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  1. Make SCP 682 stand on its hind legs.
  2. Your work is of high quality. Although I’m not apart of Graphics, I can tell that you are more than qualified for this position. Before Test: +1 After Test: N/A
  3. What the fuck is this lmao. What is your current relationship status? - Single. How many relationship(s) have you had? - I've had a total of 3. What is your best memory with your current or past partner(s)? - Getting to know more about each other. If you are currently in a relationship, are you happy with it? - Not in one as of now. Have you experienced the friend zone before? - Yes, but I've used my uno-reverse card. Have you had a long-distance relationship before, how did it go? - No, I do not believe in Long-Distance relationships. What advice would you give to someone looking for a relationship? - Don't force it. It's not like the movies. What are your favorite things to do in a relationship? - "Go to church and tell dark jokes." Are you still friends with your ex(es)? - Yes, however only to a certain point. Would you mind if your partner is friends with their ex(es)? - Yes. What is the funniest moment you've had with your current or past partner(s)? - I haven't really had any "fun" moments. Its kinda just been slow. Would you pick your partner's side over your friends', even if your friends are right? - Yes, but also no. It really just depends on the situation. Do you believe in love at first sight? - Fuck no. What's something you hate in relationships/your relationship? - Being lied to for the sake of the relationship. Would you introduce them to GFL? - I already have. The first thing they didn't like was the name.
  4. Back when I was little I used to believe in ghosts. But now I don’t. I hope people don’t mistake being high or having sleep paralysis when they experience these “paranormal” encounters.
  5. In case you haven't seen the news, Desmond Amofah, also known as Etika, went missing in NYC. Police were notified of his absence and searched the area. They would later find some of his belongings located on a bridge, including his Nintendo switch, wallet, death note, and much more. Many people speculated that he had faked his death or had performed a "publicity stunt". However, after two days of searching, they finally find him adrift in the East Manhattan River. Amofah's mental health was steadily deteriorating, coupled with depression and stress from fame, led to his death. Desmond made a video about his struggles, regrets, and the things he will miss. Here is a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxQAQ57uP9o I advise anyone with suicidal thoughts (or intentions) to please seek help from family members or loved ones.
  6. I don’t play on the ZE server, nor do I know the requirements for admin. However I would recommend spending some time on the forums.
  7. Hey @Jezza304, you do understand that you applied for Developer, and not admin right?
  8. Bean and Cheese Burrito with extra beans and extra cheese with a side of beans and rice
  9. Playing on the GFL Breach server.
  10. importat

    Yes. Mhm. Interesting. Very Interesting.
  11. Good luck Roy! Remember not to lose hope, and to always move forward, one step at a time! 😄
  12. May I ask what server you got banned on @Rob Doe?
  13. Banned for Necroposting
  14. Hey @FrightZ, do you have any other names you use outside of GFL? It would seem that the editor of said video is named I-AM-KAETO. Based on your email, I would assume that this is you? Need some confirmation.
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