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  1. You should go just to shill Bestbuy's newest products lmao
  2. Pc trouble shooting in a nutshell
  3. Ban isn't a permaban, only for 6 hours as said above. If you get an aslay, don't leave until you serve for the whole next round. If you need to leave for something important then tell the admin. I'll unban you since it was one rdm and you don't have any recent bans other than this. But yeah don't leave with a slay on you lol.
  4. Yeah i banned you for not answering your report after a round, but that's because you had gotten karma banned so i'll or someone else will unban that, also i'll approve the karma ban since you weren't really consistently rdming according to the reports. However your ban isnt showing up for me in sb so @MilkMan do it
  5. It still shows it, but it only shows it sometimes which is annoying.
  6. Might as well get a better aio or high end air cooler at his budget and might as well go for the 2080 super unless he finds a good deal for the eol 2080
  7. Bro, you might as well build a new computer if you want to play any modern games lol.
  8. Mask Name - Ojama king Mask Image - I feel like the pointshop doesn't have enough variety in terms of themes of masks. How about we get our boy in red undies a place in that pointshop.
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