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  1. Long hard and full of gachi ze_johnny_nukem_b80 ze_dark_souls_ptd_v0_4 Special Kickers: johnny nukem extreme only dark souls all endings
  2. because he spammed discord to vote for his event so that he could be unbanned and play. This cause people who dont like him to spam vote the event with the next most nominations which was the meat pizza one. So why should he be unbanned as a consolation when his actions lead to his and vanyas events being removed from contention.
  3. seeing as ninja chris getting people to brigade the votes is the reason we had to go with the third choice i would venture to guess no.
  5. sure projecting arent ya buddy. mommy not bring you the tendies today or were u all out of good boy points?
  6. im pretty sure csgo ze and ninja share the same population
  7. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Black the GFL Chad? I thought not. It's not a story the CSS virgins would tell you. It's a GFL Chad legend. Black was the ultimate GFL Chad, so powerful and so wise he could use ZE to influence the CSS player count to remain at 20 players... He had such a knowledge of the ZE ways that he could even keep the servers he cared about from dying. The Chad side of GFL is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was those CSS virgins complaining about no one tryharding. Unfortunately, he bragged to the GFL virgins to fuck females and have fun, so they removed him from Discord. Ironic. He could tell others to fuck off, but was removed himself.