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  1. Denied due to it being a troll app
  2. You will be unbanned, please refrain from using a VPN (if you were) in the future
  3. Unmute Request

    Please submit another appeal by using the form listed here:
  4. AFAIK, that "mechanic" was never touched
  5. This app will be closed. Applicant withdrew from the admin app
  6. Just to clear things up, MM was not broken afaik. It was first removed to rule out a memory leak that was happening on the server, however the memory leak was not due to MM. I decided to keep it removed due to it ruining casual maps occasionally, where people would start: - spamming in voice to force players to do !votemm - rtv'ing if no one votes mm - rtv'ing when a unlikeable mm was chosen (I know !undomm was an option, but sometimes, it was too late and ppl already rtv'ed) - voting for a MM, then start to troll around I know it kept those casual maps fun for some, maybe, just maybe... it'll return. Who knows? And please stop suggesting retarded/impossible modifier for votemm, thanks.
  7. You were banned for 1week on 04-12-2020 for BHOP HACKS, you then proceeded to join with an alt account which then got immediately auto banned for 2 weeks. While your alt account ban hasn't expire, you joined the server again with your main and thus getting auto banned again but this time for 4 weeks I suggest you be honest next time though You can check your bans here: https://sourcebans.gflclan.com
  8. I personally -1 you cause you keep asking me for T4 jk
  9. I've definitely outdone myself on this challenge. Using: https://github.com/kelseyhightower/nocode I've managed to create this monstrosity. Build the app using Output: /s
  10. Apologies for the delay. Congratulation, your admin application has been accepted.
  11. unmute 2020

    The day has finally come
  12. Silenced weapon sounds was already the default for new players long time ago.
  13. Default MapMusic & zvolume have been lowered to 40%. Only applicable to new players.
  14. We have decided to implement this to another group of maps. Same concept applies ze_frostdrake_tower_v1 ze_santassination_v3 ze_diddle_v3 ze_pizzatime_v9 ze_best_korea_v1 ze_eternal_grove_v3 ze_crazykart_v4
  15. Ban Appeal

    You have been unbbanned.
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