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  1. Best map in ze

    de_dust2 not ze_dust2. It's quite fun to play
  2. Best map in ze

    dust II
  3. Best map in ze

    This is the best map i've ever played.
  4. Need help in making map

  5. Need help in making map

    I've made a lot of changes. I completed the level 1 and 2 generally. I suffered a lot when I compiled the .vmf file because I did only little optimization process. This caused me a lot of troubles. But anyway I still come out something. Hopefully I can get some feedback. This just some of the screenshot i took.
  6. making map

    best mechanic ever
  7. ze_Ice_(Temple/Cavern)

  8. Need help in making map

    Suddenly some ideas came out, so I decided to add more into the first level. Because I felt that my level 1 is too short. Try to make it longer.
  9. Working on a zombie escape map. The theme of the map is about Greek Mythology. The name will be fix temporary as ze_Hades_v1. Hopefully will be done on December. This is my first map and I try to work as best as I can. I want to make the map not just defending but a little bit more than that. There are 3 levels. No boss for the first 2 levels. The first level was completed. There is a maze in the map. The second level and so on still in progress.







  10. Need help in making map

    Level 1 completed, basically. Just need adjustments for the lighting, balancing and decoration. The props in the picture show black because I compile fast.
  11. Need help in making map

    Thanks, I'll appreciate that.
  12. Need help in making map

    Yup, That's how i do it. But I separate into several parts. I textured the previous part before I move on.
  13. Need help in making map

    I still looking for some materials. Hopefully I can find it easily. Btw, you are not making map right now?
  14. Need help in making map

    The theme is about the Greek mythology. I try to make 3 levels. First 2 levels without the boss. The First level I want to make a maze and the path is all the way up. Second level I make underground and go down all the way. Last level is going to defeat the Hades.