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  1. unmute request

    Sorry for the long delay, you'll be unmuted for now, any repeated offense will result back into a permanent mute
  2. I believe that the person that made the art studied art major, he/she is very professional
  3. We don't mess with air accel since it can fuck things up for some maps. For this event, it's the latter where you get penalised if you jump repeatedly
  4. No = no. CT = Counter-Terrorist = Blue team = Humans. Bhop = BunnyHopping, it is a term used in video games to describe the basic movement technique in which a player jumps repeatedly, instead of running, in order to move faster. so all together, Humans can't bunnyhop.
  5. Ban Appeal

    Closed. Requested by OP
  6. No. To simplify things, the tracer color is random
  7. At the moment, no. It will be added if it is necessary, and that's just more work for me :((((
  8. Since alot of people seem to like the idea of tracer being applied to the leader, it has now been implemented. ONLY LEADERS CAN USE IT BTW For leaders: In the leader menu, there's an option to toggle tracer. It is turned off by default. also @leader - targets the leader @!leader - targets everyone but the leader is now a thing. Any bugs or issue, please contact me.
  9. Locked, because you guys don't know how to keep things on topic.
  10. Mute

    This MIGHT have been a mistake, anyways, it's probably a good idea to settle it in-game for such a short length of a mute. Your mute has expired, I'll be closing this thread
  11. unban request

    Your ban will be lifted. Now that you know our bans are global, next time I'd suggest waiting out the ban instead of trying to join via another account
  12. Wow, it's almost as if this is a community server for players to have fun and know when to tryhard when needed And I'll have to agree with @Elemental here, I've seen more new players trying to the learn the game mode. Everyone's got to start off somewhere. We all know you are born the best and toxic ZE player, but not everyone is like you. Why do you have to blame all F2P players, they've got the chance to start playing and trying out ZE, why not teach them? You're probably going to say you've tried, but then again, you can't force everyone to listen. Not everyone from the bunch of F2P players should be deserved to be removed from the server just because they didn't buy prime status, and if so they break the rules, wouldn't a player report help?
  13. We're trying this out. Please don't go ape shit toxic on this thread but instead, post a constructive feedback.
  14. Oh boy, this is going to be a long one. Year End changelog. Maps that are added or updated to the rotation: Maps that are removed from the rotation due to it being compiled in LDR: ze_clara_civitate_v3 ze_darker_ruins_v1 ze_fire_temple_v2_4 ze_forgotten_factory_vtest ze_industrial_dejavu_v3_3_3_e2_d ze_insanitycity_final_fix ze_kororinpa_v1_7 ze_luck_matters_v3x ze_negative_legacy_xf4 ze_pandora_revolution ze_paranoid_rezurrection_v11_9_ps16 ze_PKMN_Adventure_v9c ze_retribution_p ze_rizomata_a44 ze_rizomata_b43 ze_sky_temples_v3 ze_sunlight_v2_0_p8 ze_thousand_steps_b7 ze_tilex_ultimate_v2_13 ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple_v1_4 ze_trials_v1_4 ze_undertale_g_c7 The reason for removing these maps can be found here: CLICK -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Admin Roster: Added @Sagi to the team. Welcome! Added @Morningstar to the team. Welcome! Removed @bb_IU from the team. Thank you for your contribution! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plugins: Added a !retry command for players that doesn't know how to open console and type "retry" Added a MapModifier plugin whereby players can vote for a random MapModification on casual maps to spice the gameplay up. Added a plugin that randomizes the bodygroup of the christmas event reward skin. SKIN HERE Map Modifier (MM): !votemm - When MM is enabled, this command allows player to vote for it !undomm - Vote to undo the current MM Modes: VIP Mode - A player gets chosen as the VIP, if he dies, the whole team dies. One Hit Kill Knife - Human knives kills the zombie on hit. FailNades - Human grenades pushes Zombies depending on where the nade lands. Knife Knockback - Self explanatory Classic Spawn - Zombies will spawn with the humans. Plugin is developed by me, if there are any issues, please PM me on discord or write it here: CLICK ME MM is enabled ONLY on casual maps. List of maps can be found below: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misc: When a successful RTV vote is passed, it will change the map on RoundEnd now instead. Doubled the negev buy price from $1700 to the current price of $3400. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedbacks are always appreciated. Contact us on discord >> Here <<
  15. Maps Tested as of December 27th, 2018 Green - Added into Map Rotation Red - Major bugs present, not added into map rotation Blue - No major bugs, not added into map rotation Purple - Already present in map rotation ze_temple_of_the_demon_god_a4, a5 ze_ardeca_v3, v3_1, v3_2 ze_blue_zenith_b2, b3 ze_pandora_revolutionz ze_temple_escape_va2 ze_world_escapes_v1 ze_paranoid_rezurrection_v11_9_ps16 ze_shaurma_v3_b07_T3 ze_draco_accidere_v1_6, v1_7 ze_escape_horizon_p3 ze_three_eyes_v0_4, v0_5, v0_6 ze_biohazard3_nemesis_b4_1 ze_crazy_escape_v5_9 ze_pkmn_adventure_v9_1 ze_monochrome_v1b ze_insensible_sr8gm6yj12hs7_rg_96 ze_surf_vortex_v2_5 ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v4_va1, va2 ze_sunlight_v2_0_p8_hdr ze_anti_solo_v1_4 ze_extraction_a1 ze_Timesplitters_pf ze_S_A_M_v1_4 ze_dreamin_v2_3 ze_komatsu_v3 ze_omochi_winter_contest_fix ze_abandoned_industry_va2 ze_otakuroom_v5_6f3 NOTE: Maps that are tested in the near future on the month of December 2018 will still be updated here.