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  1. I feel like this needs that “are you flippin retarded” meme added to it i mean after all this wanker did apply for admin
  2. the only thing you can do to get rid of it is to play more on the server Its because you've played so much you've reached a title that's pretty long i believe its called "I have too much time on my hands" or something like that there's no way to fix it other then playing enough to reach another role that isn't as long so it wont need the scroll, in the mean time use i believe f8 and it should show you the times of everyone in the sever and you should be able to search yourself up
  3. ban appeal

    yes he can get a second chance and be unperma banned but hes on a short leash
  4. To put my point a little clearer i recon we should remove only very few spots and leave the majority alone the god spot in museum being an example, we should also remove maps such as evening house because while I love that map everyone drops from the server when it comes on. heres a suggestion select and remove some god spots and wait about 1 month tops, if we notice a massive decline in players we reintroduce the spots, if there's a boon in players just keep it and we'll decide what to do if nothing happens to the player count. i do kinda agree with hara because I have a friend who played hns once with me and left almost immediately apon seeing the people making the god spots because he felt that he just couldn't do anything and the game was a little too unfair.
  5. @BrotherWolf my point about bhopping was that basically saying this, while we should remove a very select few spots and that we shouldn't take I think too far or we might as well ban bhopping as well cause it's along the same lines
  6. I'm just gonna repeat what i said in discord and the basic message behind that is remove some spots but not a lot, things like the hallway spot in museum but nothing else from museum and such, like is listed above removing to many spots would cause regulars to drop which would more kill the server than help it, so yea this is a good idea but you could only remove a few spots before people would become too upset over it, thing is also that a question is, should we remove bhopping? Cause I personally know that I've cock teased a lot and cause people to leave with words of "fucking auto hopper" or "bhopping piece of shit" remove very very few spots but keep most as it's a matter of skill, if you really want to play a game you will learn to be better instead of just leaving, if you make it too easy you'll find everyone who would have left the server after seeing someone do one of the god spots will leave shortly after they see anyone do a spot they can't immediately do and it's pointless to bend to them my main aim point here is this, it's a good idea to remove some spots but not a lot and I'd say not all of the ones you listed otherwise you'll just lose rather than gain
  7. RIP ember, did always have a blast with you mate have fun with actual life xD
  8. Like VIP or admin?
  9. @Zexired Why does "fuck" get censored to "fudge"? what the absolute fuck Zex
  10. There's one problem with that idea, the problem is that people in spectator are still counted in the votegag system and yes I do believe not voting is counted as a no, we would have to change the script for the votegag system to exclude people who are in spectator and add in the new script to move people to ask, fafy might be willing to do that but you'll have to ask him. @Fafy do you recon this could work?
  11. Sorry but as far a source I can't see there's no real way to fix this other than an admin taking care of it and warning everyone's for harassment, maby if we changed the vote gag system to be more like admin votes so it would count if more people voted for the gag but I also feel that could be abused heavily and that she why the votegag system is the way it is
  12. seeya have fun with whatever you choose to do xD
  13. Suicidal as always






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