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  1. I honestly don't know how to go about this besides the fact that I don't have the time I used to for GFL. I thought my passion to restore PR would give me a new reason to stay, but due to inactive directors none of my plans will come to fruition. Instead of typing for decades the list of things I have issues with, I just want to skip to the mentions and end this year and a half run on a good note. (This gonna be a long one) @Roy I've made a very valuable friend in you. You've taught me tons and we've shared many emotions in our friendship. Keep me updated on the great things you do. @Ralsei #1 hour farmer this side of breach @Rick cool lad, wish we had talked more in time. @Ben I'm very proud of your progress and hard work. You've come a long way. @Nick Here's to everyone being nice to you @Kite9867 you've done great reviving l4d2, here's hoping it blossoms further @Liloz01 Best TL ever @RVFK probably the closest to a natural leader in PR. If you're up for it, I'd recommend you for PR TL. @Zeugma or Omnibenevolence great writer. Media is blessed to have you @Trigger I know you'll make me proud, you're a great dude. @Le Quack great admin and great PR man. If RVFK doesn't take TL, I hope you think about it. @MilkMan Thanks for everything you've done for me. It's been the best ride any one could ever ask for. I'll pop on and off when I get my new pc. Feel better soon. @MooTheCow one more shitpost for the road? @JadedJade one of my favorite people I ever met. You're a blessing to anyone you cross paths with. Thank you. @Spazzin inactive fucker, I miss you tons. Post on snap every once in awhile, yeah? @Zero you've been with me since day one and I'm glad we shared all that time together. Best Traitors around, lad. @loucop you've done great as an admin, even if you suck more as T than last year @TheSadBandit name stealer, imma miss you sometimes lul @Korowa started out showing me surf RPG when you managed it, became a best friend. You're great @Toni Bamanaboni my main fuckin dude, I give you tons of shit but you're always gonna be in my heart @Harakoni we've had many ups and downs professionally but you're an amazing person when I'm not a mod @Duc2000 you've always been enjoyable to be around and I love your TED talks @RockRoyce my son! You always do your best and always keep it up. Best child anyone could ever ask for. @Syntax first person i ever talked to in discord, best EM to date @Amelie haven't known you long but you're cool af. Be good to harry! forums won't let me tag anymore but thanks to all my friends I've made here in GFL. You all know who you are. I appreciate everyone who's made an impact on me here in gfl. I love you all. Message me on discord if you want to keep in touch. Goodbye GFL
  2. Odst is dlc for mcc and they're remastering reach this year and may add it to the mcc package.
  3. You've been accepted. Welcome to PR. HR isn't fully set up currently so for now, your duties will include dealing with member apps the bot doesn't get due to bans, and a basic promoting of commuication and synergy or some shit like that. We'll go over more in the discord
  4. Before we get too into this app, what happened to where you no longer have these positions in those communities?
  5. I've spent a lot of time around Gary and can confirm he's a hell of a lot better than previous behavior. Give him the green light! +1
  6. Glad to see GFL is turning back to doing what's best for the community and not listening to people who backlash because it conflicts their own opinion. Glad this is back. Ignore all the triggered people, my boys ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  7. I prefer alternative infinity war tbh +1 on the titles though, people love variety
  8. If i see you on a bit more often id be willing to change my vote
  9. I got your back ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. +1 on forums Neutral on discord Reasons above
  11. -1 Inactive Constant troublemaker Cool dude tho
  12. You can change your forum name up to 3 times a year iirc
  13. News to me tbh. But thanks for clearing that up
  14. Accepted. Welcome to the PR team. I'll send you the discord link through the private messaging on forums. I look forward to seeing you there.
  15. That, but also Since we use(d) paypal for our donation system, it's practically impossible to set up recurring payments.
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