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  1. can you tell me what mouse do you use?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. rapperdan


      so a logitech mouse with a hypercroll if I'm being honest here sounds like setting your self up for failure if used in gmod due to the game mechanics it's self bhoping in a game that is simply not fluid but unstable by nature sounds dumb to begin with.

    3. LilyShiro


      I bhop normally, not with a hyperscroll.

    4. rapperdan


      as I said calling it any form of advantage in a game such as gmod is rather dumb.

      no one makes bhop servers or surf servers in that game for a reason.

  2. Shiit Fucking lag made a lot of spams. Sorry for that
  3. NOooooo He's my best pedo friends ever.
  4. Now I can enjoy Marie's tidies again
  5. Did you forget about me? Fat penguin
  6. Finally my time is come. I got my contract working as barista in starbuck and it's full time. I only got one day holiday eventhough from starbuck they gave me 2 holidays but my college is still running on saturday. So im only free on sunday. I dont think i can keep server for 24/6 again as usual. So yeah See ya next 2 years. @[email protected] @BlakeS @[email protected] @Lone Sniper Skeleton @Jroek97 @Kubnair @Pyros @Violator (You fuck) @Cally @Haxx @Cas @myPHART @MooTheCow @Spazzin
  7. then change your description jesus i just copy paste yours for new csss server ban appeal too
  8. Ah my bad. So are you Accept this ban appeal or Deny it?
  9. I can't see where he damage the third one. Did you have/see it?
  10. Nope. You probably searching his ban with his steam ID. Somehow it wont show anything when i put their STEAM ID. Instead, It will show up if i put the admin name or his nickname
  11. Give us the name of the admin who harrast you. Let the council or director punish him/her.
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