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  1. aubergine cause of my huge willy
  2. Site 02 thing

    If anyone is up to helping me with this dm me on discord, this will speed up the process and make sure I don't lose the last shred of humanity I have left (Sofics#8200)
  3. Site 02 thing

    They're mine now
  4. Best. Server.

    I really can't be asked to prove you wrong anymore bye
  5. Site 02 thing

    I did a thing a while back with Site 13 where I took the map and looked at the spawns and areas and made a complete map of where all the items are. I feel like I want to contribute a bit to the server and because the map looks nice it will be a lot more fun to work with. Would you want to see the same thing done to Area 02 but with extra things like role spawns (Yes, SCP names seperate.) link to Site 13 map thing:
  6. Best. Server.

    Fix what? Gameplay aspect or administration aspect? Roles or items? Rules or guidelines? I'm still confused about the problem here. You're just complaining about a single SCP and the weapons. Imagine trying to balance 17 different custom SCPs, whilst managing bugs and the staff team, accepting/denying apps and suggestions, compiling new maps, designing new maps, tweaking statistics of roles and weapons, E. T. C. Yeah Xy does a lot of hard work for Breach and it's people like you that make the server seem as toxic as a cow with 3 heads and radiation poisioning. Instead of coming across as cancerous and under the age of 13 by posting a weird thread with no real criticism, put actual effort into telling us why we are a crappy server. Also @Xy_ fix your game ffs
  7. Autism in a drawing

    This monotone piece describes the emotional struggle of the artist.
  8. I mean, sure. But only 2 or maybe even 3 people go down there just to get the gun so I don't see the point except for the dreaded l o r e. Name 1 person that has camped in there that hasn't been locked in by a teammate lmao
  9. -1 012 sounds like more hassle for what it's worth and ETA-10 doesn't sound very creative and looks like another run off the mill NTF spawn. What makes ETA-10 special? Which maps will 012 spawn in and how will he affect game play in a massive standpoint?
  10. Best. Server.

    No point trying to explain to this brainlet, just ignore it and carry on lmao
  11. Best. Server.

    Thanks for the descriptive feedback on the server. I'm sure you spent a lot of time on it. Next time try to add: Any feedback of the fucking sort Thank you again for your cancerous input to this server, we hope to see you never again!
  12. I can see the use, make some scenarios better for us. Plus one
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