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  1. It's a fair concern but look at TTT Vanilla. Right now TTT MC, TTT Vanilla, and TTT Rotation all have 30+ players. You would think that TTT Vanilla would have hurt TTT Rotation, but they both seem to be doing well. I think it's possible to expand to 4 populated servers given that TTT has a large player base and each server covers different niches. I don't think it hurts to try. Definitely should close down TTT Anarchy though to avoid having too many servers at once. Maybe Loke and Xy can manage a TTT MC Rotation?
  2. delete 1 TTT anarchy spawn 1 TTT MC Rotation = $
  3. The map rotation is just a temporary experiment 🤷‍♂️. Im sorry you don't feel as if you fit in anymore. It's probably for the best for you not to stress over internet ranks etc. given that you haven't been playing on the server much since you resigned in the first place from my understanding. Godspeed.
  4. You are unbanned. We trust that you will not use any cheats on our servers. Have fun!
  5. Unbanned. Have fun try not to blow up any more teammates!
  6. TTT Suggestions

    I bought it as an innocent or detective yesterday. Also you can still RDM as a traitor by killing traitor teammates. Just a bad item.
  7. TTT Suggestions

    Martyrdom in TTT sounds like a great way to have mass rdm occur by accident. Definitely should be removed.
  8. thanks for the minecraft account dont @ me hope u feel better brother xoxo
  9. I am going to go ahead and lift the ban given that the ban was over 4 years ago. I do not know if you intended to cheat then, but you obviously know that cheating is bad and you clearly just want to play now. Have fun!
  10. Unbanned. You probably should not be the one to kill afks when your karma is already in the low-mid 800s. Have fun!
  11. Unbanned. Please be more attentive of your karma in the future. Have fun!
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