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  1. only 15 minutes by the way, admin by the way
  2. ok fine the dates wrong but the point still stands. Dont try to invalidate the point by just saying oh the dates wrong hur dur
  3. But i mean how can we trust the admins to do their job when they are so incredibly hypocritical. For example my last mute was 3/31/20 for racism by willy wilson. but then you turn around and on 4/21/2020 the same admin who muted me for racism says this. These stacked punishments seem to be exclusively for people who the admins do not like, meanwhile the weazel gang could kill a child and ze management would act like they were the DNC and weasle gang was joe biden. this servers management is beyond hypocritical im_not_racist_willy.mp4
  4. well i mean every regular with a brain told yall that diddle extreme wouldnt work in the idealistic world yall set it in but that didnt stop yall from going ahead with it like a person hitting their head against a brick wall so idk where you get off /sing anything related to critism of your listening ability. frankly speaking im pretty sure Helen Keller had better listening ability than yall do. also how likely is it to receive 75% vote on anything if we are going purely on everyone voting that means 48 people need to vote yes that is a wide margin of error 65% is much more manageable and representative of the server actual opinion since trolls and people voting no simply because they want to introduce a little chaos will be less effective.
  5. i mean i remember the event went alright when it was played on unloze, mr grumpy
  6. Name: Lets see how hard i can make this ze_predator_ultimate_v3 ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3f ze_ut2004_convoy_v2_2 (or whatever the harder version of v2 was called i couldn't find it) Special Kicker: i3d settings on all maps
  7. willy are u think of the other pokemon map thats not by crobat, that one only has a v1. Also isnt v8 of pkmn better than v9?
  8. that was entirely not fun
  9. just a reminder that gmod ze has minas tirith on rotation but gfl csgo doesnt. thanks snowy
  10. would rather put in a scuffed russian minas than the actual one nice meme.
  11. Feywood legend mode marathon: -ze_ffxii_feywood_a2 -ze_ffxii_feywood_b1 -ze_ffxii_feywood_b2_1 -ze_ffxii_feywood_b3_1 Special kicker: on b1 b2 and b3 we will play only Legend mode
  12. S.T.A.L.K.E.R -ze_stalker_ultimate_v3 -ze_stalkermonolit_v6
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