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  1. Sorry if my name was too toxic, found it funny at the time while making the event as a the term "ff fag" gets thrown around a lot and this is a bit of a play on that, had trouble thinking of a self-deprecating name that would be funny, and boom this poped into my head, gave me a good laugh, etc.
  2. Hey guys, since we got to truth, we've taken time off of the extreme grind, we need to get back into the swing of things, please don't nominate it with a bad team, (as was the case on saturday) but wait for a good team in order to properly have some good practice and chances at act 3. We took some time off, we need to get back into form, and keep on practicing! Be sure to nominate santa only when the team is extreme ready, and please don't waste nominations on random teams, and non extreme practice!
  3. GFL's Gay Aids Charity Gala ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_3 (normal levels -> ex 3 (both versions) -> race -> next map) (1:30 max time) ze_ffxii_ridorana_cataract_b6 (3 hours) ze_FFXIV_Wanderers_Palace_v5_2f (2 hours, can extend if needed / wanted as it's the end of the event)
  4. First off, let me apologize for calling some of you dumb cunts. I get very frustrated when we don't learn or make progress, if the first round we get 20 to fat santa, then while yes, there may be a few steps back, etc. we shouldn't struggle to get to that same point again, we should learn and improve. Whatever the case, I just want to say.... GREAT JOB We rarely get anyone past skinny, our best run so far was 6, and we finally got 20 people past, amazing progress guys. But at the same time, as I said on the server, we shouldn't start patting ourselves on the back just yet, we have a lot of notes to go over from today: 1. Left boosting into right right should go back instantly left should tap zombies in their feet shouldn't waste nades at the beginning, very important for damaging skinny and fat 2. Benders (mini and beam should take care) during the boss, the benders are ever present and slaughter the team, we need to focus more on them more, with beam and mini switching to them asap, as those weapons are spammable, rocket should still focus santa (as it does THOUSANDS, and mini and beam have a lot smaller cd rate) Also, at the part where the teams meet up, we have a few people dying, but that's due to bad rng and people not shooting enough, 1 negev clip kills a bender, so 30 people shooting them with p90s should kill each in seconds 3. Heals need to get these in the hands of pros along with beam, mini and rocket saw a lot of missed timings, etc. and while yes, the occasional hic-up is to be expected, shouldn't be happening literally 1/2 the time we need heal also heals should use their own judgement if they think the heals is needed or see skinny targeting them (minor note, not as big as the first few) 4. People dying to stupid shit saw a lot of people randomly dying to things like trying to over-defend, doorhugging at 38 hp and dying to benders or pushing benders too fast and getting killed main point is, take your time, learn from your mistakes, we all make them it's ok, just don't do it 10 times in a row. Note: The stuck strat worked, and it's worth tries, but we shouldn't come to reply on it.
  5. Nah it's still possible, but the room gets cleared of weapons every 30 seconds, and you can't rocket or nade him in the corner (else the guns stucking him go flying to the sky), so 30 seconds of dps vs rockets and nades, a bit of a toss up, and to add to that, the strat doesn't work 9/10 times.
  6. Some updates on Santa from today: We played it today, and it went ok, the biggest issue was not defending during act 3, and randoms picking up items. Prologue, Act 1, and Act 2 all went smoothly (after I got unmuted xd) but we seem to freak out because "EXTREME OMGOMGOMGOMGELKASDAW" and forget to defend, with people dying to stupid things. I'll say this once, if you're in a pro group like IES, etc. please get a heal, and defend, we only need 3 REALLY good item users to get rocket, mini, and beam, and for them to hit all their shots, the rest of us should also be shooting and focusing, but we also need to listen, and concentrate, a big issue imo with the run today was that we got to act 3, and people seemed to clock it in, not realizing that THAT is where the hard work needs to start. We can defend left, right and middle at an almost 100% rate in normal, yet we freak out, so we need to work on that, and I believe if we had less people talking and more people taking it seriously we could do that, just an update on our progress so far, next time we get to act 3, we need to concentrate and push instead of having a fuck off hour. Also, we need to NOT nominate santa unless the team is good enough for extreme mode, yes normal can be a carry win ez, but for extreme practice (which is the only way we should do santa until we win) should be saved for a tryhard team like wanderers v6 was / is. Due to us only getting to skinny twice, we didn't get to try out some strats, which is incredibly detrimental, also we need to wait for leaders to get on for santa (while yes I'm the one pushing it, there are other people that can do it in my absence, but they at least need to know the map and be invested in extreme, I've seen jeff do a good job and I think doogla could do it, but needs more practice along with other obvious choices like whim4life, or if you're lucky vanya. Just make sure there is a designated leader who is on and willing when you play, as it makes a distinct difference.)
  7. Doesn't have to be tbh, we could do twice a week too, but we should decide on a night to do it consistently
  8. n4a consistently got got 26 peeps past skinny, with 40 on the best runs, it's do-able, we have a lot to practice, and they got socrates down to 5k hp, we will need good rng, but it's not impossible.
  9. Just a quick update: tonight we got the server's first legit win on skinny santa with 6 people surviving, if we keep practicing, and doing well, and start meeting up for a weekly tuesday night santa extreme, then I think we can easily get the win, we just have to keep pushing ourselves! Great job to all who came out, thanks for playing, and let's keep up the progress and good work. Some notes and things to try next session: DON'T STAND CLOSE TO THE WALLS, he can hit you twice there for skinny try using 4 heals during skinny as fat is easier to dodge everyone using p90s over bizons due to santa being a breakable just another idea is to maybe all use negevs and pray to rng also we need to be faster on benders, anyone who sees one, calls it out, they were raping us also we need some brave souls who can offline items, and practice using them and hitting santa at a 90% rate, as we need to have a higher hit rate on items, as they TEAr THROUGH HIM credit to vanya, mercy, vauff, etc for helping out idea wise, a lot to improve on, but we're just getting started
  10. I should also note that I've done some testing with breakables and weapons, with negevs and most rifles doing 17, and bizons and most smgs doing 12, there is drop off though, and p90 is best if there's a decent amount, but I need to test more things to see if we should all use negevs and just pray to rng on skinny, or if we should use bizons and strafe around. (note I dislike m249s as they have less ammo, a lot less accurate, and sacrifice movement for damage, negev is super accurate, and bizon & p90s are a lot more accurate than m249s AND give better movement, so more testing as to negevs on skinny vs bizons and p90s, but we'll see)
  11. Hello everyone! as you know, I've been pushing the server on santa extreme lately, and so far in my various attempts leading, we've got a 2/3 success rate at getting to extreme act 3. So now with the recent stripper fixes to make items hit fat santa and work properly, I figured I'd make a post to discuss santa extreme, the changes, and use the thread to mark our progression. Points: First off, I'd like to say (and ask) that we be quiet and act with more discretion in regards to santa extreme, especially act 3. The last few times we've gotten to it, we've practiced it, and people start shouting "impossible" or "let's try this other glitch" and talking over the leader. When we start having quarrels and bickering amongst ourselves, we undermine our attempt to win, as then, many of the randoms on, and people who don't know much aren't taking it as seriously. Now another thing I'd like to say is that santa ex is not as hard as we make it out to be, prologue is pretty easy, act 2 is easy, and act 1 is truly the big hurdle. Act 1 has a lot more npcs at the beginning which really screw us, but as we've proven, it's still possible, and considering we win santa most of the time we play it normally, we should start just practicing extreme, and ignoring normal. Also, we need to concentrate more on item users, this map is based 99% around items, honestly 10 tryhards that take items can carry us through the map, BUT, a huge caviot to this is hitting their shots. We need to start practicing act 3 more frequently, so that people can time their shots and learn to use the items and hit the bosses more, because as it currently stands, on extreme, due to how fast the bosses move, we miss a lot of shots, so we need to practice that. Items are important, and we need to use them more precisely, and practice them. Another huge thing we need to focus on is heals, we need to time out heals better, on extreme we should just skip healing before the first set of reindeer altogether, instead using the first heal at the boss, no one should die provided we defend, and triggers stay at an elevated level, and take their time, we can defend forever, triggers can take as long as possible, JUST DON'T DIE!!!! to add on to this, first heal is outside of skinny, and we then use 2 heals during santa to ensure we all survive, all at the door, then one more on elevator or at fat santa gate depending on where the team's hp is at, then another heal after fat santa, or at his last 10k at the gate once again, so that we go into extreme truth with 200 Finally, a thank you to everyone, we've been working hard lately, and pushing ourselves, we've gotten to santa act 3 on extreme 2 out of the three times we've tried it! that's amazing, so you're all doing great, we still have a ways to go though, but with the new fixes, it should be possible, we just need to keep practicing and working hard!
  12. GFL ze_Gargantua_v2_0 ze_Ffxii_paramina_rift_v1_4 ze_Last_man_standing_v5_1 (extreme only, don't want us here for years, but we have to actually try extreme 2, 5 times at least, we can switch off it after) GFL event that accurately describes us, rooftop? check final fantasy? check Hard non-laser map? check
  13. http://gamearmy.ru/maps/9/173/7994 ze_pokemon_adventure_V1_1 it's not a laser map, but has great models and feels like an actual pokemon game
  14. Could we vote on playing v1 since it's an event?
  15. JoJo

    Your mapping seems to be improving a lot, I'm a fan of it, keep up the practice and hard work.
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