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  1. 2 gross people birday yucky
  2. Alright so I like the result so this is over. Tysm @Auralanity
  3. I don't mind the grayscale at all, have you got any different static effects or is that the only one that works? If not I am still happy with this outcome. Thanks a lot for looking at this request.
  4. Just replying to make sure it's not forgotten about, as I said it isn't urgent but I'd love to see it done. Thanks!
  5. You'll never stop me
  6. TTT Rotation, Breach and ZE on CS
  7. Request type: Signature Size: 1098 x 492 Source image/render: Text *(optional): N/A Color scheme *(optional): N/A Examples: I'm trying to go for a VHS Static like overlay or a dust particle look but struggling to find a good gif VHS: gifs.com/gif/glitch-and-vhs-overlay-pgD0Np https://thumbs.gfycat.com/AbandonedSoupyKagu-mobile.mp4 Dust: https://i.makeagif.com/media/4-06-2018/aLTWYw.mp4 Additional information: So, I have made a nice little signature for myself and I want to add something too it. A nice overlay I think would make it look nicer. I am lacking ideas of what overlay to have however and I simply don't know how to add it onto an image cuz of small brain. I have given a few examples of what I would want on it. Please take your time on this as there is no rush at all. If you have any opinions on the overlay, image etc feel free to reply. Thanks!
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