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  1. I had banned you and your friends for ghosting/teaming because of how you were all different roles and were camping a single room. Not only is ghosting/teaming not allowed, camping/claiming is also against rules, although less serious of a punishment. If you truly did not know of these rules, then please state so, and I might consider unbanning. However, it is the player's responsibility to read and understand the rules. If this or something similar happens again, we will be less likely to unban. Anyways, have a good day and remember to read the rules.
  2. Now the steam store is unresponsive, thanks summer sales!
  3. a) Report them only if you hadn't IDed the body and you were planning to b) Depends, if you give them a valid explanation but they still kill you then you can report and the decision will be with the admin c) Report them if they were going to kill you for not testing, other than that it's the same as situation b
  4. This is what happens when people like @Zero gamble a little too much
  5. This situation is a very general case, and stuff like this has to be dealt with case by case. If there were no koses called and no explanations given, player A is not slain. If a kos was called on player C but player C koses player B, then player A is slain. If player C koses player B, player A is not slain. If there is a kos on player C, player A is slain. If player A picked up DNA on player B and player B does not try to stop DNA from getting picked up, player A is not slain. If player B is adamant that they killed player C rightfully and also wishes DNA not to be picked up, player A is slain. If player C shoots player A, player A is slain. If player B shoots player A, player A is not slain. This is how I see it, of course, and other admins might say something different. However, it is a general rule that you should not join a gunfight if you do not know what you are doing. I'll leave it at this; if you did not understand some or all of what I just said, follow these simple rules: Do not join in on a gunfight, if people are fighting leave them be. Shoot anyone who shoots you. Hope this helped.
  6. I've got some nametags and some pets, but I don't know what to name any of them. Would like suggestions on naming my HORSE and FOX; I only have 2 nametags(I believe) and way too many cats and dogs, I want my unique pets to receive unique treatment instead of a random dog being named Cat. Once I feel like I've gotten a good amount of suggestions I will make a new post with a poll for the names, and once the names are decided I will name my pets as soon as I can. If I do not get enough suggestions I will end up naming them myself.
  7. Just got 10$ for a survey, life is good

  8. Haven't seen you in a while but it's been good
  9. so happy I finally got stereo sound on my headphones, now I get to endure Gmod cancer in two ears

  10. One less person to call gay now
  11. w h e r e s m y p i n g I love you 4 0 0 0
  12. I know I talked a bit of smack but this guy/gal is a genuinely  good admin who try's  not to be one sided in his decisions unlike some who would just throw the book at you. Looking forward to getting into a game with this duder again 10/10 would look at toe pics (;

  13. After looking at the additional info provided, the ban is appealed. Tbh, I kinda feel bad for you, but for me the whole thing felt very cut and dry and that you were, no questions asked, teaming. However, you seemed to be ignorant of your friend's traitorousness. Originally, I was gonna make the ban a day, but due to the uncertainty that you could or could not have had a slight suspicion of your friend, I'll just remove the ban. Apologise for the inconveniences. This appeal also carries over to your friend, so both of you will be unbanned. However, I'd like you to tell your friend to not delay your death when they are a T. This also carries over to you as well. @Zero
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