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  1. Steam Name(s): Dragoon SteamID: STEAM_0:1:178392536 Admin that banned you: TheSadBandit What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): 6 Hour Server Ban Why should you be unbanned? A series of unfortunate events happened. As TheSadBandit already knows, I killed him because I knew he was the Traitor, but it was based on reasons I couldn't kill him for, but I thought I could. He had killed me immediately after at the beginning of the next round, (As a T, of course) and then he autoslayed me. I left because I was just sad and bummed out from this experience. I was Autoslayed, and then I left, just like how the rules say. So, imagine my surprise when I join HNS and I'm banned. It may be a 6 hour ban, however, I think that this ban was unjust, so, I request that you please reverse its existence, as I followed the rules of staying until I was slain.
  2. Self-Explanatory Title. I'd like... Opinions. Factors, if you will. I want to hear what everyone wants to achieve, and how they are going to make that occur. Please, enlighten me, bring up an interesting subject matter. I don't want to die of boredom, so comment something good. Edit: Due to confusion, I'd like to clarify. Do you have a set amount of time that you'd like to reach? Would you like to be remembered by players? Do you want to cause as much chaos as possible? These are just some things that could be classified as a self-proclaimed "Goal".
  3. @BadD would've had 100 days already if he was not banned
  4. @Musical Read his previous post on here. Please.
  6. I'm pissed that Space isn't World 9. They forgot a Water world, too. Unless they were trying to rip off of Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, with World 7 being Space.
  7. I didn't know you in game at all, but you were helpful the one time I talked to you. Cheers.
  8. Sayonara to you again, Pigeon. Enjoy your life.
  9. "We should add this map." I must have had some stupid brainwaves clouding my mind, because I was being absolutely idiotic when I said that. After play testing the map, it was broken and didn't have much to add in hiding spots, all it had was just open room. The only reason why I even remotely said yes was because I enjoyed the source game. I didn't like it for HNS, I liked it for Majora's Mask. There is no way in hell we are ever going to add this replacement to HNS, and so, I say, hell no.
  10. Update. after my "Hm?" post. It feels like Sukio is trying to get on the good side of a higher up, someone who's a bigger higher up than Rennadai. I bet that he's seen that Gif before, as if you are trying to ban someone on a Discord server, you see that Gif. There's a slim possibility that he's never had to ban anyone on a Discord, but trying to say that when it is not topical to the appeal at all, is weird. He can message Pyros himself and bring it into the appeal, but it's rather useless to say it in said appeal when there's no point. That really makes me think you should stay banned, IF, that's what you were trying to accomplish.
  11. In the words of Rennadai, "One: literal admins tried to stop you and you didn't? Really? Two: technically not against the rules is still as close as you can achieve to breaking the rules. That's just dumb. Three: Alt accounts were only allowed when the server had a buffer. Do you remember them ever being okay before? Do you not pay attention to us banning nblock alts and other ban evaders? You honestly didn't use many of you your brain cells for this did you? I shall leave it as is, if people want you unbanned then they can talk to me. " Whenever she sees this, you're likely going to have this appeal be slapped as denied, bucko. Listen, if you decide to appeal again instantly being denied, you're likely going to either be automatically denied, not be allowed to appeal, or become forum banned. Pipe down, sonny, and realize that you were already wrong, and that you shouldn't make another appeal so quickly. We're not going to take your appeal seriously if you're practically begging after being denied. Thank you for your time. Don't feed yourself to the snake next time.
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