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  1. There’s a glitch where sometimes your movement when you go into the web and leave stays the same, meaning even if you do leave the cave your movement is still slow, to fix you just go back into the web and leave it
  2. In that case 1)Go to ttt rot 2)Go to ttt rot 3) !pban muse 4)No 5)ttt rot
  3. Alright so you and your friend were reported for killing t’s randomly, so I went into logs and saw whenever you guys did kill a t without them doing anything (mostly the one when you killed the dude 3 seconds in the round, who was a traitor, don’t got a ss of that) your friend was a t, and vise versa. I found that odd since the people who reported you, most of them did nothing and your friend ended up killing them, and you would be a traitor on the rounds your friend killed them randomly. So I came to the conclusion that you 2 were ghosting since even then neither of you rdmed and innos and only rdmed traitors when one of you were t’s. Also so I just woke up so sorry if this response is bad lol, but ya so you guys do seem nice in game I’ll shorten the ban to 2 days and 23 hours Ban appeal close reeee
  4. Let’s bully @MilkMan
  5. Not even a sponsor smh, deserves a -1 +1 though
  6. Milk said it was gottem rekt 360 no scope
  7. Only detectives are allowed to live check or kos in overtime, so stop doing it bad people
  8. Don’t leave me like dad did when he didn’t come back with the milk uwu You were an excellent admin and you will be missed
  9. @SkydivingSquid @MilkMan @Zero
  10. I believe this is for TTT Rotation @Zero
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