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  1. can you tell me what mouse do you use?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. rapperdan


      so a logitech mouse with a hypercroll if I'm being honest here sounds like setting your self up for failure if used in gmod due to the game mechanics it's self bhoping in a game that is simply not fluid but unstable by nature sounds dumb to begin with.

    3. LilyShiro


      I bhop normally, not with a hyperscroll.

    4. rapperdan


      as I said calling it any form of advantage in a game such as gmod is rather dumb.

      no one makes bhop servers or surf servers in that game for a reason.

  2. Shiit Fucking lag made a lot of spams. Sorry for that
  3. NOooooo He's my best pedo friends ever.
  4. Now I can enjoy Marie's tidies again
  5. Did you forget about me? Fat penguin
  6. Finally my time is come. I got my contract working as barista in starbuck and it's full time. I only got one day holiday eventhough from starbuck they gave me 2 holidays but my college is still running on saturday. So im only free on sunday. I dont think i can keep server for 24/6 again as usual. So yeah See ya next 2 years. @PB-n-J@WigglesWorth @BlakeS @Lawlness_@Duc2000 @Lone Sniper Skeleton @Jroek97 @Kubnair @Pyros @Violator (You fuck) @Cally @Haxx @Cas @myPHART @MooTheCow @Spazzin
  7. Give us the name of the admin who harrast you. Let the council or director punish him/her.
  8. "TTT Trial Admin"



    1. Yagyuu-chan
    2. Yagyuu-chan


      You and me stuck in 2 very autistic servers in GFL history after css ze.

      So yeah

      Edited by Yagyuu-chan
  9. Don't worry Get well soon. We wish best for you.
  10. Ah come on man you don't need to resign if your activity in server is drop. You can come back whenever you want pal. Also good luck with your wedding party there
  11. ssshh god dammit i just made sub forums for ban appeal in our new server's forums jesus fuck

  12. We should add more weapon to Detective instead of Traitor. Before my PC broke im on my way to convert COD Ghost Remington R5 Acog from Gamebanana to gmod.