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  1. .


    1. Chormee


      what the fuck is this gay

  2. Didn't you tell me in a steam DM that you never wanted to be a director and found yourself to not be able to lead well?

    Now you're in a position next to Roy?


    What happened to that lol

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    2. Xy


      Epic fortnite Minecraft happened

    3. Coolest Cat

      Coolest Cat

      If I had to take a guess, he got over his anxieties?


      People grow and rarely know their true potential until they are pushed into action.


      I'm guessing GFL is the first leadership role for many people in the community so I doubt many are coming into manager+ positions knowing what to expect. It's fairly common for people to sell themselves short when they're unsure.


      But who knows? 

    4. RVFK


      Nah, that can't be it :lenny:

  3. Merge of the teams.

    yeah saying "who hurt you" in public out of the blue is amazing help mr mod. good job
  4. @GFL


    1. Spookchimo


      alright who upset you lil buddy

    2. Chormee


      @Korowa Nobody. Just putting it out there.

    3. motorsteak
  5. clubs

    someone makes a club that's not intrusive: wow it's already 100% better than not allowing clubs to be made someone makes a club that is intrusive: deleted wow it's almost like i didn't have to think about it
  6. oh no two 13 year olds posted something insulting might as well kill myself



  7. muted.gif

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    2. Chormee
    3. VilhjalmrF


      Well actually I got a sandwich and coffee after I made that post so I kinda did win something.

    4. Chormee


      hey man there you go, good job

  8. This is you and your family

    de e.jpg

    1. Chormee


      damn i might just be a little bigger than that, close tho

  9. take care buddy, I'll never know what happened with you, or why you changed so much, but there comes a time where you just gonna chill out.


    enjoy the games we have.

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    2. Chormee


      that doesn't make any difference that the community itself is going to shit. one server. congrats.


      That still doesn't make the censorship, extremist moderation, general lack of attention from directors, 0 twitter/facebook attention (I was able to edit posts on the facebook page for about 7 months after i resigned from media THE FIRST TIME. Just that itself shows that nobody gives a shit in this place.) etc, any less known of a fact that it's killing the place.

    3. Chormee


      Not to mention the absolute lack of transparency with members, generally young staff teams that don't know shit, no signs of anything being done except people leaving left and right, etc etc.

    4. rapperdan


      if I'm being honest 1v1 is kind of like css ze at this point no one is touching it and there is noone with global mod directors yes but for the most part no one has powers on the server.

  10. clubs

    more than not allowing to add anything to the forums
  11. hey @Otter wtf is on your face there bro

    Design (18).png

  12. clubs

    why are you not allowed to make clubs for real all it is right now is like subforums nobody gives a shit about cause it's not even on the forum tab. so what if someone makes a troll club it doesn't hurt anyone y'all gotta pull your big boy pants up one of these days. @Roy @X2D @Snoopy @Rick @Xy_ @setup.sh @balon @AverageDrink
  13. i got a car radio. i don't have a car. thanks dad.
  14. i wish gfl died...oh wait. i want kerbal space program give it to me or you're gay.
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