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  1. It looks like which i used to use and it was fine.
  2. Yes and stop making your text bigger it doesn't make you unique. Skins are useless. Might as well sell them.
  3. Just leave hide and seek Why were you made manager Now it's just a meme
  4. Good work my new friend You are one of the first to Make a real haiku
  5. Second line is 8 syllables. Good work. A better line would be "I can do some haikus too"
  6. I hope they sue roy and staff for about 17k Inb4 banned
  7. Oh yeah prop hunt existed. Anyway, nice knowing ya bud. Take care.
  8. Copying from SwegBusters thread Why not permanant
  9. Why not permanant?
  10. History repeats itself, unfortunately. We used to believe we could revive servers that failed, and we still do. I believe it is due to the fact that when we tried to make a DarkRP server, it didn't get anywhere. However, this is due to the ridiculous idea that placing a brand new server in the most oversaturated gamemode would work, not because we can't do it. DarkRP WOULDVE been a huge success...if there wasn't already one million other ones.
  11. Honestly i believe murder should be removed. What GFL always fails to understand that gamemodes have an oversaturation in communities and servers, therefore killing each other and whoever is first to be successful will end up being successful. We need new servers to make new gamemodes and grab players before they all die. Nevermind the fact that gmod only has so many players, it won't be long.
  12. @SirAdair No i won't do you That is kind of gay my friend But here's a haiku
  13. Hello Syrus pal You're such a cool dude it's true Overwatch is bad.
  14. I am so cool is 4 syllables. Nice try tho
  15. What a weeaboo Japanese haiku is lame Get with the times man