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  1. Allow donors to use video sprays as well. I would recommend adding it to the VIP tier as another incentive to pay more. Allowing VIPs to use video sprays will not lead to problems as the amount of people with VIP donation status are low. I don't think it's fair that only admins should have video sprays. Above all else, allow VIPs to use video sprays because it will be another incentive to donate those extra smackers. Also I want Harakoni's Vietnam video spray but nevermind that

    Just bring back the papyrus playermodel It wasn't even that glitched, the cape changed color so it was plenty clear I miss the Pap Daddy I donated just to buy it SO please bring him back soon My resume: -Significantly influenced the additions of: 'Doomguy Playermodel 'Kermit/Darth Kermit Playermodel I have an eye for this stuff, please bring the Papyrus Playermodel back
  3. A simple solution to spectating to avoid seeker is to give the point to whoever is closest to the person who goes spectating. Ex. -Player is running, seeker is closing in -Goes Spectating -Seeker is closest, so the Seeker gets a point I know it would be a pain to code it in, but there are Roblox games that do it, so it can't be THAT hard. And No, I have no clue how to code.
  4. Simple fix to people avoiding seeker and screwing over others at the beginning of the round: Disable the Spectating Option for the starting seeker. If they leave and return, it can be viewed by the admin.
  5. Availability : Members+ Cost : 25,000 points Eyes change to red or blue based on team (blue=hiding, red=seeking)
  6. !stats command

    Idea for a command. Adding !stats so that when someone types it, it opens a window that shows how many games played, games lost, tags as seeker, tagged as hider, wins on each map and highlighted map with most wins, time hiding, time seeking, total time played, times taunted, points earned, points spent, items bought, items sold, and warm up round wins
  7. Maps suggestion

    The hide and seek map selection system could be improved. It is nice to have people vote for a map, but there is a problem. Some maps never get played because people never vote for them. These are some solutions: 1. Random Map 1a. Allow selection of map with points 1b. Add a vote for map button so that if everyone wants to vote, they can press it. If enough people press it, have a map vote. 2. Filter through maps more and have more maps that never get played in the voting menu 3. Have a specific order of maps. (i.e. museum,64tress,small town, etc., in that order) 4. Reduce the number of maps that can be voted for to only 4 maps 5. And the fifth and final suggestion is to make the chances of certain maps appearing in the voting screen greater than others. Just a few ideas. I have never even played some maps and I have many hours in this server.
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