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  1. Discord PFP

    Very, Very nice. THis may be closed.
  2. Discord PFP

    I’ll give you more examples
  3. Discord PFP

    Not a flat color background, not a text placed under the character, character stance / placements. like, maybe try tilting the text and putting it to the side, or put the text above and the character to the left of it
  4. Discord PFP

    Make the stances, colors and text placement more dynamic.
  5. What I want: Discord PFP Style: Dark (dark color palette) (e.g red, black. Etc.) Text: Rum Characters: Bull or Mortis from the mobile game Brawlstars. Examples below.
  6. Awww dude, missed ya. How have you been?
  7. Special Rounds

    We used to have a round that happened every 5 rounds in which every player would spawn in with a knife and another when they would spawn in with a gun and the last one alive would win the round.
  8. Special Rounds

    Add more special rounds / readd this concept. I loved the meme-y rounds with all players equipped with knives and such. Changed variety of gameplay and IMO, would keep players playing for long. NUFF SAID!