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  1. RIP ember, did always have a blast with you mate have fun with actual life xD
  2. Like VIP or admin?
  3. @Zexired Why does "fuck" get censored to "fudge"? what the absolute fuck Zex
  4. There's one problem with that idea, the problem is that people in spectator are still counted in the votegag system and yes I do believe not voting is counted as a no, we would have to change the script for the votegag system to exclude people who are in spectator and add in the new script to move people to ask, fafy might be willing to do that but you'll have to ask him. @Fafy do you recon this could work?
  5. Sorry but as far a source I can't see there's no real way to fix this other than an admin taking care of it and warning everyone's for harassment, maby if we changed the vote gag system to be more like admin votes so it would count if more people voted for the gag but I also feel that could be abused heavily and that she why the votegag system is the way it is
  6. seeya have fun with whatever you choose to do xD

    Oh NVM the new xD
  8. damn this is fricken sad. seeya hara, hope to see you around sometime again man, wish ya luck in what you choose to do next
  9. I'd say that a -1 to the hamster as we already have Scooby but the rest is good +2