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  1. I have had the honor of being a member of many communities over the years and I have been a member of this one for over a year now and really happy that I joined.. The last community I was with was the old Noob Galore community in which I met some really cool people. I have a long history paved with being admin, player, and other things. Anyhow, I plan on being more active when I get a chance because I don't play as nearly as much as I used to. Here is my introduction and here are my answers. Name? Just call me ghost Age? 32 Birthday?5-17-87 Timezone?CST Gender? Male What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender? Wonder wtf happened. Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip) VIP Which server(s) do you prefer? I have been admin on different types and like Minigames but prefer ZM or ZE since it was my first mod other than CS. How long have you been playing? Since 1999 How often are you online and for how long? Usually at night when i get the chance. Biggest accomplishment on this server? Infecting almost an entire team to be zombies. Best thing that ever happened to you? Purchased a home Worst thing that ever happened to you? Would rather not answer. Words/Phrases you say frequently? Bro, wow,and damn. Your greatest fear? Would rather not say but I do not like spiders. (not a phobia just don't like them) Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you? Forgetting to pay my VIP fee. Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why? There are so many but Sausage Clicker is legit entertainment.. Favorite Animal? Can't think of just one. Favorite Color? Aqua Favorite Song? Too many to list Favorite Book? Any Tom Clancy novel Favorite Movie? Too many to list Favorite TV Show? Miami Vice from the 80s. Some modern shows like the Stargate franchise.. Favorite vacation spot? Great Smokey Mountains Coolest place you visited? Ghost hunting in an old abandoned hospital. Favorite place to be alone? My house Favorite thing to do with your spare time? Play CSGO and other games. Favorite person you enjoy spending time with? Lots of folks. Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking? make cat noises and watch them look around. Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard. Every time someone threw a failnade back on classic ZM and destroyed the whole team. Something you wish existed. CSGO for VR and a real legit VR system Something you wish was still around. 3d Doritos Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back. Would love a zm map day or night. Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for. I am a real life paranormal investigator. I also love history and collect old guns. Favorite Meme or GIF Tough question
  2. This is me every time. You would think I would be good for as long as I have been playing the game but nah.
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