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  1. Why not permanant?
  2. History repeats itself, unfortunately. We used to believe we could revive servers that failed, and we still do. I believe it is due to the fact that when we tried to make a DarkRP server, it didn't get anywhere. However, this is due to the ridiculous idea that placing a brand new server in the most oversaturated gamemode would work, not because we can't do it. DarkRP WOULDVE been a huge success...if there wasn't already one million other ones.
  3. Honestly i believe murder should be removed. What GFL always fails to understand that gamemodes have an oversaturation in communities and servers, therefore killing each other and whoever is first to be successful will end up being successful. We need new servers to make new gamemodes and grab players before they all die. Nevermind the fact that gmod only has so many players, it won't be long.
  4. @SirAdair No i won't do you That is kind of gay my friend But here's a haiku
  5. Want me to make a haiku about you? I swear they're good. I'll do it when i want so if you expect it right when you post you can eat my entire rear thanks
  6. Hello Syrus pal You're such a cool dude it's true Overwatch is bad.
  7. I am so cool is 4 syllables. Nice try tho
  8. What a weeaboo Japanese haiku is lame Get with the times man
  9. @Xy_ This guys a brony Also might be a furry What's the difference
  10. I made three haikus For the fucking memelord dan Someone please end me
  11. Dude you are so right How the fuck did you know that Nah it's just a meme That is not haiku How are you that fucking dense Oh my god please dan @DemonWithAShotgun That was a good one Made me laugh a little bit Refrigerator
  12. My post decling the offer got deleted? Okay, let me be more "forum-friendly". This sounds like a good idea, however, with the fact that the server is dying regardless, with less than 10 people the past few days, i believe it shouldn't be a primary target for more admins. The strength in numbers should be put to use in a more creative and outreaching manner. Such as: Staff for other servers Staff for new servers Advertising And more. I, myself, decline this offer, for the people who accept dying server outreach are going to be removed anyway when it's removed. Thanks, and don't delete my posts.
  13. @Dano Sexy german boy Best director of them all Please come back to me
  14. Inb4 ipro part 2
  15. @Haydenkun Fuck off you fat weeb This is my thread not yours tool. Go somewhere else please. And @King_Wailord, Trump. Trump is a good guy All liberals hate his guts Small loan of a mil.
  16. Did i say you can make haiku no i dont think so Plus they're both garbage and not haikus. First poem last line makes no sense Second poem last line is way more than 5 syllables.
  17. @Charmy Fifteen name changes Perhaps a thousand more times Also a furry There @mbs
  18. @JerryBomb Your memes are garbage Top text bottom text memes suck Also you like boys
  19. @ToniBamanaboni Your name is so weird How do you pronounce that thing Also girls are myths
  20. @rapperdan here's a second one. Cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe Cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe Cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe
  21. @Pyros Good one you showed him Too bad nobody cared though You just played yourself.
  22. @King_Wailord Isn't a wailord Has his title in his pic What a fucking joke @Mould This guy isn't cool His pic just says "Fuck it all" How edgy is that. @Gekkota_ Can't make up his mind Of what picture he uses Also is a kid.
  23. @harry Absolutely hot Wouldn't mind to lay you down Sweat drops all the time
  24. @Voxxy First name is hatty Made like seventeen goodbyes Still never has left @Korowa Loli furry girl Dated syrus once or twice Or was it like 8 @Winter Daycare Advisor Right after managing some God awful servers @Kubnair Sexy babe Kubnair Likes memes and furries as well Just does not admit @TheLastFlame50 (oops i tagged this and it wont let me remove it oopsies) Oops i just tagged you Didn't mean to but oh well Hope you like this one @TheLastBee Has one follower Who the fuck are you again? Seriously, who dis