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  1. wtf man i tagged you in my shitpost but you didn't tag me in yours.
  2. I don't know what's worse; the fan fics or this video
  3. One step closer to murder actually become dead, i guess?
  4. Since it's your first karma ban i'll accept the appeal. But you gotta wait until one of the higher ups unbans you. Also don't join immediately after getting unbanned because you will prob have <600 karma, so wait a hour or two until the server resets map to join back.
  5. Well the rules state that we are not supposed to unban permanent bans until they are year old but let me put some more info: https://forums.hearthigen.com/topic/14173/ronas-ban-request-mr-jeffery/ https://forums.hearthigen.com/topic/16231/cant-post-in-unbans-so-ill-just-post-here/ Looking at these threads you seem to still be toxic/a troll with the most recent case being in April of this year. Not to mention you have a whooping 32 bans with us and if i don't count the karma bans you still have 17 bans, 12 of which being from the start of 2018. I also remember you getting banned/warned/kicked for doing the same things with props even though every admin told you not to. If those bans weren't a wake up call then i'm not sure what is. Not to mention that you have targeting bans as well furthering the toxicity point. I really don't think 3 months is enough time for you to mend your ways and considering that another community banned you for doing the same things you did here a month ago, i'm going to say that you really haven't changed. So i'm basically going to flat out say that there is really no chance that you get unbanned but i'll give you and the other senior admins a chance to respond if you/they choose to. @MilkMan can have the last word if he wants assuming he drops by.

    Two bans being revoked? You only have one ban recently which was this pban and the other 3 were for rdm/leave when i look at it. You are already unbanned for this one. If you look up your ban list it will say that you were unbanned for it and the reason is there. So yeah this ban shouldn't count towards future bans times and such.
  7. It's part of the ambiance.
  8. The calladmin command is to tag everyone with the TTT Staff role
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