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  1. Listening to edgy music is quite nice.
  2. I have way too much free time. There's pretty much nothing for me to do except play video games and type on Discord. Well, that's not true at all, but it's an easy way to occupy my time.
  3. In TF2, there was going to be a Deathrun Server, until it got cancelled. Sadly.
  4. Once, there was a girl name Rui. She's in love with someone named Jun. This boy, Jun, is sad, but he also likes Rui and feels happy to be around her, as it makes him feel better. However, while he was trying to gain Rui's affections, he realized that he had only wanted her to like him just to feel better, and he later felt guilty due to the fact that he treated her feelings like an object. Because of this, Jun actually began to genuinely fall in love with Rui, and then they found out that they had feelings for each other, they began dating, and they eventually got married. The End.
  5. Title: The Priest's Holy Deagle Damages Detective Description: If you hit a Detective with a Holy Deagle, it legitimately damages them.
  6. Now that DarkRP is out, I'm now curious about the possibilities of things like PH2, HL2CO, or TTT2-2. (TTT4 has basically turned into TTT2-1)
  7. The server you want the tag on: Hightower 1 "STEAM_0:1:178392536" { "tag" "Writer" "tagcolor" "#ed590e" "namecolor" "#9900ff" "textcolor" "#669966" }
  8. File:Crump.png
    Crump is finally back!

  9. Title: Pharaoh Confirmed Dead after 2nd Death without being ID'd Description: If a Pharaoh is killed with their first body ID'd, then whenever they're killed after their second respawn, it says that the Player is "Confirmed Dead" instead of either showing them as still alive or MIA, even if they're not ID'd that second time.
  10. Happy birthday!

    Wow, I made it in time. Well, in my time zone (Not yours, as I see in the bottom left), at least. I would have missed it by 2 minutes (Central Time).

    1. Dinomoto


      bit confused, but thank you

  11. I played this weird My Little Pony browser game on the Hasbro Website with a slide, and I loved it because I used to love slides. It's the first game that I remember playing.
  12. Alexis

    Here's a small question: Why do you call me "Evil" in the TF2 Discord? Also, I'm not an Animal person.
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