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  1. I don't know who decided to add collision back in, but they must have been high or something(no ofens pls no demot) As far as I know this is only for US, since I have not played UK recently, but if it is in UK, please remove.
  2. I know I'm not ttt admin but shut up Please read this and use the format: (btw targeting is killing the same person over and over again)
  3. please read this and follow the format:
  4. I really liked uTime, y u do dis?
  5. Or more accurately, the long thread of things that if added to the game would just make it worse/boring
  6. I actually didn't know how to record anything in gmod, that first part was pretty useful Would've made my player report mentioned much easier to make, but screenshots are always an alternative
  7. still 45 minutes away from 2019 for me also lmao
  8. This post is 2 months old