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  1. So? I'm saying if it is an issue an admin can cancel the vote.
  2. If an admin is on an admin can cancel an rtv thats designed to stop the cts from winning.
  3. why cant they, what prevents them from doing so just low air accel? penalties for repeatedly jumping quickly?
  4. what does this mean, bhop is already turned off (as in you cant stay above 300 velocity)
  5. its quicker to just connect with the server browser/steam connect link
  6. thanks you just made the gfl forums sound even worse
  7. https://0x0.st/s7RP.webm
  8. Gametracker is clearly the best way to track playtime
  9. Plenty of other servers do fine without all these custom plugins/tracers/whatever to help The one thing they have GFL lacks is competent and willing leaders along with a player base who actually want to win, it's just a different mentality, if you play on those servers enough you'll notice it, not much to fix it from admin/plugin wise other than just encouraging people to lead and warning people for not shooting/shooting ZMs during boss fights
  10. retard historic is a word meant to refer to someone or something important/relevant/significant to history, the word you are looking for is history, stop throwing in random buzzwords like bellend like a pseudo-intellectual youre the shitter who has to blame non prime players because you cant kill the boss very few bosses dont take extra damage from greandes if you played ZE youd know negev is pointless against certain bosses
  11. not organized and includes many outdated ones but here http://fastdl.gflclan.com/csgo/maps/
  12. so this doesnt happen again
  13. wtf is a brigade meant to be in relations to a poll if he was unbanned the vote wouldnt have been an option
  14. can ninja chris be unbanned as consolation