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  1. I see no mention of this in the sacred texts. Blaspheming will only earn you eternal damnation.
  2. In the Beginning, there was nothing. Then, I arrived. With my peerless mental and physical strength, I set GFL onto the right path. CSS, TF2, GMOD, my pure gamer skill and adminship was unmatched. After many years of just and glorious rule as a Council Member, I decided to ascend back to heaven. Many of you have probably heard this story before. But now as I look down from the heavens onto the mortal plane that is Gflclan, I see evil, corruption, simping, and greed. This place of order has fallen into chaos. I realized in my infinite wisdom that my job was not yet done, so I have returned to set things right. Username: Floopyhiggle Desired Position: Director or God Emperor of GFL Steamid: STEAM_0:1:14659950 Strengths: Peerless Mental and Physical Strength (mentioned above) I do not require sleep, so I can rule over the masses 24/7. 300kg grip strength using only my toes. 2 minute mile. It is impossible to outwit me. I am unoutwittable. My soothing voice allows me to solve any altercation quickly. Very low ping everywhere. 215 wpm typing speed Left Handed Weaknesses: N/A I noticed there was no director application subforum. Feel free to make said subforum and sticky this post as I am the only one GFL needs. Please refer to the images below as examples of my Divinity and Might. Here is proof from a legitimate source of my divinity:
  3. Quarantine

    I can't stop eating everything in sight because I'm bored. Please send help.
  4. who the fuck comes back to gfl after they leave, what a poser
  5. bro i love your sig. Also good Job Rick, you did it.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/floopyhiggle/games/?tab=all 3.5k gmod 2.9k css 1.8k ffxiv
  7. no, go be brownies you dumb girls. NO GIRLS ALLOWED
  8. i moved into a new apartment and took a shit without buying TP
  9. majority of my hours on gmod are in sandbox. It takes a modicum of patience that most gmod players simply don't have. GFL is not a community that could support a successful sandbox server.
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