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  1. Buff 2845

    We are not making the ring invisible, nein, negative soldier. Never ever forever.
  2. But to be honest, both class Ds and researchers kill each other after the 11 minute if they get the chance so it's not like the researcher role has a higher advantage over the class Ds except being nearer to EZ and level 3s.
  3. Welcome. Good luck surviving !
  4. H o w a b o u t w e j u s t d o n ' t c h a n g e t h e d o o r s
  5. I know this would make it lore friendly but wouldn't that make 173 and 682 op? Running through doors and destroying them in one hit seems a bit too good for it to be balanced, unless... Maybe a speed debuff when you break it? That would stop 682 just breaking a door and using his special ability.
  6. Imagine a different special round called: Where's Waldo? SCPs v Body Doubles and 05 If scps kill 05, scps win. If body doubles prevent scps from killing them, Foundation wins It's a great idea I know
  7. Me likey Also I drew a 966 for you. You dont have to thank me I already know it is perfect.
  8. Fair enough you get to willingly choose 610 even if you are any other class.
  9. All very good ideas and I wouldn't mind selecting everyone's fan favourite, 682! 610!
  10. Rule addition

    As I said, when you were in the server and it happened, harassment is harassment. If you dont find it funny or if you dislike what they are saying, call an admin and they will gag/mute them accordingly. It's a legit rule
  11. +Support Looks very nice, I don't see why not. As long as it's only the orange and blue one. Most skins that get suggested are purple/red which makes it less likely to get accepted. (Blue/Orange helps show which role the skin is.)
  12. Probably, you like every SCP. I N C L U D I N G 6 1 0
  13. Very nice i cant think of anything to say here so good job i guess
  14. Sounds good I'm really uncreative so I've got nothing good luck I'd like to hear your voice in the game one day