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  1. I've a similar experience, actually. There was this game called Project Eden that my dad got for me and there was a level that had creepy monsters and they were pretty strong so I always asked my brother if he could do it for me. Even though at the time I could understand both Portuguese and Spanish, I still struggled a lot to understand what the objective in each level was (the game was in Spanish) so that level, since they get harder the more you play, was super confusing and took me forever to do up until I was old enough to fully understand haha.
  2. I believe in reincarnation and afterlife. I don't really believe in many thing such as ghosts and stuff, but I accept that there's probably life some other place in this universe. It'd be impossible not to as the universe is gigantic. Science doesn't have answers for everything, nothing does. There's loads of theories about how we got here and how the universe was formed, but these are things humans have to accept we might never know. I believe in magic as well. Not the kind of magic seen in movies, cartoons and so on but the magic that's done more subtly such as witchcraft.
  3. I got into video games in 2004/2005 (yes, it's super early considering my age) when I'd frequently play Unreal Tournament '99 on my brother's PC while he was at school (or when he was playing on console). I played a lot on our PS2 as well so sharing was always difficult for us. Eventually my parents bought me my own PS2 and the only thing we had to share was the PC. I played LOADS of Spyro, Sly and Crash, always been my favourite games as a kid. There were also various other games I sometimes played but they were mixed into a single CD so it was hard to memorize their titles.
  4. Hello everyone! I've recently shared this with the Media Team members so they can continue to do their work, and after getting the Directors' approval, I figured I'd also share it with the rest of the community: an Adobe Master Collection CC 2019! As the title of the collection suggest, it's all 2019 up-to-date CC Adobe software. The download links will be posted down below. There isn't much to explain other than once the download is finished, you will be able to choose which software you'll want to install and keep. It's a short and simple proccess, there isn't much and it's viable (I wouldn't share harmful links to the community). Here are 3 download places where you can this collection from: Mega Mediafire Rapidgator If there are any issues with any of the links, downloads or software, let us know by replying to this topic. If there aren't any, hope you enjoy and have fun (can still let us know if it works)!
  5. Talking and spending time with @Shuruia and my friends.
  6. Remuwuchu

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  7. Looking dead in that second picture haha. It looks really awesome though, enjoy the time home!
  8. I met this girl in a game, Ponchiru was her name, and she was the sweetest girl I've ever met. She was helping me going through some tough times and she suddenly... disappeared. Never heard anything from her again, never saw her again. We had some good times together, and I just want to see her again and talk to her, catch up and check on her. Last I saw her was early 2014.
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  10. mmmmmm, *hugs*

  11. This is not always true. Maybe in some cases, but not all. It isn't appropriate to generalise it. Social Media can and does help some people feel better, meet new people and connect with others going through the same struggles. People who are able to empathise are most likely able to help someone feel better for the short term and help them reach out. Saying the pre-social media depression is less severe than post-social media is just… not right. Maybe that's your case, but it's not entirely true. It can serve as an escape to many to people from tough times in their real life, specially in gaming communities since it allows them to have fun and distract themselves from it. There is nothing wrong with going on social media if you're depressed, but what is wrong is using it incorrectly in ways that it will be harmful to them (announcing it to world or "looking for attention" in the wrong way). Sometimes it's a place for someone to call their home, sometimes it's a safe space, sometimes it's just a escape from problems and just to hang out with friends and have fun.
  12. Didn't know what happened until now, and that truly sucks. Hope the family, friends, loved ones can recover one day from this. As for the post itself, thank you. Thank you so much. Makes me feel at home being in a community knowing I can always reach out to someone. Same for everyone else. And, if anyone ever needs, I'll always be here to help as well. ❀️❀️
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