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  1. This is where i'll post updates to Hide and Seek. 12/8/16 - Added Trial Admin. It'll be a good way to start new admins off. - Tidied the Hide and Seek forum More to come in the future!


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  3. It's !kick to kick and !sban to ban! Congrats on member! Have fun banning all 0 people in your time! Woo woo!
  4. I guess you can say it was a...bang bang into the room (I know you want it) bang bang all over you. I'll be quiet now. @John_Ariana_Man
  5. Okay, here we go. This is lack of confidence, which is bad for any reason. Make something you're proud of and show it off. It'll do you well. Our team members need to be proud of their abilities and their work. We don't have room for people who aren't. The video has a lack of creativity, in my taste. It's just something anyone can do and it doesn't stand out as something that'll be beneficial. Plus, i don't condone hacking on any game. This makes me feel like you want the position to be noticed in GFL, which isn't a good idea nor a good thing. In time, you'll be noticed for something and you'll be proud of it. Being a part of GFL at all is always a small help to us. It just doesn't seem like you would be a good fit for the team on a editing standpoint. I'm not saying you're bad at it, but with some practice and patience, along with experience, I'm positive in time you'll be a wonderful with. Right now, however, it's just not working for me. -1 Sorry kiddo.
  6. I hate being a bla- I mean looks good.
  7. Breaking down and wanting to go into a ball and weep forever. 

  8. First off, just in case you didn't know (just in case pls no hurt me) That question means in the future and out of GFL. We aren't paid. Everything done by the community that's not paying for servers and stuff is all volunteering. Anyway, onto the application itself. I like your work. It looks like a very good thing for signatures and small art. We can always use more artists. I'd like to review your stream one of these days. Can you provide me a link to your twitch, or whatever streaming service you use? Anyway, im gonna take more time and review this, and watch your stream sometime before I make a vote Good luck. Also, please apply for member. Takes two seconds.
  9. is gonna be
  10. The difference between this and other shitposts is that it made me laugh on a grumpy morning.
  11. I like the work you've made, looks neat, stylish, futuristic, one might say. However, these three pics, as good as they are, feel extremely similar in a sense where it doesn't really show your true potential. Is there any other work you've done unrelated to the discord/twitch photos? I'd like to see more of your work before fully commiting to a vote. Thanks
  12. Dic- Pizza rolls
  13. Feel free to take as much time as you need.
  14. What is on your mind today kiddo?

  15. *Ahem* No.
  16. Okay so, you don't design web. You add and remove things. I mean, anyone can change a few things with a little perserverence and common Sense. Your way of handling anger is my main concern though. It seems like you'd lash out at people for your failures, which isn't what we need. And you say you want "Media management" but you don't seem to have anything related to media except for the school pages. And I've already touched on those. I'm sorry, you just don't seem like you'd be a help to the team, in fact, if you /were/ added, you'd be a major disruption if things were to go south with something. My vote stays