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  1. Full on server Manager Niceeeee


  2. Gagged me for using the hard "R" which was not the case as I ended it with Lemar's soundbox from GTA5
  3. High thought of the Day:The more I light my lighter, the more light my lighter become to the point it is too light to light

  4.  come join!


  5. tohm_grimmjaw
  6. High thought of the day:If a Child Predator and an Illegal Immigrant fight, Wouldn't it be Alien VS. Predator?

  7. High thought of the day, Abortions count as spawnkilling

  8. This post will self-destruct

  9. I'm back


  10. Rebirth of a more respectful, honest, and straightforward person. I hope to bring lots to GFL in every shape and form


  11. Can I get a second opinion on this guys? I want to upgrade my laptop on a small budget and these parts are what I want to get for it.



    1. rapperdan


      So you are planning on changing parts within a laptop?

    2. Chief Yeet

      Chief Yeet

      No, I will remove my WiFi adapter from the PCI port and then plug in the External adapter in that, mainly because I use Ethernet already


  12. Ok, I'm glad I got VIP again, I love this community

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