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  1. Howdy everyone. It’s been awhile. Just checking in, and updating you guys on my life. 


    Nothing major, but I’m starting to look into colleges. That’ll be fun. My high school life is fastly coming to an end, as I’ll be graduating in a year. Wow. 


    Thats all for now, thanks!

  2. taco bell

    i thought this was gonna be a taco bell giveaway like you were gonna buy us food from there. i was about to type out my order for you. darn.
  3. GFL Member Directory

    Howdy everyone. A lot has changed, wow. Nice to see the improvements. Anyways, just wanted to give a quick update. I’m doing fine, I’m about to end my first semester of Junior Year (final day is tomorrow actually). Grades are good (couple of A’s, couple of B’s, and a C+ in AP Calc). Everything is going back to normal. I’m also going to Ireland in February of 2019! Visiting Dublin, Kilkenny, Killarney, Limerick, and a few other places. Staying 8 days 6 nights. Gonna be a blast. Thanks for reading! See you all again in a month or so! (Now he’s a picture of my dad in his youth).
  4. GFL Member Directory

    Just a few pics from my Christmas Concert for my Choir Program. Unfortunately I have only one more year of this amazing series of concerts, but that means I’m going to perform with all my heart at that one. Not sure as to why some are sideways, sorry about that. Merry Christmas!
  5. What languagesdo you speak?

    English, very little spanish, and quite a bit of Mandarin Chinese. Along with minimal Italian and German.
  6. Promotions

    We all thought that @RickGrimesTM moving up the ranks fast was huge, but is @Xy_ the new Rick? 🤔🤔
  7. GFL Member Directory

    Oops, one more post. Had my Great Aunt’s funeral today. Passed away from cancer (just like my other aunt, 2 months ago). Thanks. PS: I’m in the blue.
  8. GFL Member Directory

    Hi yes hello everyone. Just popping in really quick to say hello. I’ve hit a rough patch lately in my life, so I figured I’d post a picture of when I was smiling. Thanks for viewing my picture. I hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful holiday (I don’t think I’m logging on again this year), so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (in advance). I also hope and pray that anyone who has any troubles in their life, I’ll pray for you. Thanks.
  9. This is right near me. Scary stuff it is.
  10. Logging out for the first time, and the last time. One more time, thank you everyone.

  11. GFL Member Directory

    My Best Friend and I after our Fall Choir Concert. (Note, that is about a 1 ft difference there. I’m about 6’1 and she is 5’1).
  12. First off, I want to start this by saying thank you to everyone who supported me here. To those who didn’t, still thank you for being you. Anyways, on to this stuff. This is been on my mind for awhile. Maybe about 4 months or so, but I wasn’t too sure. But obviously with this post, it is official. I am resigning from all my positions (the 2 I actually have lol). I just have no desire to play computer games anymore. School is getting harder, my parents are being even harsher on me with schooling, so I really have no time to play. On to the "mentions": @Rcool64 - the one who made me admin in the first place. I have extremely high respect for you. I hope you excel with everything in life. @Maskiee - You kept me along after Rcool left, and we didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but I enjoyed the talks we had. @Winter - Fuck you Sagan . In all seriousness, I want to thank you the most. You’ve put up with me and my mood swings, my begging to you about certain things, my cockiness, everything. Especially with everything you have to deal with, I am almost positive I’ve made some of it harder than it needed to be. Thank you buddy. @NotMotder - The first admin I ever met, back on TTT last year. Was always friendly to me. I’ll never forget that. @Violator - Maybe I’ll come back one day just to make a few false reports on you and piss all your admins off. Sorry in advance . @Xy_ - Another huge thank you. Same as Winter, you put up with my shit on Breach. Again, I’m sorry I never lived up to what I said I was going to do for the server. @RickGrimesTM - Gave me the opportunity to be one of your admins on Jailbreak. Those were some fun days. Thank you for trusting me to do that. @Kubnair - HMU on PlayStation sometime. Just don’t call me Eugine and we will be fine. @PB-n-J - What color is next for you ? For real though, thanks for putting up with me and my million questions. Just remember to watch your back on TTT when I’m on . @myPHART - How did I forget you? Long Live mySHART. Lol, take care friend. Another long time friend. @Fx280 - cunt (jk love you) @Severely_Artistic - happy? @Astro - HOW DID I FORGET YOU? Probably one of the most cancerous admins out there . Just remember I convinced you to apply for admin @Aquaticfilly0 - AquaTitty There’s probably more out there, but these are the one’s that stand out to me. Thank you all again. Until next time, love all of you. -EJ
  13. Probably the most shocking one, but actually mine was @NotMotder. Back in June of 2016, when I was a mere user, he was the one who told me where to apply for member here, and he supported me through my first admin app on TTT. Probably my greatest friend here.