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  1. you need more than just the ability to google if you want to ddos a decent server
  2. itd be nice if you could vote for time separately from the event like the old forum
  3. https://web.archive.org/web/20140727140346/http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/middle-east/10310496/A-Kiwi-lads-death-by-drone
  4. Nice retort, in the future refrain from discussing subjects you have no education in.
  5. Are you going to say Hitler was insane too, considering he killed people he considered were taking over? If the New Zealand courts found him insane he wouldn't be fit too stand trial. Buzzword, the more a word is used incorrectly the less the word's value is, until eventually it loses all value and meaning and becomes a generic word with little true meaning. Except I'm using the literal definition and medically accepted use of the word, you're just using it as a buzzword, the New Zealand court haven't found him insane and won't find him insane.
  6. He wanted a political/social division, not what I did. Do you actually know what insanity is? No that shows the opposite, you really need to learn what insanity is before you through the word around, the Aramoana shooter was insane, he randomly shot people because someone's dog walked onto his property. The thought and effort put into it, Insanity is someone who has a non healthy mind, one that does not work properly, can not reason etc
  7. The shooter wanted retards like you to attack people like Pewdiepie, good job, I'm sure the shooter also learned to shoot from Fortnite like he claimed, was radicalized by Candace Owens, learned Ethnonationalism from Spyro the Dragon and his ideal country is China. Yes, he specifically stated he would not shoot at cops and he didn't, so he got arrested. He will get around 40-50 years in prison likely and as long as he deemed safe to be released which he probably will he'll be allowed out. I wouldn't call him insane, this was incredibly well planned, he targeted the Mosque at peak hour, knew the perfect time and location to avoid the police for as long as possible, he equipped a bright flashlight to one of his guns to blind people, he had incredibly good accuracy, he also waved at white passerby and even stopped his car to let a white couple cross the road.
  8. yes i saw the video he did say that
  9. 49 Dead, 40 in hospital, 20 seriously wounded, shooter arrested, 2 others arrested with involvement to it. Yes the shooter did say Subscribe to Pewdiepie before doing it
  10. garbage fps and its 580mb but everything else seems to work fine
  11. That's not leading it's called manipulating the map vote.
  12. How woke does one need to be to get the conclusion that explaining how to beat a map to new players is manipulation
  13. What is the new plugin going to track exactly other than playtime
  14. stats just promote team killing, inflating and rank whoring most of the time, gfl almost always has people online so theres no need to incentivise players to come online when theres no one else on
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