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  1. I had each one of those roles for 4+ months. The most recent role I had (Affairs Staff), ended in November of 2018. Showing this happened a while ago. I closed my JB app for a variety of reasons: 1.) I neglected my administrative position on Murder and wished to catch up on it. 2.) I thought I would have the same drive for JB that I had before it’s shutdown, it turns out I didn’t and I didn’t want to just do nothing and take space up. Any other reasons, I can PM you. For my actions, I am sure my manager and former manager, Zero and Winter can gladly vouch for my conduct.
  2. I've stated this before and I will state this again. I lurk in discord. I always do. I have kept my profile low moreover in discord because I do not feel like there is alot for me to speak about / I don't really enjoy chatting in discord anymore. If you haven't checked, I am an admin for 2, soon to be 3 of our Murder servers which means I am active on forums, In-game, etc. You are judging my application on discord activity, not overall activity (in-game, forums, discord).
  3. For both Discord Roles, the communities were dying and the owners were abandoning and I did not want to take control of the entire community and so, I resigned. For Affairs, I was also resigned but due to conflicts with players who had a negative opinion of me.
  4. Discord Username? (leave blank if you don't want it revealed) MASTERPIECE#4441 Why do you think you'd be a good fit for the team? I have experience within Human Resources from my time being an Affairs Staff Member and DSM / DR and doing the things required for said position. I understand the concepts, responsibilities and requirements and I believe that I can fulfill the things as listed before in a sufficient manner. Roles: Human Resources What is your age? 15 Do you have any prior experience? Former Affairs Staff for DEFN (Definitive Networks). Former Discord Server Manager on RDMN (Redmoon) Former Discord Director for Octane Networks As a Discord Server Manager and Discord Director, I served the same purpose. To manage the community's discord, their moderators / admins and create a hub where players were kept informed of the server they were playing on. I was granted full access to these discords and I would answer questions regarding Discord Moderation, punishments for rule breaking and some other minute things revolving around managing a community. As an Affairs Staff member, I was tasked to assist in answering questions and deal with "Cases". Cases would be things like issues between players vs. staff, Staff vs. Staff, etc. I also provided counseling to players who required such though DM's in discord (I cannot provide screenshots due to an NDA I signed upon taking the position). How much time would you honestly dedicate into PR weekly? I could provide around 5 hours weekly due to school and other commitments. Public Relations members, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.
  5. Admin Suggestion

    Suggestion: Have the ability to freely spectate as Trial Admin+. Reason: Sometimes I don't want to really click through 10+ people and sit and only watch that one person. (This is basically like spectating someone by no-clipping and watching them) With this added, an admin can spectate multiple people from different angles and become more efficient while administrating. Suggestion: Be able to see where someone's looking while in spectator (Trial Admin+) Reason: Makes it easier to clearly see if someone is using things like aim-bot, wall-hacks, etc. Suggestion: Having a bot within the GFL GMOD discord that will ping admins when their server has a call-admin request. This is very similar to what the breach discord has / had where a call-admin request will go to the bot and the bot will automatically ping the admins for that server to alert them that they need to get on and deal with a situation. Reason: Kind of self-explanatory.
  6. Ban

    @Malazar Do you still wish to be unbanned? If so, DM an admin or manager with your steam id and reason for ban. Or you can just post it here
  7. Moderator Role

    So essentially trial admin, which we have.
  8. Discord PFP

    Very, Very nice. THis may be closed.
  9. Discord PFP

    I’ll give you more examples
  10. He finally solved it.
  11. Discord PFP

    Not a flat color background, not a text placed under the character, character stance / placements. like, maybe try tilting the text and putting it to the side, or put the text above and the character to the left of it
  12. Discord PFP

    Make the stances, colors and text placement more dynamic.
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