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  1. Banned?

    @Thomasdavid097 Yes I was I just joined the server to see and I am.
  2. Banned?

    IDK if I am I'm still sitting idle till a response is made...
  3. Banned?

    Thanks I tried to send it so if you remove it I'll gladly serve my punishment
  4. Banned?

    Alright so lately I've been having computer fuck ups and in game on June 28th, 2016 at ~2:50P.M. I was banned and I told the Admins online [jelly jiggler, myPHART] that I was going to restart my Garry's Mod since it was lagging and frozen, and when I came back I was banned now I think this was just an admin who didnt know how to do his job or just is in a pissy mood, but I informed them that I was coming back yet they still banned me.
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