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  1. As I seen a great amount of admins come and go, what really shows which admin is truly fit for the job is the humane side they present. Jesse has never failed to express the humanity of what a TTT Admin should have, and on top of the amount on contribution to TTT, I can say that Jesse is one of the greatest admins I’ve seen. It’s sad to see you go, I wish you the best on whatever comes next to you.
  2. Because the title states “change/remove” so if they removed the kos rules, it could lead to people being rdmed for stuff they didn’t do, thus the question I asked. I wasn’t really going based off the situations you stated
  3. What are the chances 2 people got a shotgun in a room of 3 people, one of the people with the shotgun kills the one without the shotgun and leaves lol
  4. Thank god BUZZ IS GONE Jk ily even though ur name is buzz (not taken out of context)
  5. First Toothpaste Bandit, than classy bandit, now sadbandit, when will it ever end! Also I still found your alt
  6. Joe There are over 500,000 people in the US named Joe Glad your the one I met Take care of you and Joe Mama
  7. Names should be a certain length
  8. GFL has been a great community! I loved to see it grow as I’ve witness a few people being promoted to help the community for the better! It’s been an amazing time here but for this I’ve focused much of my time on TTT. Honestly, TTT is pretty cool, I joined a few years ago looking for a fast download and I came across TTT MC 24/7. And hey I don’t regret it, obviously cause why would I be making this then, duh nerd. When I joined, I was greeted with a message... MOTD. I never read it btw so hey who needs to read to become an admin . I don’t remember much from the time I joined. But I met a few Cool Beans. (some of these are wrong spelling oops) ACookieToLose, TheLastBee, StarAndSpiders, TheSadBandit, TheClassyBandit <—- Better Bandit, and others! Skippin months till I get admin blah blah blah... That’s where my story begins... it’s also where it ends cause who CARES it’s time to tag a million people (This is the part I forgot people and don’t wanna tag them) @RivalRevival hi dad, your my dad sorry I forged your signature on the adoption papers. @zero (didn’t tag) cool dude pretty cool epic cool ya know @MilkMan, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be an admin, I’ve probably disappointed you a few times but you were a great manager and I’m glad you gave me the chance to be an admin! @TheSadBandit, your old sorry BOOMER, also plays league uwu @MooTheCow, your probably old too but you send memes so your not a boomer, but your memes are funny so keep sending at least 300 times a day @Pyros, Im gone your welcome but this guy right here is amazing, but I main scout sorry you walking flammable nerd @motorsteak hi we haven’t talked in a while but you’re pretty chill and ya chilli’s @Ben WHERE IS UNDERTALE SERVER U SAID U WOULD ADD IT I HAVE SS (Best Director Btw not biased) @SkydivingSquid is also my dad sorry your now a child of a dumby Now we get on to non important people @loucop your a weeb but a good dude but your a weeb so splish splash your trash @Bae ur also a weeb but ur actually cool and you do some amazing editing stuff 10/10 @Roger Gunshot ur the last hope to keep ttt admins good, don’t resign within 10 years thanks @Buzzz i will not send you nudes for the last time @LawMyl buzz will not send you nudes for the last time @Spazzin my favorite former senior admin sorry other former senior admins @Lone Sniper Skeleton only person who survives after sponsoring me thx bb @Beaker has a beak but what type of bird is he Hmmm But timeeee, you only tagged admins / former admins shut up no one asked nerd Reason For Resignation (Thank you for pointing this out Mario) : I’m honestly not that active and stuff and I find TTT kinda boring now for me and a bit of a hassle to get on
  9. STEAM_0:0:541891734 real steamid But uh Squid actually banned you and ban expired this can be closed thx
  10. Currently trying talking to other admins about it, sorry for delay
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