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  1. You're not banned. Unfortunately, the server got DDOS'ed to the point where NFO had to nullroute it (you can't join the server for awhile). There's nothing we can do but to wait for the nullroute to end.
  2. Unfortunately, your appeal has been denied. You've been given lots of chances with your mutes/gags, yet you seem to continue with your attitude. If we legit went by the system, you'd would have been perm muted long ago. Let this mute/gag remind you that rules exist on the server, and if you don't follow, there'll be consequences it probably wasn't a good idea to insult the admin on forums & discord too btw
  3. The winners that will be getting the skins are: @ZNlercy @Frosty71 @Kap @KBlank @JewBacca @donchill @floaties @lce @Loccstan @Morningstar @realShadows @Rynthe @Haste @Luffaren @Kappoochino. @EasterLee @FPSBlue @RussellCrowe @automobil @Sayori @Soft Serve @hentai- @Slayo @Inspector Leo Simms @Tame @oMoSo @Skadoosh @ReivaX @Murda. @masana @youhd @ggzfeng @Seker @Fridthiof @Val3rio @Mithrios The winners of VIP will be chosen shortly (@ReivaX has donated his Leader VIP to a random person, so there will be 3 randoms picked) 1 - 2 - 3 - Thanks for participating the the event! Be sure to lookout for our next one! Due to time constraints, I only managed to give the winners the human skin, zombie skins will be given once I get back. Thanks for being patient, all skins have been given out. Please let me know if you didn't get the reward.
  4. Winners of the event will be given their rewards in a few hours. Winners of the VIP giveaway will also be chosen at that time.a if u're reading this now, i'm tired and want to sleep
  5. As to add on to the rewards, @aznsushi will be sponsoring THREE VIPs giveaway. Thank you! Edit: The method to be eligible for the giveaway is the same as the event reward conditions. Edit: 2 for winners, 1 for leaders
  6. A public version of Zombie:Reloaded from the link Leks posted. Addons such as: EntWatch, MapchooserExtended/UMC, noblock, Self-Mute, Flashlight, StopMusic & StopSound, zr_grenade_effects, zr_repeatkill, WeaponCleaner These are just some of the plugins that are useful in a ZR server
  7. From OP: "Defeat S.T.A.R.S mode (LVL 3) Nemesis and successfully escape the LAB"
  8. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 The "Anti-Fun police" has arrived. This thread will now be locked. (wow, who knew?) A lot of points have been made. But now, it's just people bickering back and forth. If you have any further feedback, please use the form: >> HERE << edgy
  9. I would pay good money to see morningstar as admin, as a friend, and someone who plays on the server I support this man. Best of luck to you morningstar, and I would honestly rather have you as admin than like 2/2 of the current team.
  10. By entertained... you mean purposely losing the rounds for humans? I'm pretty sure they don't seem happy with you after you did it Yes, you are, For someone with 40+ days, you don't really seem to care about the rules.
  11. This is completely a fucking shit show. All I said was that I agreed on vauff said and you turned this into a personal matter. You need help Speechless
  12. This is ZE, It will become stale at one point, you can't play it forever 24/7. ZE has already "evolved" to the point where its more of a MG gamemode with all this laser maps being produced everywhere. Day and day, people play the same maps over and over just for the screenshots (for what purpose do those screenshots really mean? Internet penis points?). It's fine to have a variety of both, and we try to balance things out, but there's only so much we can do. If you go to other servers, what's the difference? Its still the same ZE/MG? Same maps being nominated and played? Same group of players that are full of themselves. Each server have their different kind of autism and we suffer most since we're "#1" And as for the admin issues, I've already brought it up in discord. Fetty also mentioned it here with his latest comment. For those that don't know: Stop fucking discouraging people from applying just because you don't know them. You guys are making it seem like being an admin is the one bad achievement you can get??? You guys want Admins? Then why don't you suggest some good candidates instead of just continously pressuring us for Admins? Especially to those same assholes out there that want us to suffer but then complain when there are no admins
  13. Omega Fucking LUL. 2days? Spamming? WTF are you going on about????? People were atleast NOT TOXIC in the repost. Keep in mind that the original thread is still posted on January 13. We add stuffs once it's very well received and doesn't cause any issues with maps/server
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