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  1. I'm excited Saddong is making a cs go map this is actually going to be amazing
  2. I think these are all good ideas, it'd be nice to see more variety and these all seem pretty easy to implement
  3. I'm just happy they started to give us admin extends, and gave back minas for a few weeks, oh also the ff maps are nice to have too. We didn't have those a few months ago, but imo the biggest changes should be.... Increasing the map pool, or at least bringing in maps that crash on admin nom list for t2+ so that we can actually play some very beloved maps whenever admins are on and can moderate / make sure the server doesn't die on the off chance of a crash, or are broken (i.e. paranoid, so an admin can /slay if static happens) (i.e. let t2+ nominate minas, aesthetic, slender, paranoid, etc.)
  4. REEEEEE nah you're fine I just sent it
  5. done I need to find a new chick tbh, was seeing an old hookup earlier this month buuuutttt she's not worth dealing with
  6. Hey Everyone, I was looking around and realized, cs:s has gone down to 0.99 cents for this rock-t-ember sales event on steam, so if anyone is interested in getting cs:s for FREE, just please reply in this thread and add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wilsonwilly/ p.s. I don't know how many copies I'll be able to shell out as I'm selling off skins for this, so supplies may be limited (also only up until the end of the steam sale*) What's the kicker? If you get CS:S for free, you NEED to drop by ANY gfl css ze event before the end of the year
  7. We beat ze_omen earlier today, it was a solo, didn't get a screenshot, but frid should be able to attest to this
  8. As a GFL CS:S and CS:GO admin encourage this post, and just wanna say, since this server will be full af on saturday, come on down to css while you wait for a spot to open up! we're very welcoming, and love new people! We have fun events every week, and have beaten Santa Extreme, as well as let you bhop fast af! (we also give you your first amendment right to free speech)
  9. Careful with the weeb pushes, it's unclear as to the changes vauff is making, initially he was going to remove now, now they might be on a 300s cd, so idk
  10. there is no diddle on css, and both dreamin and santa have different names than on cs go santaassination_css2 and dreamin_v2_4fix (I thonk, idk what crobat's doing rn with dreamin), also those conditions are pretty much in place already on css Thank you very much for coming by though and for dropping off an event nomination, we always like to see it, it's wonderful to see some people from go pay attention to css, we do also have a maplist in our main forum section with a list of our maps
  11. Hi Blast, thanks for making a forum account, I remember encouraging you to do this rather than complaining in chat, happy to see it happened. In regards to your mutes: You were speaking over the leader, distracting from the map, and making numerous people !sm you, along with nissa, and another few people who were ruining what was a good effort on paramina. Often times we welcome you to be social, and talk openly with everyone, lord knows I do it quite a lot, HOWEVER, if a lot of the playerbase is concentrating, and you are WARNED numerous times by an admin, along with many of the community members muting you, I will mute you. I told everyone micspamming, don't talk over leader, or give false command, if my memory serves me correctly, you were telling people to doorhug, not defend, and a variety of other distracting commands. I was also insanely lenient with you, as evidenced by a former admin, Val / valerio / frank lucas encouraging me to keep you muted. This was the staw on the cammel's back, as you seemingly ignored my previous mutes, warning, and kept trying to distract from the map. A lot of people are skeptical about me having admin on here, so I try my best to be lenient and not enforce the rules too harshly or seem like I'm abusing in any way, hence the numerous warnings. The majority of the server was telling you to chill out, yet you persisted, thus the hour mute. Also, in regards to the leading, don't talk over someone else leading, which also happened, you an other were talking over the leader at the time, which then discourages players from leading, and while I can appreciate the effort, please don't interrupt others leading, as it can negatively hurt their experience playing ze, and discourage them from leading further. Edit: In regards to impact, I won't mute you for leading zombies, if you're explaining how to warp, where to warp, etc. as well as teaching other zombies secrets and strategies, i.e. polynation leading minas for zombies, if he's teaching them alternate paths, be my guest, however, at no point did you explain the map, instead seemingly just cluttering the mic and complaining.
  12. Xen's Ports ze_rush_b_s1 ze_biohazard3_nemesis_b5_2s
  13. OK I found a working Strat Start off with Dicklet, but save cake until the very end, then with our 180 hp, --> we go omaha (to minimize trim) --> shrek (incase anyone takes any damage) --> turtles (then we use heal at the end so we all go into final diddle with 100 hp) --> weaboo forest (to chill for a few seconds before....)--> final diddle (Imo we need to play this safe af, and go with 3 push, 1 diddle, 1 legendary, the rest walls, otherwise, if we try any fancy strats we'll just get fucked, we don't practice fancy) Edit: The reason we start off with dicklet and omaha, is because we need to get the harder levels out of the way first, incase there's too much trim, we can reset sooner, and practice these more, wasting less time than if we went from ez to hard.
  14. Ok here I'll make an event for you all, even though I won't be able to attend: Maps: Ze Halloween house Ze hold em Ze pitch black Ze doom If you win 3 out of the 4 maps you can pm me with links to screenshots for an invite into gfls spooky squad known as Spook SQ, it'll be a private group for only the most elite of spooky players. Event starts at 11/03/2019 3 pm sunday pst, 5 pm CST, and 6 pm est you all are in charge of the maps being played as I might not be able to attend, just tell loudly enough to get the maps you want. Be there or you're not spooky. Boom ez event
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