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  1. Either make it so it is all a special response force NTF that spawn up top or TRO inside of the facility and ur gucci.
  2. Ok @GlazedGoat you failed. I need someone to lock now ty
  3. Site 02 thing

    TL:DR I'm not going to do it as I've lost interest and as the ever decreasing pick rate diminishes I will let this be. I was quite pumped for it but I am quite busy atm so maybe one day.
  4. I barely strayed from Breach to be honest. Kinda annoying I didn't get to talk on TTT or some shit like that. I'm in Breach sometimes + Kite's SH so if you want to chill hmu
  5. SCP breach video

    I want to start doing this stuff but too poor for Vegas so I'm using OBS
  6. Where is the devil option for @KaitoKiriyama?
  7. I'd like to see the CT CSGO skins
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