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  1. As I can say this without much consequence now, I shall: Positions are puzzle pieces. They have to fit perfectly to make the finished product. If Beat (i love you but this may hurt) is piece A, and someone else is piece B, and the manager spot is an outline of piece B, then A is not going to fit. The biggest moronic thing about his half-baked debate is you cry favoritism but the only ones fighting are the ones biased to a specific party. Aka Jit and probably Omid (too much text, not enough care) So your friend didnt get manager of a dead server, who gives a shit. Instead of making a stink about it, think for a second what they couldve done that you didnt then compare it to what needs done. If they cannot list a fraction of what needs done within that moment, then they really don't need to manage that server. Managers always need to keep an eye on things and know the neutral state of every little thing for troubleshooting reasons. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. Now be mature, you've got a position to uphold (jit, the rest of you can go stupid, why not)
  2. This could've easily been said in a more professional way. Example: Make !votemap a member+ perk, the benefits of this would be *insert points here* Not a terrible idea but I'm not seeing real benefit either. Its not gamebreaking or experience ruining
  3. I know I'm pretty known for doing this but this time, it's permanent (unless super-director becomes a thing ) I am officially stepping down from director. I feel as though I've contributed as much as possible with my knowledge, and that at this point, I don't give enough positive results to warrant me keeping this position. I'd rather take my leave knowing I did all I could than remain and feel useless to the community I've called home for years everyday I look at our forums. To those who have supported me along the way and got me as far as I've gotten, you are my world. I live every single day of my life knowing there is good in the world willing to help those who need it. I hope to stay in contact with most of you, and if not, I'll always appreciate the time you've been in my life. To those who have hated me and tried to keep me back, try again nerds I plan to stick around to help out here and there with PR and chill in the main discord, so don't think I'm gone with the wind either Time for everyone's favorite part: like farming the special mentions. @Roy for having faith in me since we first met, and giving me the chance to climb to the top. A great friend for life @Liloz01 the brit who kept me sane dealing with the room temp iq moments. Also my husband @Ben The man who vouched for me and helped me reach director, an inspiration @JadedJade The only one I trust to make PR shine like it was meant to. @MilkMan Forever my manager @Leks fuk u loser @Zero the first admin i saw on ttt that is still around today, a good friend who screenshares porn with @Pancake Jenkins @Harakoni obligatory "we fight alot but it wouldn't be the same without you" mention @Korowa @Royce @Toni Bamanaboni for being my greatest friends and family @VilhjalmrF valhalla waits, brother @motorsteak we rose together from admins to leaders. Keep on truckin @flyingjoe32 @Pyros @Nick People I enjoy talking to the most thats not tagged yet (i love you all mostly equally) All of the TTT Staff - My gateway into this community. I'll always be thankful. @Pedro and his entire division for being the next big thing that gives me hope GFL is on the rise again. Even if his managers are 4heads and all the other friends I made in this community along the way. From harry to Xy. You're all pretty cool. 😎 And with that, I'll be seeing you guys in the discord (or in my stream I'm always self promoting Thank you GFL; Last one out turn the lights off. -WigglesWorth
  4. Couldn't he just give you his IP? I was perfectly content with that being over but now none of it makes sense at all. And if he was the hoster, how could an outside person who needed someones specific ip to even begin to "test ddos protection" do anything with it? Were you doing the ddosing? I'm 10 shades of confused
  5. I'm not part of this whole ordeal but the company thing is hurting my brain a bit. If you were hired to test ddos protection, why would you be grabbing ip's?
  6. Giving free reign for the most part. Need 3 emotes made up in 28x28, 56x56, 112x112 each Need 5 badges that progress, (i.e. how Apex badge tiers just add something to the original) in 18x18, 36x36, 72x72 This doesn't need done anytime soon but I'd like to see some communication and activity so I know it's being started and being done Twitch theme:
  7. I am very excited to announce that @JadedJade is officially our new PR Team Leader! Many wishes to her, and what she has in store for the team! That is all, thank you
  8. @Ben could help you with it, given he wants to. The dude is a whiz at these kinds of bots. Example being our moderation and utility bots
  9. bb, we had tons of fun ❤️ We just caused mayhem and never planned our t round 😎
  10. Hello Zorro, I understand your frustration with one of FoF's most common rules, as proven by the numbered list provided. I'm here to explain why we have it and why it will not be changing. 1. While a more innocent form, killbinds are still spam, just as lenny spam is lenny spam. Especially if you do so after every single kill. Let's say you go crazy and get 60+ kills in one round of shootout. That is 60 times you'll be sending that same message over and over. That is the definition of spam, which is proven to annoy and sometimes make players leave or file a report. 2. They can be very, very obnoxious depending on the person killed and how. Some people who killbind make them derogatory to the player they have succeeded over, and to ensure fairness, if we let one person do so, we have to let others do so as well. It's better to just not have them at all. It's not what we want our server to be. 3. It in no way, shape or form actually harms the server or population to not have killbinds, as its not a very common practice in our Non-RP servers. If we had them, we actually believe it would cause users to leave. Hope this clears up any and all concerns with the rule. If this means you cannot have fun on our server, we are truly sorry but you will just need to find another. Thanks and have a good day.
  11. This is for MC 24/7 cus i havent played much rot since it came out but: Back in 2017 a bunch of us admins would plan t pass rounds. Decided to all run a SLAM and C4 opener. C4 planted at tower, hut, nether hut, and near t room all at once with 45 seconds. We then ran to tester, and once a good dozen people gathered away from the c4s, we all threw the slams and only had 2-3 survivors that the c4s finished. Rip starsnspiders, hiredmerc and ACookieWithNothingToLose
  12. Sorry I'm late. Was at work. Lets get this show on the road. You openly admit you like to be a dick and don't regret the things you say or do. While you don't really harm anything directly, you contribute no good either. I can unban on the grounds that the ban was excessive, but the wiggle room is very narrow for you. If you accept the appeal, I'll unban. You can just PM me on discord if I take too long.
  13. You have caused too many issues on a community staff wide scale for me to allow you any position on the public relations team. Denied.
  14. You've definitely grown to be a much better person than when you first came to GFL. Good luck in life and whatever troubles you may face, friend.
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