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  1. June/July 2020 Newsletter Introducing Council - Trigger - Council is now GFL's highest authority. It consists of Directors and representatives from some of our divisions. They will be responsible for GFL on a daily basis and each will be in charge of certain fields. For example, Director of Communications will be directed by Shuruia and Director of Divisions will be directed by FrenZy. The Directors will be responsible for fulfilling the Council's wishes. We also have Division Representatives. Skittlez is the representative for our Rust Division, and Pyros will r
  2. March/April/May 2020 Newsletter Two New Division Leaders, Pyros and Skittlez - Trigger ---> We’ve been looking for new Division Leaders for Garry’s Mod and Rust. Thankfully, we have found just the right people! Our new Division Leader for Garry’s Mod will be Pyros, who has shown great leadership and communication skills. He will help direct our Garry’s Mod Division with Zebra. A dedicated leader with excellent management skills, Skittlez, will lead our Rust division to a greater future! New "Don't Starve Together" Server in the works
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