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  1. Is there a counter petition to never mute blast again? I'd like to sign that one
  2. Underplayed and Underappreciated ze_pokemon_adventure_v1_1s ze_boredom_v543656
  3. You're always welcome to come by css zombie escape rimyob, but please do go to the csgo forum for this!
  4. Just for reference, I know for a fact, that this was before 04/21, because the kneegrow tag, duma kicked me from that group like 2 months ago
  5. We can't be on 24/7, and obviously can't play it like a job, which is hwy it's not kept on watch 24/7. You want us to watch it 24/7, but then not play it like a job? Stacked punishments in my opinion are effective as it's consistently the same people who boost, troll, micspam, etc. Look at yourself, or even zeo, and compare it to a player like ricca, or gkuo, both of them have played on gfl for a while, gkuo's been on ze waayyyy longer than you, yet never had an issue. It's seemingly a small part of the player base, that consistently does the same shit. Why not stack punishments if it's the same 5 people doing it over and over and over again? Edit: I'd also like to say I find perm bans a bit extreme, and for zeo's case I'd say ban him for a year, as people can change, and he did go 6 months since his unban without trolling.
  6. I'm not anti-Chinese, I'm anti chinese government. And to be fair I only posted: 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Also, your government killed the Tiananmen square protestors. Comparing it to the holocaust though is insane, 6 million Jews died in gas chambers, compared to some protestors. Also if you honestly are soooo ingrained in your government that legit 1 line of text can upset you this much, I have to ask, why do you tie it into your identity so much? I truly believe that the chinese government is an authoritarian regime who tortures, mutilated, and desecrated it's own citizens specifically the muslims and the Tibetan people within their western regions. You're standing up for a government who literally tries to destroy peoples, religions, and cultures even going so far as to massacre them. Hell china even encourages migration to its western regions, because they're trying to wash away the native cultures with more uniform chinese citizens. Also don't you go and compare atrocities to the Tiananmen square massacre. Honestly compared to the muslim internment camps and the human rights violations they regularly commit, they're quite literally the embodiment of a modern day nazi Germany. Also my condolences about your grand father, but honestly my mom had cancer and I still joke about that sooooooooo
  7. Saddong's Special (SS) 1. ze_memehell_test3 (admins can freeze zms for 5 seconds at the ramp where they are supposed to all go up in the air but it glitches sometimes after the boss on level 3*) 2. ze_poncher_monkey_shooter_v3_5
  8. You wanna raid? Why not break into wherever our server is and upload last man standing to the server, and then set it next map? Now that's my kinda raid.
  9. Haryde & Headshooter Combo ze_doorhug_and_solo_v6_2 (1 win / 30 min max time) ze_biohazard_nemeises3_b2 (kicker: must get secret ending) ze_FFVII_Cosmo_Canyon_v5_test3 (or the halloween version, I can't remember the specific name)
  10. Creating a protected class, i.e. black people, embeds this idea of 'race' and further pushes minorities and other marginalized groups into these protected classes that embed an identity of helplessness, and needing us to intervene. As notable sociologist and race relations professor from Duke university stated in his paper "White logic, white methods," there is an effect of race, "this social construction of race as an unalterable characteristic places a conceptual limitation ... on the researcher's ability to understand racial dynamics" (Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, p. 6). By our own very definition of race, and thus our attempt to protect minorities through a racism rule, we are alienating and further pushing away those who we wish to protect. Silva goes on to state that race is a social construct and that within this construct we call race "the person of color does not exist outside of his or her otherness". By our own use and thus ban of the word 'nigger' we further emphasize this otherness, and alienation of minorities, and this sort of segregation and alienation of our friends, no matter what color or creed is something that drives me crazy. While the simple answer is to just say 'nigger' is racist, by mystifying and creating a protected class, as Silva showed us, it only leads to further segregation and alienation. We can see examples of this 'other' created in articles such as "Black Feminist Archaeology", where the author, Whitney Battle-Baptiste (Professor from University of Massachusetts Amherst) discusses the impact of being 'othered' and seen as a different person. She discusses how the current depiction of african americans, specifically the intersectionality of african american women, has become "fraught with misconceptions, misgiving and stereotypes" and whether these are positive or negative, they are "fully entabled in the way women of African descent are perceived generally" (p. 40). Thus, the defintions we are creating here at GFL are creating this protected class of black people, and of minorities. We seemingly want to accept them on the surface, but there is a clear favoritism shown towards certain ethnicities due to us only chosing to protect certain ethnicities, i.e. blacks. Prof. Battle-Baptiste discusses in her article, how even when attempts are made to help and push a rhetoric more in favor of a certain ethnicity or minority, it creates countless problems, and then alienates those who it seemingly tries to protect. Another major way in which I feel we are alienating our friends who happen to be of a certain skin pigmentation is through limiting the word 'nigger'. As everyone knows, the word 'nigger' plays a prominent role within discussion and social discourse, and by limiting one's own ability to say it, we are limiting our ability to have an open and honest discussion surrounding the topic of race. Another major issue I hold with our ban on the word 'nigger' and the racism rule in general is that it creates an ordering of social justice, and what is and isn't ok to talk about. For those of you who don't known what intersectionality is, it's a theory created by Kimberly Crenshaw, a noted UCLA professor, that studies how different power structures interact in the lives of minorities, specifically black women, with a simple defintion by her is that it's "when African American women or any other women of colour experience either compound or overlapping discrimination" i.e. you can experience overlapping discrimination based on a multitude of characteristics, for example, a gay man may work at an office and a black woman may work at an office, but the office would be a lot less likely to hire a gay black woman than either a black woman or a gay man (Crenshaw, 2014). Now at GFL, I feel like there is a similar issue, sure we say we don't accept racism, but what about sexism? transphobia? etc. I can't call someone a nigger, but I can call them a cunt, or a 'fucking piece of shit tranny'? At what point do we draw the line, and where do we draw it? Is it ever enough? The more you try to protect certain classes of people, the less you protect anyone, as it elevates certain groups over others. This is why we shouldn't try to protect anyone, as it in fact creates an idea of otherness, embedding these horrible stereotypes and hierarchies into our minds, with certain classes being protected and other not. It's impossible to protect everyone from discrimination, so why protect anyone at all? In that scenario there can be no 'other' no person who is discriminated against more than another, and we're all equal, without true equality, we are simply enforcing ideas of a racial hierarchy. For the other articles you got the names and the authors feel free to look them up, I ain't making a whole bibliography. https://www.newstatesman.com/lifestyle/2014/04/kimberl-crenshaw-intersectionality-i-wanted-come-everyday-metaphor-anyone-could
  11. I have an idea to clear up these issues, about 1 minute into the map once everyone has joined, trigger a vote for votemm, where everyone has to participate, 1 yes, 2 no, 3 i don't care. Then have a second vote as to what the modifier will be, and things like uncapped bhop can be fine, but the current modifiers were horrible, why people spammed for shit ones to be removed, as very few people like things like sepiroth, etc. and instead wanted one hit knife, but if you add uncapped bhop, or something like increased awp / r8 knockback and restrict all other weapons, or pistols only, etc. more of 'challenge settings' or fun things than ones that are unpopular. Also, if the majority of the community wants something, why remove it? the vote is massively in favor of vote mm. (86%+ as of writing this)
  12. I agree, I feel like we need to edit the modifiers, as people only wanted certain modifiers. I feel like changing the settings for chill maps to things like maybe nemesis mod, or maybe including fail nades as a default could add in a fun factor that would do wonders.
  13. Yes; but doesn't the shrek npc deal 100 damage? meaning if we had 150 from the cake, trim would be minimized?
  14. With these new changes, I think we should go Weeb --> turtle (because lasers will trim and we need to get used to them at the boss and we get heal) --> shrek (we will need heal to prevent npc trim) --> dicklet (we will need the heal before final diddle level + we need as many people as possible to live through this, also it needs less practice than turtle or shrek) --> omaha (ez holds, and now we can see the indication for the bombs? ez win baby) turtle and shrek are first because we need the most practice on those levels and bosses due to turtle having boss lasers, and shrek having npc trim tl;dr weeb turtle shrek dick omaha
  15. +1 Known you for a long time, and you're always a good guy and a good admin, while similar to Kaien, I've had some qualms with how you handle your emotions, but I still think it's worth giving you a shot, as you are active, and you even mentioned that you've been working on yourself. Also I haven't seen you rage in a long time and you're generally a wonderful guy.
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