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  1. Gagged me for using the hard "R" which was not the case as I ended it with Lemar's soundbox from GTA5
  2. High thought of the Day:The more I light my lighter, the more light my lighter become to the point it is too light to light

  3.  come join!


  4. tohm_grimmjaw
  5. High thought of the day:If a Child Predator and an Illegal Immigrant fight, Wouldn't it be Alien VS. Predator?

  6. High thought of the day, Abortions count as spawnkilling

  7. This post will self-destruct

  8. I'm back


  9. Rebirth of a more respectful, honest, and straightforward person. I hope to bring lots to GFL in every shape and form


  10. Can I get a second opinion on this guys? I want to upgrade my laptop on a small budget and these parts are what I want to get for it.



    1. rapperdan


      So you are planning on changing parts within a laptop?

    2. _GrimmJaw_


      No, I will remove my WiFi adapter from the PCI port and then plug in the External adapter in that, mainly because I use Ethernet already


  11. Ok, I'm glad I got VIP again, I love this community

  12. Should I main Brigitte, Ana, or Zaria this season?

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    2. _GrimmJaw_


      dude thats all everyone does and its an easy win


    3. Rcool64


      Brigitte - she can do a combo that does 180 damage to someone if done quickly and properly. Melee > shield bash > melee > whip

    4. rapperdan


      @Dano ana is pretty bad? really ok let me apply some dots to you and tell me that a healer that can score top damage while healing the whole team is bad.


      Ohh and hold on let me also get over 8k healing if I focus only on healing.

  13. Hey someone please over look my edited admin application! We defiantly need more admins on the COD4 server, and I would love to be nominated for it

    1. RVFK


      Alright, I'll go over an accept you, please confirm that you want to admin on the cod4 server.

    2. _GrimmJaw_


      Yes, I would like to accept the admin position. My in game name is Spydhr, as well as Steam. Message or reply if you need anything else, let me know! ;)


  14. I'M BACKKKK!!!!!!!

  15. Penis

    When you want to save but the Silvers say "rush B"

    1. RVFK


      It wasn't funny the first time 


    2. _GrimmJaw_


      you know what? I do not care. Enjoy this mornings Rein POTG

    3. _GrimmJaw_


      you know what? I do not care. Enjoy this mornings Rein POTG


  16. When you want to save but the Silvers say "rush B"


  17. el3sawy ESP

    the other one is used OBS at the time
  18. el3sawy ESP

    I have the DM1 file but i dont know how to convert it
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