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  1. what's the meaning of life

    it's definitely not this shitty section
  2. Looking For PVKII 24/7 Island Manager

    only if i can be Division Leader of PVKII
  3. Looking for help

    I am willing and able to manage all three servers, no problemo. You can leave it to me, boss.
  4. i swear the "Days Won" part of your profile has a mind of it's own. Yesterday it said i had 30, right my last day being Feb 23,


    Now, it still says my last day was Feb 23, but now i have 31? I am confusion, america explain

    1. Joshy


      I admit I don't understand it myself.  Meh.

    2. charmy


      and now it's 32 omegalul

    3. Pyros


      wut, it says 24 for me

  5. never was, never will be
  6. Poetry? Or just not a fan?

    A Haiku, for you. You're a fucking cunt I hate you with all my heart Have a nice day bitch
  7. Meme Dump

  8. Ywt Another Haiku

    don't fucking tempt me with a good time you dumb fuck i will eat ur ass
  9. cdca2b5261d90e87abc3995ad20ac46b.png



    1. Roy




      You're slackin ;) 

  10. OOF

  11. Things Go Too Far

    when someone says one thing online and you take high offense to it
  12. Ywt Another Haiku

    fuck all your haikus i can do them better cunt please stop posting these
  13. "Hey furry go fuck a dog" alright don't mind if I do 


    That insult is old and overused. If that's what you have to use to insult me, then shame on you for not getting better insults xddxd

    1. Misaki


      I've been asked if I want any sexual intercourse with animals in general

    2. charmy


      as have i, and the answer is: yes :lenny:


      kidding, but i mean, it's a childish and old insult. 

  14. Is It Worth It to Buy GMOD On Steam

    please don't buy this game
  15. happy birthday fig ol baggot

  16. Miki's Second "Ask Me Anything"~ (kek)

    Why do you make every question it's own post instead of doing it all in one post
  17. Is It Worth It to Buy GMOD On Steam

    The game is shit
  18. I was listening to music on Youtube today, and i was editing my steam profile, and all of a sudden one song ends, and the next thing i hear is that dreaded G Note and i swear i almost had an emo attack

  19. I proposed to littleshake, AND SHE SAID YES.

    @littleshake please confirm
  20. I tried it again, i really did

    literally made me laugh from the hypocrisy.
  21. Replace some guns?

    Now don't get me wrong, i don't play on this server nearly as much as i used to back in Summer 2015, so i only go off of what i saw when i played today and what i've heard. Sorry for mistakes Either way, Pro Hacker getting Silent Keypad Cracker, Pro Thief still getting more than the normal thief, etc etc. My point still stands though, you should not get OP stuff because you bought a thing for $5. Be glad they gave you something more. They don't need to give you anything because it's a donation. However, i won't completely try to shut down a suggestion, because that's what it is, a suggestion. Although, i will insert my thoughts in the matter.
  22. Replace some guns?

    You shouldn't get a powerful gun because you paid. That's called...*cough* *cough* Pay to Play. It's bad enough they give upgraded raiding tools to people who pay. Annoys the shit out of me. You should not be given an advantage in anything by paying on a server like this. Cosmetics, things like "DJ" and other things, are fine, but the silent keypad and faster lockpicks are kinda scummy considering only people who donate can access them. It's called a donation for a reason. We shouldn't have an upgrade because if you want better, go earn a better weapon. Be glad they gave you something.
  23. Sniper Nest

    Well i mean yes and no, depending on if someone wants to alter the map to make something of this sort, or simply fortnite style it up and put a couple props up and keep them there. Either way, not up to me, but highly unlikely.