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  1. Noooo, I just saw this while playing Half-Life: Co-Op. Well, have a nice life. Thank you for your work on the Writing Team.
  2. Your username: Main Name=Dragoon, Other Name=Shadow Why do you want to be admin? I considered the possibility yesterday, and then I thought, "Why the hell not? Nothing can go wrong." The server doesn't have much activity, but when it does, I just want to be there to make sure everything's cool. Basically, I just want to be the errand boy. I want to help around with the server. Basic, right? Discord Tag: ShadowDragoon#0975 Past Experience: I was an HNS Admin from March 9th, 2019-July 25th, 2020 Began my term as a Half-Life: Co-Op Admin on July 10th of this year.
  3. I accidentally made an error, but it's gone now. I hope nobody here will ever know what it was... 🍙 (Besides people in our Teams, of course)
  4. Writing Request

    First Verse of a GFL Diss Track: Your face looks like one that you'd touch butt with Even though Roy Toy cannot even find my bandwidth Aw, our Twitter died so much faster than ZE did Cause the group of that 1 word slay'd it and that word is gonna be "Kid" I'm going to steal all of your money from PayPal Then my 0 cents are not even going back into GFL No matter what happens here, it doesn't matter, we lose Cause someone gonna ban you and that is Mr. Oscar Wiwoz Roy looks like a Star Trek Fan, and that's because he looks like a nerd But I'm a taiga masta and by me you have been sick burrrrnnnnneddd
  5. Where's the Executive Director Role on the bottom @Roy @Nick
  6. Well, I'm pretty much tired of HNS, what with the drama that's always been happening, and recent events, plus, I've been inactive, so I just figured that I should quit, if there's no more enjoyment in the gamemode for me. So, just remove that SINGLE Badge from my Awards, please. Okay, let's list out some people from the HNS Server. Players: @littleshake Why did @Liloz01 even Forum Ban you? @Zeins. An iconic wizard that's just unforgettable if we're talking about This server's history. @Nix Pardus I think this is you, if so, you were my big inspiration as to why I wanted to apply for Admin on the Server, so yeah. Thanks? @GoddessAthena If this is also you, then Hi? It was fun being in Purgatory with all of the Goblins. @Fafy and @Harakoni I was such a bother to you two especially, lol. Fun playing with you both. @nelso531 Ah, A person that likes to joke around. Wish you would have came around more. @NaratoHeHeXD and @BadD Funny men. They're Noobs. @The cow goes moo You're someone who can run pretty fast, eh? HNS Speed competitions and whatnot. Definitely Knowledgeable in the hop skills. @TacoGames Took me a little while to find You. Why are you still Admin on here? Eh, it's cool. You were Obviously another big fun person to play with. @SS PigeonShit I've been Ultimately walking across the hall to say hi, you dumb bat. I didn't really make real connections with a lot of layers, so the list is limited. That's why there are ADMINS below. @Rennadai Bloody Mary but a Loli instead, but actually there's no killing involved, it's just a facade. @FrankAL Keep on singing, sweet anime lover. @bnewton and @Jat COME ONLINE MORE, YA BIG DRIPS! @Booster I'm going to send you something private, so don't leak the drips (Hint hint, I'm joking) @PopcornGoesPopping I'm going to eat you @Shabby You are very shabby, mate @spookyowo .elbarimda si hcihw ,sevlesmeht naht erom elpoep rehto rof erac ,citoahc hguohtla ,snoteleks yracs ykoopS @KryptekBlu3 I'm a mysterious cripple, and now you're blue (Da dee da dee bah da bai). @NokiaSaikou Just remember, someday, the dream will end. @SiraidOwO May I interest you in the FREE NEW MOBILE GAME THAT E V E R Y O N E is playing? @HomelessBert We'll see. Anyway, you're... Fine. @VortexKiryu The person who Now takes the crown of HNS Weeb King. Not even joking. I hope that you suggest that we fill Xmas Downtown with tons of anime girls other than Taiga. @mbs I'm in my freezing mock Canadian room with the AC on the highest cool setting, while shivering. I'll be around if you post another Canada Day thread on the Forums, if done in ~11.16 months. @Musicality A Music Man that's actually quite kind and forgiving, once you get to know him. @BrotherWolf Last, but probably one of the most. Wuffy here is the most trustworthy person I talked to while on the server. I hope you don't resign while staying busy, a lot of people will genuinely be sad to see you leave the Staff Team if you're busy next year, so I hope you can manage. If you're reading this second to last section, why are you doing So? This is a waste of time, unless you find the secret message hidden in this post. Just avoid Proper Nouns, and you'll be fine. In that message, you'll find what I want to say to the people I've listed here, and for the general community as a whole when it's calm. Sayonara.
  7. A: I was joking with the Moderator part, William. B: For Dominic, Human Resources doesn't exist anymore. 1: I wanted to do a C, but the Emote thing popped up, so I changed this list to numbers, and the same thing happened with the non-existent D. 2: I don't think there's a necessary reason to add the small groups of each of the Teams. My personal opinion is that we should show all Teams, or we should show no Teams. Granted, some Teams are already shown, so I think that it is a good idea to add those 2 roles to the below list.
  8. As one of the three GFL Writers, I say that if Writer were to be added down there, we'd also have to add Event Coordinator, which actually seems fine. Then again, we'd also have to include a Discord Moderator and a T E A M S P E A K M O D E R A T O R section.
  9. When a Member of the Writing Team doesn't include Trigger, for other people instead Trigger: Sorry for the meme, I just wanted to make a funny joke after seeing @Trigger's Eyes emoji.
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