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  1. I'm not going to join you in arguing. I said those were quick examples. If you did more than spout 3-4 messages in a row repeating about misinformation and accusing, this would've been settled already. Please be sure to reappeal in due time. Your behavior continues to show you aren't ready to come back. Thanks for appealing.
  2. Your instability to stay civil doesn't really help you. As for misinformation, you left a day or two after your demotion, which made me assume so. That's my fault. However if I included the context to the religion chats, koni was having a serious discussion about it but you kept countering in the most disrespectful ways. I tried to keep it as simple as possible for you as I (again) stated I didn't mind unbanning. As for the event, you didn't get demoted until right after when (on the publicly shared document) you scored your friend a perfect score before they even started. I switched it to a poll, they answered it and someone else won. I don't know where you got your information from but that ain't it chief. I can send those screenshots if needed too, but this is about your ban not your demotion. Yes that is his scorch host discord, and I only used it as a counter to you saying you haven't been active.
  3. As a P.S. I read up and noticed you said you haven't been on discord in a month, however Roy's Scorch Host discord isnt that old and you (were) somewhat active in it recently.
  4. Last time you left was when you got demoted from event management. And toxicity was only part of the ban. It didnt have a listed reasom because it was a globalban command. Here is just some of the few screenshots i felt like taking showing your poor behavior, including the june 3rd messages sent when you came back after your demotion to cause issues. I said I would unban on a leash but if you wish to continue to fight it, I'll revoke the offer and leave it to @motorsteak as Mod TL
  5. When I'm off work ill scroll through the chat logs to find the major plot points but for now a summary is: You were highly toxic and rule breaking before you left on your own accord. You came back after your friends got banned and immediately starting breaking rules, being extremely toxic and disrespectful to anyone who spoke. Including causing conflict as an event manager as well. I'll have to get the list of infractions along with chat logs. I don't mind unbanning, but it'll be a very tight leash.
  6. I'll be waiting for Mr. Wick then @Korowa
  7. This was an old PR role, which would explain why it had the "tag worgee" descriptor in the application. The role has since been suspended.
  8. I'm going to take initiative here and deny this. You were extremely immature last time you were on media team, and according to your current behavior record on our TTT server, you haven't changed a bit. I'll inform @Korowa for the time being.
  9. Even though I severely enjoyed to give you shit from time to time, you were definitely one of the most determined managers I've had the opportunity of meeting. It sucks to see someone like you go, but I'll always be rooting for you. Best of life, mon frere.
  10. All good, thank you for the civility. Hope to see you in 3 days friend
  11. Hello hello. So ill keep this quick: it was originally for ghosting but after talking to anthony i looked back and noticed it was coincidence. Before i unbanned you i noticed in the logs that you had rdmed 2 and tried to rdm a third but failed. Thats att mass which is still a week ban. If you'd like I can reduce it to 3 days as you typically have good behavior on the server. I do hope this helps future behavior/thought on server
  12. Depends on what I'm after Punk rock feels - A Day To Remember Classic Metal - Metallica or Quiet Riot Hard Rock - Beartooth Chill vibes - Khai Dreams Rap - Watsky or Bazzi Metalcore - Asking Alexandria New Rock / NuMetal - Escape The Fate Etc etc
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