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  1. Interesting, I like coding though for some reason I never code anything outside of school; I like making fast techno stuff (idk how else to describe it) and dubstep stuff with a free program called LMMS. I also like pretty much everything with an emphasis on old-school and "deep"(or "dark") dubstep (examples are Zeds Dead & REZZ - Into The Abyss and Black Sun Empire - Obsolete). As a side note, I listen to all my music on youtube.
  2. cool What kinda music are you into/make?
  3. Wondering if anyone in GFL shares my love for music production, I would love to talk with any of you. Even if you're not a producer, I'd also love to just talk about music.
  4. Hello, after reviewing the evidence and your appeal, I have decided to reduce your ban to three weeks. Please do be more careful next time you're on the server.
  5. You were cool when you were around, sad to see yet another one leave. Good luck on life.
  6. In my opinion, you tried your best. Nobody is perfect, but you shouldn't think of yourself as causing rotation to fall apart (which it hasn't, really). While you didn't do as much as zero, we all appreciate the work you did do to keep the server in check. Good luck with life, and it wasn't exactly clear but pls don't leave gfl, youre a good person.
  7. Would've never thought this would happen. I really wouldn't be here if it weren't for Rotation. You've done a lot for GFL and we are all grateful. I wish you luck in life and I wish GFL good luck without you.
  8. I'll accept the appeal, and I'm glad that you've learned something from this. Stay away from racism and spam and you should never have to appeal again.
  9. @PSKorn, can you elaborate on how sure you are? I would like a bit more than a sentence for a response if that's possible.
  10. I've made a decision about this suggestion, and it's that there should be 2 or 3 basic hats for nonmembers. There is no reason for people to not apply for member considering it's free, fast, and easy, and they get so many more hats and several playermodels from doing so.
  11. I'll try and get on as fast as I can.
  12. I will unban, because this was your first ban, and I think ignorance can be excused at this level. I hope you've learned your lesson and won't do it again.
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