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  1. dude like legit, i got raped today 







    in CS:GO :pogchamp:

    1. Darkling


      Unsurprising... I've seen you play

    2. Twig



  2. When you're in history watching "Home", but you're playing games. :pogchamp:

  3. How to basically get GFL to turn more against each other 101. Politics.
  4. Finally! I can say you guys are "the big D's!"
  5. Okay seriously, locking this thread. If anyone else comments on it, it'll be counted as "Necroposting" and removed.
  6. is it me or is your picture broken :pogchamp:

    1. bobe


      Your not the only one @Twig

    2. Sephnessed


      Yeah, Im trying to make it a gif. Im working on it

  7. okay you guys need to stop with the bo1 quotes cause you're confusing me
  8. writing my resume made me realize how boring my life really is

  9. Who approved this post?
  10. helpful

    Very awesome work. Very useful, and when it's finished, i'll pin it to the forum, so it'll be really easy to find (not like it isn't too hard to find in this forum)
  11. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  12. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  13. 1/20/17 It is finally here! The Playermodel Update! - We now have Playermodels added to the server! We currently have 5 available for Supporters+ to enjoy! - Zero Punctuation - Fox (No, not StarFox) - Renamon - Minecraft's "Steve" - Stick Figure - All these models change color according to team (though the fox one might be removed because it's a bit hard to see) - Removed gm_edventures. Caused too much fps/lag issues. I hope all supporters+ are able to enjoy these models, and thanks for sticking around, waiting what felt like forever for this amazing update. Woohoo!
  14. This is where i'll post updates to Hide and Seek. 12/8/16 - Added Trial Admin. It'll be a good way to start new admins off. - Tidied the Hide and Seek forum More to come in the future!
  15. Hide and Seek 2.0

  16. you better be fucking lying to me
  17. I was the first to mention this when @Shiny was still manager, only to be usually told by someone "shut the fuck up furry no pets roles for your pleasure" I want pets. +1
  18. Let's go boys, almost done with probably one of the biggest things put into HnS. Just a few more things left to do and it'll be live.

  19. nice dude
  20. I know this, i wasn't thinking of giving players access to kick or ban, but maybe votemute/gag, and that's really it. Don't worry Thomas There's not even a 100% this will be added. I know that you need to apply for admin for things like kick/ban, silly. But yeah, if you really want to help and be trusted on the server, then you should apply for admin.
  21. Put suggestions here. Suggestions could be maps, addons, etc.
  22. I'll actually look into this. Thanks for the suggestion! EDIT: If this were to be added, there is no way in hell they'd get voteban though. Just no way.