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  1. Appeal denied. Reasons include not using the correct format and that you lied. You were not a traitor when you were last online, plus you did not respond to my report, which made me ban for RDM n leave until I looked at the logs and saw you killed 2 other people with an explosive barrel.
  2. Fuck it I'm reviving this again For those who forgot or newcomers: posts should have an output and input, meaning whatever the person before you "inputted" you will come with an output. Inputs should be made up of what you wish to input into the device as well as a setting(very fine, fine, 1:1, rough, course). Objects can be SCP related or not, it's really up to you. There is also a tradition of adding additional comments by various doctors for additional flare. You can check previous posts for examples. Input: dado juice energy drink, 1 of each variety, fine.
  3. I'll leave this here: F
  4. Discord tag: Mario#4521 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:90678893 Stage name: Random Noise Name of your act: Electronic music (pre-produced during November) Act’s length in minutes: About 3 minutes
  5. Thank you for your appeal and honesty. I will unban, seeing as you have learned from this situation and now know that you should not throw discombobs as an innocent or push people off ledges as an innocent.
  6. I will unban, but I will make it clear that Innocents should NOT be placing C4s during the round under any circumstance. You are ultimately responsible for any C4 you place, and that goes for all situations. Thank you for your appeal and I'm glad you agree to not do this anymore.
  7. I honestly thought this was a joke at first Apparently it's real so count me in
  8. Innocents are able to get up to both areas of the yellow roof and it's not kos; and for construction if it's possible to boost up there it isn't kosable either, but that was an issue of a map exploit rather than boosting(using the car to get up to the roof)
  9. I think we all know the real homo here it's @Mom
  10. False ban

    @Zero @Pancake Jenkins close this(also since I'm lazy close the properly formatted appeal as well)
  11. I banned you because I was asking you if you knew about the prop push and you didn't answer, and instead you left the game. However, since you've put in the effort to appeal for an RDM n leave ban, I will unban you. The slay will stay but I'm sure you'll be ok with this.
  12. It's been a while since I've updated my signature, so I went to go do that today. Unfortunately, it seems I have maxed out the capacity of the signature, and am unable to add any more images. May we get a RIP.
  13. Due to lack of understanding and lack of sponsor, I will not rate this app. However, I will point out what needs to be done if you wish to re-apply in the future. First, the question about bans refers to your bans within GFL, not Steam. You can access your GFL bans by going to https://sourcebans.gflclan.com/ and searching your SteamID in the search box. Second, your reasoning for becoming admin is not detailed, and does not describe any motivation other than "RDMers". Third, a sponsor is required for applying for admin. A sponsor is a current admin who thinks that you have a chance at being admin, and this is based off their experience with you. If you truly can not find admins who are online at the same time as you and frequently, then try talking to a few of them and they might decide to check you out. Fourth, the (s) part of the first question does not refer to multiple people, but rather multiple names you might have. This is so that we are able to verify your hours and recognise you if we may not know you by one particular name. Fifth, unless an admin asks a question, it is unprofessional to comment on your own app. I'm not saying to never do this, but if you do, keep it short and try not to have a conversation. If you must, then take it to DMs. Apps fill up quick when you don't do this. Back when I applied to TTT 24/7 the fourth time MilkMan had to restrict the app to only ratings, as it had gotten out of hand. Finally, make absolutely sure that you are ready for admin. You will be required to be active and to handle any situations that occur within the server. It's not as simple as handling RDM. You will also have to handle people, and if you can't do that, then you're not fit for admin. This goes along with making sure you actually understand the rules, because while everyone may put a yes to that question, not all of them actually understand it. TLDR: Don't be like me when I first applied around a year ago.
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