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  1. More Infamous than CCCP/USSR.
  2. October in 2017, I was listening to Linkin Park on headphones at my dad's house, and I felt a hand touch me on my left knee, but nobody was there, also keep in mind, this was only about 3 months since the lead singer had committed suicide. I'm also a germaphobe and nobody would touch me normally because I don't want them to.
  3. I played this My Little Pony game on the Hasbro website only because there was a slide in it. I used to just stare in wonder at the slide, I used to love slides for some reason. I also played this cupcake game or something. I think it was a cupcake game, I may be confusing it with the game in Pokepark 2, but I first played those games and browsed YouTube when I was around 4. I somehow knew how to do all that when I was 4. On YT I looked at Pokemon stuff, as my brother in late 2009 was going to get Pokemon Soul Silver for his birthday the next year. I also found Chuggaconroy's channel. Thats really all I remember of that. I also played Soul Silver but didnt know what I was doing. I also played Pokemon Yellow and it was the same for me. The first game I really beat was Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond. I was 6 when it came out and I played it and cried at a certain thing Darkrai did, not saying since its spoilers, but mystical stuff allows everything to have a good ending in that game and I also fought Zekrom and Reshiram. That was the first game I was really dedicated to play.
  4. Im Ok With Removing Dryfield And Hometown, Just Saying Though That City 14 isnt as good as City 8. I can also show you how to get out of the map on that one. I barely even tried.
  5. I didn't gag you actually, it was Harakoni both times. I literally said so on my old post. Oh well, I quit, I'm not arguing about this anymore, have fun with this @Harakoni @Zexired
  6. Should be. Why are you still mad at me for it though? @T1me_EU Also, @V3NOM is that you Omega? I think that is you but I didn't do anything and he gave him a 5 minute gag because he already had 2 previous warns and Harakoni didnt pay attention and do !warns and check his warns before gagging him so that was an oopsie on his part.
  7. I didn't even threaten you or gag you, it was Harakoni who decided it. I gave him the choice of what to do and he gagged you. You already had 2 previous warns and Taco had warned you twice for previous micspam. I also looked through your SourceBans and you didnt get perma banned, and as I am typing this you are still online in the server actually. In this situation would not have gagged you and would have just dealt with it since you were only saying shut up. However, Harakoni decided what would happen. As Harakoni said, I didnt do anything. Other people on the server like ShinGojira would agree with me with what happened, but I know Omega supported you which is ok. Personally, with you on the server (That I've seen), you usually aren't bad so if you make another appeal that is following the format and please use honestly of what happened I'd be fine with the idea of ungagging you.
  8. Chicken, Fries, and Pepperoni Pizza with Buffalo Sauce for all of them.
  9. @TheRealViper3 Yep, @BrotherWolf is right, you are a good guy, so when you are okay playing unless you're busy with work, then work if you need to, but if you feel like playing, then play and have some fun!
  10. I Agree, Click Tagging is only used by losers (Like Me)
  11. We didn't start the fire, but now its burning. In all honestly, it sucks.
  12. @Musical He wants to RTV the map sometimes, but the RTV includes the Spectators who are inactive needing to vote. I have no idea what @nblockbuster is trying to say for the seeker thing, but the first one is my understanding.
  13. Idk if they will get rid of this, but that's likely why Admins kick people after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  14. As long as you can prove that you won't chat spam AND bring down your occasional agitation as much as you possibly can, then we will consider unmuting you, as you really cannot do any harm and chat spam currently, and you don't chat that often when you are online. Good Luck on the Appeal ~ Scourge
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