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  1. im gonna start playing gfl again (nobody cares but ehh) yee so be cancer in the comment for me plz
  2. -1, I personally don’t see him enough (could be my fault cuz school and time zones) to have an opinion on him but I’m not sure for a +1.
  3. Note: This vote MAY change based on the applicant's actions in-game and in discord. Vote: +1 Pros: Admins enjoy the player, I have had no issues with the players. Cons: Close to no admin experience.
  4. Note: My vote may be changed based on the applicant's actions in platforms like DISCORD and IN-GAME. Vote: +1 leaning Pros: Many Many Hours within TF2 (which kinda means hes gonna know what to look for, Experience within Administration. Cons: Not a big member boy (you should apply, good perks) Not the most active (lmao im fast to change cons) You seem like a good boy, Like ya. Keep the shits up
  5. Active boy Dont really know too much tho Neutral (I’ll prolly change my vote in the morning after I sleep)
  6. Note: My vote CAN changed based on the applicant’s actions and behavior on DISCORD and IN-GAME. Vote: +1 Pros: One of the most active players on the server, has helped admins before. Well behaved when online, Personally have had no issues with the applicant. Cons: Unexperienced within administration.
  7. NOTICE: This vote MAY change based on actions taken by the application on DISCORD AND IN-GAME. Vote: +1 Pros: has been +1'd by current manager of Purge, Knowledgeable on administration from previous communities. Cons: None that I can tell. Keep it up BB. id be glad to let ya on.
  8. #NiggaAintABadWord +1 Pros: Active, Follows rules, I’ve had no issues with this player, Detailed Application, Previous Experience Cons: None that I can see.
  9. +1 Pros: Well known amongst admins, Active, Trusted amongst admins Cons: Under-detailed application (my personal gripe, not an issue)
  10. Neutral, not seen you but I haven’t been the most active lately. I’ll be watching.
  11. For once, I don’t see jokes here. Proud. I never met or spoke with him/her, but I leave my condolences.
  12. Wild, wild ride man. Good luck in all you want to do later.
  13. Same as listed above, If I see the qualities, I can ensure a +1
  14. Das wild. Aight den, give it a week.
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