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  1. Add this for traitor win (yes I made it): waluigi_the_gay - What is Down.zip Add this for innocent win (0:33):
  2. This is sick, I tried playing Half Life with a friend using a mod, and this looks like it would be even more fun than what we did. I'll definitely check this out.
  3. Hello, since this is your first ban and a genuine mistake on your part, I will accept this appeal. Have fun on the server, and try not to let this happen again. Thank you for your appeal.
  4. Firstly, when you said it I could not make out any words because it was so loud and distorted, and second the way we deal with gags is not by the intensity of the offense but by previous offenses. Someone who says hard r but has no other gags gets the 15 minutes, someone who spams for 3 seconds but has 3 other gags gets an hour or even permanent. Your gag was not extreme or unjust, I simply looked at the 3 15 minute gags and a 30 minute gag you had acquired from the past, and upped the new gag to 2 hours, adding an extra hour for the 2 extra 15 minute gags. If you promise not to spam anything anymore, I will ungag, but remember that even if this gag is appealed, the next one will be permanent.
  5. I resign from the following titles: GFL Member Heterosexual Human Minecraft Admin Playable character in smash bros I would like to be recognized as waluigi_the_gay from now on. Anyone who does not recognize me as such will be sent a sufficiently passive aggressive message explaining the extent to which they are a disgrace to their mother and to Earth in general. Thank you, I now go.
  6. make one more post and never talk on gfl again..
    you ned to stay on 690 for e v e r

  7. For one, we've lost 2 Gmod DLs, TTT Rotational lost its manager (and hasn't had one for over a month now I believe), Murder came back and died for the third time, Gmod got some new servers, and I can't think of anything else I might know of.
  8. Seeing as the ban has expired by now, this should be closed.
  9. It's sad to see you go; you were one of the few rotation regulars who made the server just a bit better every time you joined. I had no idea you stopped having fun after your friends left, it makes me sad to know you became sad. Hope you have some fun somewhere outside GFL, and hopefully you can find a new group of friends. Good luck with life.
  10. Sad to see someone like you go, have fun in life and good luck.
  11. Hello. The reasoning for my ban is because drops had thrown a grenade into the ocean, which is harmless beyond a doubt (common sense)*. Since you had a kos, the people shooting you had a justified reason to shoot you. The kos was also justified, though this is based on an educated guess, and I personally believe it is not valid to kill someone who is killing you when you did something kosable. However, since this is your first week ban and you seem a little bit confused about the rules, I will accept this appeal. Please be careful. *despite seeming hypocritical to say a discombob on the ground is kosable but a discombob in the ocean is not kosable, this is false. A discombob on the ground can launch people into the air and causes confusion, and has a possibility to cause damage, while a discombob in the water can not do any harm. This is why I apply common sense to this.
  12. Due to your inability to understand our rules and accept our policies, I am denying this appeal. You have not learned anything and if I unmute you you will continue to disobey our rules.
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