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  1. When I was younger I used to play for hours now I'm hanging out a lot and my butt got bigger so 1-2hr sometimes more.
  2. Im Way too Bored

    Go fap.
  3. I would buy a place for me and bae. Also upgrade my butt.
  4. indomie instant noodles.
  5. Good luck have fun irl!~
  6. It's decent but every battery becomes bad over time but that's the least you can worry about yours might be 100% after 3,4 months still.
  7. Last november I think the phone has the best battery ever top 3. I use it heavily it can last all day
  8. I have The Xs this phone is crazy fast you can't find a faster phone than this. Amazing camera. I shoot portraits especially at night with friends it's amazing what it can do. Speakers are the loudest you can get. Amazing phone overall for anything really.
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