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  1. Hole comes from Proto-Germanic hulą which means a hollow space/cavity. A hole is simply a hollow place or a cavity.
  2. You were the first one to insult, I'm ignoring these things because I never had an argument about this to begin with, you just assumed there was one because you're unable to comprehend things like sarcasm and wit.
  3. You must be illiterate or just plain autistic. Inept can refer to someone who can't understand a language properly and fails to detect things like wit, sarcasm, irony and humour, like in your case. Rather be inept at a mod for a video game than illiterate. There was never an argument, you misinterpreted my post because you're illiterate and assumed there to be an argument where there was none and now you're mouthing off about irrelevant things I and no one else here gives a fuck about.
  4. Is English your first language?
  5. Are you inept? Did at one point.
  6. Try using -disable_d3d9ex in launch options and see if your fps is better or not. That dxd93 thing is now enabled for all players, it's what makes fps better and faster alt tabs for most people Valve's testing is retarded and only applies to 1% of PCs, they never even bothered to test intel cards one time so everyone using one would crash, probably why the optimization is so shit when they're doing that. Valve's testing also only applies to shitty default 5v5 maps in 5v5 scenario where any laptop/pc made in the past 5 years will average 100 fps. Although youtube fps tutorials are usually outdated and shit. If you're really desperate for FPS you can make your game look like this, this is someone playing on a 10+ year old pc.
  7. You can make a human do the most mundane and menial work for a false sense of satisfaction and reward powered by imaginary points, hence why people copy funny posts to reupload on social media, I have seen people nail their fucking dick to a board just for reddit points.
  8. Do what DtK does, block people from spectating and add gameme points
  9. Uh do you present your medical record to your boyfriend before you fuck?
  10. You're a guy so you don't have to get pregnant, depends on the country and probably state too but if a women claims to be on the pill or some other form of contraceptive, lies about it and gets pregnant you usually aren't liable for child support.
  11. There's a near impossible chance of so many things happening, we don't worry about those things nor base laws on them because they're near impossible. Also pulling out is a shitty method in general, you should really just use a proper contraceptive.
  12. That's a myth. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3455634/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12286905 Nothing in society is decided on by those the law will affect.
  13. Minas, Westersand, Skyrim mainly. False equivalence
  14. No it's considered that a fetus has equal rights to that of a living human once it has a heartbeat, which is usually after 7-8 weeks. You can in theory get more prison time for saying certain words than murder, but in reality that never happens as the minimum sentence is rarely applied in those cases and the maximum rarely in the other. There are other methods of avoiding pregnancy like the pill and pulling out, an abortion prior to a detectable heart beat is also legal. There are also fool proof methods of making a female and male infertile.
  15. There are certain items that used in certain spots can kill nearly the entire team with little to no way of countering >If there is a persistent issue why not allow admins the ability to turn the feature of choosing sides off for a map? Admins are not always on
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