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  3. @Roy @Santahiggle @Major_Push @Nyamelie @Nerd @Stache @Juky @savageclover @CNe7532294 +more I'm forgetting and by visit I mean people who I could hang out with without wanting to hang myself
  4. I am honored to have been the cause of your (probably) first heartbreak. If you wanted to do more, you should have asked dummy! (I could totally be forgetting of you asking to do more, but I do not remember that ever happening). The only reason people like WildstarK became "higher ranked" is because they actively spoke to me about wanting to do more behind the scenes. You were always the person who knew how to have fun without pushing the boundaries, which is pretty much the makings of a perfect admin, I'm sorry that you felt underappreciated! It was always a pleasure to have you around and I look forward to your yearly shitpost on my steam page.
  5. The Future Of GFL

    It can be ignored because the contents of the leak were of emails used to register on GFLClan.com and of hashed password's for GFLClan.com. There is absolutely NO reason for ANY personal Paypal or financial accounts to have been compromised. The internal issue in regards to the GFL account has been dealt with and that person is no longer with GFL.
  6. The Future Of GFL

    It's completely understandable for people to have lost trust but any anger is just irrational. It's 100% your fault for using the same password on multiple sites, let alone a gaming community site. How can you trust a gaming community when the likes of Sony, Target, Spotify, etc. get leaked all the time? Shit happens, you need to treat password security like defensive driving. The breach at worst should have only compromised your GFLClan password, not anything else.
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