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  1. Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it very much. I'll address the issues mentioned: 1) FailNades, yeah like you said, check the nader's name 2) Knifing ZMs: This command will be noted and added once the Plugin for KnifeKB is complete. 3) I agree not all maps should have classic spawn, therefore that is why this "MapModifier" plugin won't be enabled on some specific map. The current setting for "Classic Spawn" mode is the following ratio: every 20humans to 1 zombie spawn 4) Spawn Protection for MotherZM's and other spawning zombies (Just incase CT's rape other teleports) have been implemented in the current test branch of the 1hitkillknife plugin. Hopefully everything goes well. As of this moment, they have 5.0s of spawn protection against 1hitkillknife only. 5) VIP: The ones that becomes VIP CANNOT use !spec, "kill" or "explode" in console. Changing of teams is also restricted. I'll update this if you've got other potential abuse/exploit
  2. Yeah, that's what this feedback thread is for , please explain the potential abuse/exploit you have in mind
  3. What is there to fix on the plank? The mapper intended it to be this way.
  4. Unfortunately, I did not understand your question.
  5. Event Winners: @Elemental @Fridthiof @Indispersed @Frosty71 @JewBacca @GoGo @donchill @_PJ @clearly @automobil @Notsla @lightitup334 @Redex @Kap @Skyline @Matrix @Rynthe @w3towdead @sTc @Clencher @Burnt @Luffaren @masana @jaycephung @Mithrios @Muffin @Tame If i miss anyone, let me know. thanks
  6. Maps: Skins: Skeleton skins for humans (Public) Eliminator (Monkey looking thing) for zombies (Public) <--- This skin was voted for on our CS:GO ZE Discord lol These skins are here until 1st Nov Plugins: Leader now can toggle a red glow/outline on themselves. (Leader can't see it, other players can) "Fixed" voteleader voting, i think (needs actual gameplay to observe) Voting for a leader now requires less votes Added 1 hit knife temporary, this is only enabled/disabled with ROOT admins on. Spooky halloween, i guess. Misc: If you're too lazy to click that: These are now a thing. Feedbacks are always appreciated, contact us on our discord! >> HERE <<
  7. Maps Tested as of October 24th, 2018 Green - Added into Map Rotation Red - Major bugs present, not added into map rotation Blue - No major bugs, not added into map rotation Purple - Already present in map rotation ze_darker_ruins_v1 ze_last_chapter_v1_3 ze_ffvii_temple_ancient_v4_2 ze_zk_mall_of_zombies_p2 ze_zombiemod_corporation_p2 ze_exchange_innovation_v1b ze_danmaku_v1_3, v1_4 ze_alien_shooter_v7_ps4 ze_pandora_v2_3, v2_5b, v2_Fix, v3, reborn, reborn2, reborn3, evolution ze_ardeca_v1, v1_1, v1_2, v1_2f ze_onahole_v2_2_2_2_2 ze_dark_souls_ptd_v0_4_csgo5 ze_jurassic_evolved_v4 ze_panic_escape_v3_2_e5 ze_surf_gypt_v1_3_1f ze_retribution_p ze_PoR_island_p3 ze_urban_laby_of_death_p2 ze_temple_escape_va1 ze_ccc_toastersand_v2 ze_dreamin_v2_2_3 ze_Trials_v2_test_2 ze_LOSII_Castle_Siege_b1, ze_CV_LOSII_Castle_Siege_b2, b3 ze_Apollo_v2 ze_roof_adventure_v8
  8. Unfortunately, your appeal has been denied.
  9. From what was requested. When you submit a vote. Messages are subject to change
  10. I'm abit late but idk if you figured it out, you have to add .log as the extension instead, so for example "con_logfile test.log"
  11. This appeal will be closed by this week if there is no respond by the banned player.
  12. No fucking shit sherlock. Are you literally brain dead? Go back to being a fucking edgy cunt. Had enough of your shit. P.S Thanks for stating the obvious, I appreciate you calling me chink as I am one
  13. nah it won't be that bad hopefully depends maybe