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  1. LLJ's Art Request

    I mean, I know...im part of the damn team lmao, no harm no foul
  2. Drag0n Gam31ng

    pretty big bucks
  3. kdsfal;okjgdakgj

    Are you sure? looks kinda dead to me
  4. Radify Here

    Bye man! Hope you have a good time!
  5. Population Boost

    I will get on more, we should hold events so more peeps get on
  6. debo619bawb art...

    It's an alright beginning debo!
  7. Admin Report

    I agree
  8. Where is the purge forum?

  9. Where is the purge forum?

    Not like DarkRP, Purge was our closest thing to darkrp
  10. Render, Image, or Theme: Text: It basically just say LLJ but in the theme of the image above ^^^ Color scheme/style: ^^^ Additional Information: None This is for a signature picture / PFP
  11. Goodbye.

    G G R I P You will be missed
  12. Sad! New Music Video

    yes, best video