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  1. Chicken, Fries, and Pepperoni Pizza with Buffalo Sauce for all of them.
  2. @TheRealViper3 Yep, @BrotherWolf is right, you are a good guy, so when you are okay playing unless you're busy with work, then work if you need to, but if you feel like playing, then play and have some fun!
  3. I Agree, Click Tagging is only used by losers (Like Me)
  4. We didn't start the fire, but now its burning. In all honestly, it sucks.
  5. @Musical He wants to RTV the map sometimes, but the RTV includes the Spectators who are inactive needing to vote. I have no idea what @nblockbuster is trying to say for the seeker thing, but the first one is my understanding.
  6. Idk if they will get rid of this, but that's likely why Admins kick people after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  7. As long as you can prove that you won't chat spam AND bring down your occasional agitation as much as you possibly can, then we will consider unmuting you, as you really cannot do any harm and chat spam currently, and you don't chat that often when you are online. Good Luck on the Appeal ~ Scourge
  8. NO! Ok, sorry, hope you get BETTER!
  9. @nblockbuster, Have a Good break. Hope to talk a bit more on the forums and also you have good map taste and I like that map taste.
  10. Good Map

    I don't give a damn about nothin' else! Hallllllf Dooocks is ALL, I NEEEED!
  11. I AM CREEPIN' AROUND RIGHT NOW, YOU JUST CAN'T SEE ME! As I have evolved in this ability...
  12. I say the same things as Harakoni. Super Mario Sunshine is underrated and I really like it. Good map design, but I think we might need to put a kill barrier a certain distance into the water. I definately give a +1, For the same reasons as Harakoni, as I really don't see any downsides besides the map size.
  13. Good Map

    Oh my god, please bring it back on HNS, good memories on it.
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