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  1. Do you do anything at parties other than be a wallflower?
  2. Why would you hide the post from the public but allow people to see if someone applies, it does literally nothing but make admin applications more secretive and distances the players from the staff, there is no benefit to it. You can throw suggestions out, you can also have people give their mind about it.
  3. thats retarded if youre going to show the name and date might as well show the post, not sure if thats even possible with the forum software being used
  4. Has your internet always been this slow? How much speed are you meant to get with your internet plan, did you change ISPs, change your internet package/plan etc
  5. The problem is probably your incredibly poor internet speed, there isn't anything you can do other than get better internet or optimize your internet better somehow (making sure you're the only one using the internet, turning off any DLs etc)
  6. Checking in

    @FzFuRy this is how you make a good post
  7. You can look the ip up here to see if it really is a vpn. https://iphub.info Just because it doesn't show up doesn't mean it isn't a vpn however
  8. VAC error

    did you try turning your pc on and off again
  9. Should ban it for disrespecting the DPRK
  10. It's not the ze map itself, these people are like this, the map just exposes it, they want to tryhard for their screenshot and get mad at people who ruin it/get in the way of that, as well as jealously/anger to those who are trying to do the same. Why do you think CS:GO makes people more toxic than Animal Crossing?
  11. He's not complaining about the map itself, rather the cancer elitism and laser fagging that happens on it
  12. You were the first one to insult, I'm ignoring these things because I never had an argument about this to begin with, you just assumed there was one because you're unable to comprehend things like sarcasm and wit.
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