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  1. how much
  2. who's this stud :thinking: @Roy
  3. @Agent_Washington
  4. here's a square version
  5. Here's something i made in ~5 minutes. If ya don't like it someone else can make something
  6. Hardcore screamo, it'll get you that goth big tiddy gf
  7. Hey guys, it's Nicole. So i think it's a good idea that we do a Rocket League tourney. it did really well last time, and lots of people watched and played in it. (Plus i got better and will get better than 5th this time)
  8. we should do another rocket league tourney

  9. Put suggestions here. Suggestions could be maps, addons, etc.
  10. Hike
  11. see i told you he'd log back in
  12. This is where i'll post updates to Hide and Seek. 12/8/16 - Added Trial Admin. It'll be a good way to start new admins off. - Tidied the Hide and Seek forum More to come in the future!
  13. I mean if it's a field of what he wants to do and it pays more i mean I'd go for it.
  14. If it's an admin thats treating you in such a way, it's unacceptable and you should report said actions. Someone sponsoring you won't impact their reputation, if only making it better. Sponsoring means you see the good in someone and can see that they will do good. If someone else disagrees and acts out irrationally on it, it will make the admin who acted out look bad if anything. Do not let past mistakes bring you down. If you are denied admin if you apply, show change, and try again. Persistance is key.
  15. When a generous post about helping roy out becomes a debate of using gfl funds even though he said he ain't. GG GFL. GG. Anyway, I'll help if i can. Hope you get better my boy @Roy
  16. Are we supporting roy or exposing and hurting roy make up your minds xd
  17. U r sexi

    1. Skittlez



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  18. Fuck you that's why. Give me the game. @Twig
  19. pubg

    @Carrick can't join that
  20. hey, what's up

    1. Kite9867


      Eating a sandwich.

    2. Korowa


      hey, what's up

  21. @Gary YOUR NEW PIC!