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  1. Picture: My Meme (yes, it’s me).
  2. When I'm actually up to playing on Garry's Mod again, I wouldn't mind afking on the server throughout the day/night. I don't want to see Jailbreak die again.
  3. Um, where am I on this. I'm hurt, how could you forget the best and worst admin in New GMod Jailbreak History? Take care bud. -EJ
  4. Update: She passed away this morning in her sleep. Fortunately she’s pain free and out of suffering. Unfortunately, that leaves my family in grief. However, we are not mourning over her loss, but celebrating her life. She was a great woman.
  5. Guess my Art Request got closed, so I couldn’t thank you for the Picture.


    It means a lot, so thank you very much. 



    1. Radify25


      Np bro, hope you liked it. If you need any changed just hmu

  6. idek what happened to the quote thing, but @Ghostly_Gekkota it’s impossibke for her to "pull through it". It’s terminal...
  7. Unfortunately it doesn't.
  8. I plan on taking a break from everything for awhile. Not sure when I’ll be back. Long story short, my Aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she beat it, but then recently (this morning to be exact) she was diagnosed with Lung & Liver Cancer, along with an inoperable brain tumor, all terminal. Not too sure how long she has. This leaves me in a weird spot. I’ve never had anyone close to me pass away, especially from cancer. But now I have my aunt and my great aunt both with cancer, and one is terminal, the other no clue yet. But I’m gonna go "off the grid" I guess. Thank you all for being who you are. -EJ
  9. No.
  10. Please don't do that. I have been patient about it. No need to bump it.
  11. This is for attention, and we all know it. Yeah, you got unbanned. Big whoop. In my personal opinion, you should be banned still. You were an admin here, and broke one of the BIGGEST rules out there. Still, if you don’t want drama, don’t reply with dramatic responses (i.e. the one you gave to @Nap14hockey). We all know it was completely uncalled for, and if you want us to respect you once again, you’re going to need to earn it. From all of us. I personally will never respect you from what you did. That’s my piece. Say what you want, but there was no need for this post.
  12. Anyone know of good ways to bring back confidence? I literally lost all of mine after my choir teacher told me I suck at singing. That hurt.

    1. PB-n-J


      If your choir teacher is telling you that you suck at singing, then it's clear they don't know how to do their job. I mean, that -is- the point of being a choir teacher, to begin with.



    2. JerryHatTrick


      I'll assume that you like singing, and have done it for a while.


      I'd suggest talking to the teacher, find out if there were issues he/she was having that brought that response, or if there is constructive criticism they can provide, rather than such a generic statement.