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  1. +1 Net Neutrality needs to remain a thing otherwise we will probably all protest with VPN's on everything to bypass ISP bullshit.
  2. My Age: 18 My Talent: I am skilled in 3den editor work within the ArmA 3 community. I try my best to stand out by doing many many hours in-depth of extremely intricate designs and creations within the editor to be seen in the game. This paired along with being able to make it performance friendly on the client and serverside makes me a wantable candidate for many servers, as I have received many invites from different communities concerning this skill. That being said, I am also skilled with ArmA 3 servers in general, this is the setting up of the servers to re-building existing ones. This entitles the maintenance and performance tweaking of them as well. I am also skilled with SQF, the in-game scripting languages with ArmA 3. I am no professional by any mean, but I have a good understanding of the language and learning more and more every day. I am a supporter of a company called Maverick Applications, they sell services and scripts for ArmA 3, so I'm constantly being challenged with new problems each day. This means that I am not scared of facing new challenges; in fact, I welcome challenges. In total, I am also very friendly, and extremely open to suggestions and constructive criticism. In total, I would say I am a nice person myself. However, I let actions speak louder than words, so I will let you be the judge of that. Note: I am also currently learning C++ very rapidly. It is currently the most familiar language I know of right now. I plan on learning C#, and C soon after; While delving into asp.net with C#. Hours/Week: 30-40+
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