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  1. Happy birthday fren

  2. Enjoy ur break boomer u need it!
  3. Suh I'm the co-manager of Gmod CWRP. Nice to meet u, hope u enjoy GFL and u should def visit CWRP one day
  4. Happy birthday old friend!

  5. Was watching the cinematics with Rick. It looks really awesome to be honest
  6. I'm guessing you're the new manager for CWRP? Congrats if you are.

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    2. Supreme leader 049

      Supreme leader 049

      Oh oh! Hey, I was close ;)

    3. VilhjalmrF


      Faggot. No wait- Co-Faggot! Got it now.

    4. Pachimo
  7. happy birthday my dude. best of wishes to you

    1. IAmSuperSpookyMan


      Thank you very much...

  8. bored

    who are you
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