting, balancing and decoration. The props in the picture show black because I compile fast.
  9. Thanks, I'll appreciate that.
  10. Yup, That's how i do it. But I separate into several parts. I textured the previous part before I move on.
  11. I still looking for some materials. Hopefully I can find it easily. Btw, you are not making map right now?
  12. The theme is about the Greek mythology. I try to make 3 levels. First 2 levels without the boss. The First level I want to make a maze and the path is all the way up. Second level I make underground and go down all the way. Last level is going to defeat the Hades.
  13. Thanks guys, I'm doing a ze map now. I'm still learning various type of the techniques and function. Hopefully I can make it until the end.
  14. I will try to learn that and make it as well As I can😂