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  1. Gagged in the past

    Well im not gagged sooo idk
  2. Gagged in the past

    I think perm cause it said perm gag but idk
  3. Gagged in the past

    Yeah your right
  4. Gagged in the past

    Wait so this post is useless?
  5. Gagged in the past

    Is the last quote for me? @JadedJade
  6. Gagged in the past

    So its a denied?
  7. Gagged in the past

    Ok and i was gagged may 30 2018
  8. Gagged in the past

    Well ok where do i go to get ungagged?
  9. Name:Pump Steam ID:76561198310400972 Banned by:DonPatch Ban reason:For being a 7 year old kid screaming in the mic Why you should be unbanned:I was so dumb and so salty back then and would be sad when i got banned but me today realized that i should stop being a meanie and not to scream so i should be unbanned cause i feel the pain the admin have to deal with 2 people yelling to each other so im sorry and i changed my name to huntress main so don't get confused
  10. Back at it again

    So is it declined or what
  11. Back at it again

    And also i'll stop mic spamming because imma move to another computer so you can ungag me
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