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  1. @TheSadBandit pls confirm or deny these absurdities. K thx
  2. ^ skipped M @Harakoni F @SwegBuster K @motorsteak Next is @Pancake Jenkins, @MilkMan and @SkydivingSquid
  3. That's true. But it can be hella overwhelming
  4. This brings me back to the point that if every one knows what happens at night and 90% of them dont play anymore then why is there nothing being done to resolve this issue? Motorsteak was sitting afk because he fell asleep handling reports. Being that hes only 1 admin and handeling 30+ people over a time span of who knows how long i know i personally do not blame him for falling asleep. It's legitimately 1 vs 100 in that case. I know the ones that get on most of which i tagged above are very good at what they do and try to be there even though they have their daily lives to tend to. Its not fair to them they they get such a heavy load on their shoulders when it comes to hopping into the server and handeling every individual players needs
  5. alright so i decided to make a recording of the things that go on at night by the time i started recording it died down a little bit. But from what i've been told his there's literally a plethora of admin apps that have been sitting on hold and when you call one of the normal admins A.) They're either busy and can't hop online or B.) They just don't do anything even while being in the server and playing. Now i won't say any names but it has happened and i've mentioned it to a couple of people. But like i've said before im usually on at night and thats when the server gets bad. You have your usual mic spammers, rdmers, people that just want to ruin the game for others. I mean yes they can come to the forums and report it but thats not a quick fix. that doesn't get rid of the issue and the ban time for consistent rdming and ruining the game is only 24 hours unless its repeated over and over again so in a sense they get away with it until it is situated. Is this due to a lack of staff? does no one really care anymore? whats the deal? anywho if you want to take a look at the demo you will have to PM me since its too big to attach to this post. I enjoy playing here and really don't want to end up leaving because the people that I do play with on a normal basis are usually great people just a few honorable mentions @TheSadBandit @debo619bawb @ Don Patch <--Tag Help pls @Fx @WigglesWorth @TimeForYouToGetAWatch @JadedJade - When she gets on every full moon lol Sorry if i missed anyone. you're all great people and make this community worth staying in. The demo is about 30+ minutes long so fair warning.
  6. My feeling when city landscape = Castle. brb moving to dans back yard
  7. everyone that sponsored me got a dick pic. so there's that. @TheSadBandit can confirm that its about girth rather than length.
  8. Just trying to get some clarifcation. You're leaving the states?