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  1. Wanna waste time but don't know what to waste it on? Then you've come to the right place. There are many secrets in the map ttt_minecraft_h5, but the biggest is the cake secret. If any of you can replicate this: Then take a screenshot of it and post it here. Remember, the server needs to actually be on ttt_minecraft_h5(and have players playing), so be patient. Good luck.
  2. It's simulator not battlegrounds, they have the same visuals but are way different
  3. That animation looks ugly as hell, and you can barely see the 1px shadow. 2px shadow is the only thing that seems worth it.
  4. I have a Switch but none of the listed games.
  5. bye

    Guess I'm not playing on this server anymore. TTT UK is just too good for me to continue playing here. Goodbye to all those I've called gay(unless you play on other servers I'm on ).
  6. Yes^
  7. (Skyblock was removed to be replaced with a prison server)
  8. It's located in your account settings, and after you turn it on, just go to your profile and it will be there
  9. I'm back after, for some reason, I had just stopped playing Breach. Also, what the hell has happened while I was gone? Site19 is no longer popular? All the damn guns have changed? New maps that are actually good? Guess I'll just have to get used to everything again. Anyways, glad to be back, since this server is actually fun.
  10. Since we have a new manager, a new server is being made, and I have put aside my past, I will be coming back to enjoy the new GFL Minecraft server, whatever it turns out to be. This also means I will be re-applying for builder, since I feel that I would be an important re-addition to the team because of all the hard work I put in last time. Wish me luck on that whenever the new server arrives, and let's all wish @Remuchu luck on the coming server.
  11. I think a plots server would be pretty nice. As @TimeForYouToGetAWatch stated, plots servers let people build in "plots". Adding on to that, plots servers lets the players express creativity, and it builds community. I actually played plots a lot when I was relatively new to Minecraft multiplayer servers, and people did all sorts of stuff. I actually made a few friends too, and yeah, you can make friends in factions too, but the added creativity and lack of strain on the players makes it better in my opinion. Also, if it is possible, make sure to have redstone enabled, and also worldedit. If you think this is too much, since you are a new manager, just turn those off until you're able to get them working. I'm saying this as an addition to my suggestion, since so much can be done with redstone and worldedit is just convenient.
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