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  1. I'm gonna actually ban you
  2. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who submitted a response to the survey yesterday. helps me out a lot.


    We got 102 responses, pretty crazy. Thanks guys!

  3. You have one GFL ban. Promise to follow all rules from now on?
  4. Hey guys if you'd like to help me out by taking a quick survey, it'd be really appreciated. Helps me out with a project. Thanks!


  5. we don't need to promote hns...we already have a server for it on gmod but yeah, csgo hns would be cool.
  6. Hopefully this won't be csgo battle of the communities part 2
  7. Okay, in all seriousness though, if we were to start a new server, I'd suggest these things. - Actually make the MOTD, get admins, and a Manager BEFORE it is up - Establish a strong player base to ensure people playing on it before it is launched. But honestly, I feel like it'll be strong in the first month, but then die, like uhm...
  8. *Cough* CW:RP *cough*
  9. When you walk to school and almost die 3 times.

    1. Xy_
    2. Mundo


      Why didn't you? Would have better

      Just saying


  10. When you go into your GYM class, and you have to color.


    No music, no talking




    My gym class is amazing...

  11. I really don't think you should post other people information without their permission. I'm gonna take initiative and lock/remove his info from the post, to avoid things like...
  12. You have been accepted. Message me if you have any questions or issues.
  13. When you are finishing up a project in your Computer Applications class and your computer crashes and doesn't save your progress and you really, really just want to die. :pogchamp:

  14. Zapdos. Zapatos means shoes.
  15. Greninja. Tongue game strong af.
  16. When you're satan


    1. Finnick


      I have become a bad boy

    2. Shuruia
  17. Who is hyped? I am! Les go bois

  18. Another person who thinks center aligning the entire post is necessary gone. Nice. Anyway, never met you, but I take you're from Murder, so cya.
  19. You can get behind me anytime
  20. When you think you're going into a thought about a problem in GFL as a whole but get baited into this.
  21. Ah, i love this song.



  22. Is this a good thing or a bad thing
  23. Winners train, Losers complain.

    1. Z1galord


      But what if you complain while training?

  24. I made words and feelings come out and into a poem