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  1. Yeah, I'm slowly getting my way back into the community by playing on the servers more often (not as often as I was) I'll also be trying to bump my discord activity up again to daily. I'd be willing to complete anything the team needs from me in terms of tests Don't hesitate to shoot me a test in my PM's
  2. Personally, I think that you should have a map queue. Don't make it so large so people have to download a new map every time the server changes level (5-10 maps in the queue) Don't make it to short so people don't get bored That's all I want or need to say Truly, Its your decision
  3. Forum Name: Riggs When you joined: Nov 11, 2017 5:05 PM (the first experience with GFL) Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:189528049 Favorite Server: CSGO JB / GMOD Purge / GMOD PH Most Memorable moment in GFL (And you must end it with: "Ever... Of all time"): Getting banned for a week Getting on the Creative Team (Known as Media Team) for the first time is my most memorable moment ever of all time Favorite Food: Ice Cream Who is the host of this Giveaway: One crazy boyo named Venus
  4. I Need Staff: Prop Hunt Server

    ^^^ @TheLastBee
  5. This will consist of steps Be a bottle, can or other extremely small prop Go into the farthest corner of the map Profit
  6. Rush D ( D Class strategy )

    R U S H D C Y K A B L Y A T
  7. @PB-n-J 




    Its been like 3 months

    1. rapperdan


      You are not alone.

      there has been hate crimes against us all.

      The you are not alone movement is not just for females us males need to be heard.

    2. Pyros


      Done Riggs. Dan, the post says HackingPotato won. So you getting the badge would be strange, and I cannot see any type of "hate crime" against either riggs or you. 


  8. You are correct about grammer levels (im in 8th) Thank you for the critics and your vote of TBD
  9. Test Completed @Charmayy This story is from the perspective of a depressed man living just below the poverty line in a world where the GOVT is unfeeling and uncaring about living conditions of its people. Its short but I feel its good enough for the test https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y__gloK-qi1V75VzxLePHU09JBNmbdoLM7PrHKGh6J4/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Gotta blast

    too bad he doesn't play Purge or anyone as a matter of fact
  11. Hiya!

    Leave before they suck you in Welcome to GFL, you crazy boyo