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  1. @Roy, so you needing a new director since Liloz resigned? you pick me or parz ❤️ LOL
  2. Anychance i can get the forum name Spooky . if someone is inactive using it that is. don't really know where to put this but yeah. thanks anyways
  3. i agree with narato on this one chief.
  4. For me this would be @BrotherWolf, @NaratoHeHeXD, @KryptekBlu3, @Pyros, @mbs, @bnewton, @Rennadai @Jamie-Jay, @slay_spider & @Xy & @Booster & @[email protected] @Zexired @BrotherWolf - Really awesome and great person to chat with, absolute sweat at hide and seek 😠 nubby @NaratoHeHeXD - The legend himself with 30+ warns, one of the funniest people i've met and played with. helped me on mc a little which turned into absolute hell. @KryptekBlu3 - The man who can't hit his shots on csgo, great fun to play with and all in all amazing guy. @Pyros - Sat in a staff call alone cuz they all left to go talk to @NaratoHeHeXD in general vc. 10/10 experience would try again. (totally) @mbs - One of the most down to earth opened minded people on the server, extremely smart when it comes to rules and opinions on shit happening. @bnewton - Ah bnewton haven't talked to you much besides hns but ur great fun to play with ur extremely funny and seem extremely cool. @Rennadai - Giving me the chance to be admin, really good to play DBD and chat with. ur a nub at hns but shh. @Jamie-Jay - nubbo who applied for staff with me and resigned within two weeks -_-, jk love u no homo. @slay_spider - slooky ❤️ < dead LOL @Xy - never truly spoken to you but i was ur ban dummy to try out sum stuff lmao. great experience. You're extremely talented at coding shit they i could never even wrap my mind around lol. @Booster - haven't played/talked a lot but gave me a place to stay on the mc server, very chill dude to talk with. @HomelessDog - Crackhead of the server, my lil aussie man absolute legend, hns couldn't be the same without you. @Zexired - ah you fucking gem of an aussie ur probably one of the greatest people ive met here on GFL the past 5-6 months have been awesome honestly wouldnt be the same without ur drunk ass here and there @Shabby - sorry 😛 (all just great people I've met along the way of my journey through hns)
  5. Who is the most unforgettable person you have met here on GFL, what server did you's meet on and why have they made such and impact? (postin my bit in comments) (also just realised something similar has been done but why not have another wholesome thread amirite? )
  6. aye man congrats, now go for #1 on the server nubby. nah but congrats been a pleasure working with you cant wait for the future.
  7. random question are these analytics for only you to view or can everyone?
  8. aha, been a good 5-6 months really hope to see you back man. you honestly make my day by being on the server you're funny as fuck. gonna miss you goodluck for the future hope all you're issues get resolved. and yes you would still be ahead of me if u didn't get banned idiot. you're honestly one of my closest friends on the server so thank you. Honestly thank you though really great memories sad to see you leave. Would love to keep in touch and play some minecraft or just talk in general. Gonna miss you, thanks for the crack head energy you bring to the server also that's always a treat. ❤️ slut fucker ~ hobo 2020 Spooky
  9. no, whyyyyyyyy. ima miss u. you could've just said you'll be inactive dummy, oh well. love you jamieee
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