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  1. Anyone got a joke? Ecks dee your mom gay
  2. Hello Mike, welcome. :D
  3. @Jat I needed to see this earlier.... lenny faces all around my friend it was good to have yah man. Enjoyed playing with ya too mate ^^.
  4. Guys come on, the melon is awesome. xD. Unless you shoot it and you're the only one that gets affected from it xD <--- Me. (Seriously)
  5. So What? It breaks everyone's femur? lol
  6. That's the point *Insert Lenny here*
  7. I only assume when I'm told too *Insert lenny here* but yeah nice and yes I did give all my points to ya @Danger_D00del *Insert another lenny here*
  8. I think it's a nice Idea but the forever respawn shouldn't be a thing as that would be really over powering. Definitely bump the health up though to 3000 max and make regeneration only when he's not being shot at <-- 10 second wait time before health starts to regen Now for the sprint, yes on that definitely remove the boost option and put in faster movement for 682. :x
  9. If you think about it 178 is just a inanimate object that can only be seen with 3D glasses it shouldn't really be that powerful in the first place. And yes 178 should definitely have a hp boost but not 750 maybe 150 minimum to 250 maximum. If you've checked the second way his speed is mostly like the one in the actual game. You just need think strategically for 178-1. The range is fine how it is and shouldn't be buffed up. it's Quite easy to kill a class d with his range. And seriously the range as 457. It can only collide with humans to damage them and can't set them on fire. :x Think that's all I can say really.
  10. To be fair I think the voice commands should be used in the game but all you really need to do is bind "br_sound_classd" to a key and press it whenever. And yes it can get annoying as hell but so does the femur breaker. I would just suggest making the sounds if the class D is lost and or found or make all of them at least a 10 second cool down.
  11. Well we don't exactly know the real video stories about 035 so we really can't tell if his mask does flare up purple or not but still it does sound like a pretty neat ability.
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