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  1. Nice! Poor weekend for it though, did you get hit with any of the storms?
  2. Hi everyone! It's been a bit since my last update, so I figured I'd give a quick recap! I'm graduated! Plus I went to my college orientation on Thursday (May 30), and registered for classes, so I'm preparing to go back to school lol. Also, I start working on Monday with my uncle for the entire summer! Now here's some pictures from the end of my school year. Musical! We did The Sound of Music, and for one of the shows I was the Pope who marries Captain VonTrapp and Maria. Last Day of High School! Principal gave me permission to wear my hot dog costume, so I got to have one last bit of fun lol. Last Choir Concert! Our theme was on the 70's, and it was a nice finisher for my 4 years of being a choir nerd. Prom! My "date" was my best friend, who you can see in basically every photo I'm posting today. She's been such a blessing in my life and I am so happy I met her. Graduation! Again, another photo with my best friend. I wasn't expecting her to show up to my graduation, so it was a nice surprise.
  3. Happy New Year! Big big year for me. 1. In exactly one month, I leave for my Ireland trip! I am there for a week, singing at random cathedrals and attending a tin flute workshop 2. Graduation! May 23rd, I'm done with high school for good (until I go back to teach at a high school haha). 3. COLLEGE!! I'm going to a certain college that's close to my house, and I'm getting a full ride! Heck ya! 4. 18th Birthday! September 7th I turn 18! Heck ya again! Alright, thanks for reading! *The picture is from the "Final Tear Down" from my christmas concert for choir; I'm the one with the kid on his shoulders*
  4. Officially 6 months away from graduation! Not ready for high school to end AT ALL. Also, busy week. My mom got remarried on Wednesday! Below are pictures from it (I'm the tall one).
  5. Happy birthday EJ!

    1. EJ.


      Thank you Kite, I really appreciate it.

  6. Happy bday!!!!

    1. EJ.


      Thank you Duc. I appreciate it.

  7. VIP not working

    Alright, I can't seem to find the thread, but I was told to guide you to one of the Council members, so I will be tagging @Roy @Xy @Pyros @Ben Roy @flyingjoe32. They might be able to help you with this more. Good luck!
  8. VIP not working

    You said you bought the $50 Permanent VIP before? I think there is a thread for getting it back, let me find it.
  9. Umm, let's see. *thinking* Carry the 4, uh i have no fucking clue
  10. With Senior Year approaching, I got some senior photos done. Enjoy. Also enjoy one of my baby pictures.
  11. Having texture issues on my GMod. Can someone help?


    I have downloaded:




    Half Life 2 (Episode 1, 2, and Extras)



    Am I missing anything? They're all in my addons folder too.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EJ.


      @MASTAH I've already done that. Still errors everywhere. 

    3. MASTAH







    4. EJ.


      @MASTAH That worked, thank you so much. 

  12. So uh who play's fortnite on PS4 or PC and wanna play at all?

    1. rapperdan


      I got maybe 2 more days fuck if ik atm but yea sure I'll play fam

      I'm pretty much free as fuk boi.

    2. EJ.


      @rapperdan are you on ps4 or pc? add me: EJ-Feds

    3. rapperdan


      name is rapperdan also PC fam.

  13. Hello everyone! Tuesday was my final day of Junior Year, and it’s hard to believe I’m officially a Senior now. Wow. The photo is from my Choir Spring concert, which this year’s theme was 60’s! I’m in the back with the peace sign
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