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  1. You're gonna make me sad, faggot ❤ Do what's best for you, because I know I did and may do again, love you husband
  2. Glad l4d is getting some love. I enjoy the idea of custom maps, as this game has been out for such a long time that the standard maps are all but obsolete. A vote map function with these may also keep people playing through multiple rounds instead of one and done. Perks are a good choice but a delicate process. Have to find the right balance between fun and overpowering. Especially if it's part of a versus server A small group coop server usually has a weird success rate per 12 human players allowed (I.e. The best servers have 12/24/36 slots, exception of 32) 8v8 versus has seemed like a great amount of players to keep it fun but not impossible for either side to win. Custom skins are very difficult to add, if memory serves me correct. Especially how gmod has a point shop for skins and accessories; downright impossible, but allowing players to use their client side skins could be another benefit and attraction The Director (AI fucker) has bugs when the slots increase more, so might have to keep an eye on that, which would solve the spawning issue. Have my input for no reason
  3. Shall we start planning gfls funeral arrangements
  4. It's just a gmod thing, I believe. There's even an achievement for the typing one
  5. This is really awesome moo, looks like all that shit posting finally paid off
  6. Why not. Anything but yellow and orange
  7. You're both wrong. Mac is the absolute Worst. Yeah I couldn't go through with it.
  8. Usually stick to liquors but if I have to drink pisswater, probably be a yuengling or an angry orchard
  9. His face mate is the lady And I am my own face mate so have new selfie
  10. So after Milkman and I solved the issues at hand, he told me that he didn't remove my perms in game. Decided to take this into a bet. Even did double (and triple) or nothing. Guess I'm still gonna be admin for awhile longer. @MilkMan I blame you
  11. I'm not leaving just resigning E P I C Yeet! Maybe Hi dad I'll still be on and around when I can, you'll do great. I believe in you. I'll cry with you, pussy. Still gonna knife the fuck outta you
  12. Ye we gladly solved this on discord Change my mind You know it dad
  13. Yeet! Fuck you and astro Probably was. That or breach Yes that one