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  1. maybe some of you older fellas remember our one true God.
  2. Look at my flowers! https://www.16personalities.com/profiles/58782d57dfa5a
  3. I personally enjoy computers that have a keyboard and a monitor, so I would suggest getting one of those.
  4. I've heard of some cases where it makes you bald. No thanks.
  5. im sorry, but its too late
  6. At least Spock isn't dead
  7. who were the other two that entered?
  8. Number two, the wrath of Khan has gotta be my favorite, watched that all the time as a kid.
  9. only soundtrack ill listen to outside of playing the game, i suck dick at crypt of the necrodancer.
  10. Moving on with my life, don't have time to do things for GFL.
  11. my spray control is always on point unless its the morning, then i have a chance to divert into 3 smaller sprays that go fucking everywhere.
  12. I am already a Posh Penguin, but If i could pick, English Golden Retriever. if it is what I most resemble, Sid the Sloth.
  13. fitness? more like fitLESS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but seriously just think of me as a wooden pole. Inflexible, skinny, and unable to move on my own unless rolling down a hill.
  14. All gifts I have given have been meticulously thought out and perfectly presented. Never once have I given an inappropriate/embarrassing gift.
  15. I heard denros goes to ITT tech.