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  1. Love you! ❀️

  2. who wanna go travel, beautiful day out

    1. Fafy


      Why don't we go visit China

  3. Mejilla's Covers

    Not happening LOL! I'm too shy! I'm also not good enough to share it out there
  4. I'd assume a good method is YouTube. I've been learning piano through YouTube with a bunch of available tutorials and stuff. Admittedly piano is easier than guitar but I'm sure there's loads of videos out there to help you out. Good luck!
  5. Yellow is a softer color which I personally think suits you better.
  6. I lost brain cells reading this shit.
  7. I'm neutral on this as the Overwatch population died down by a lot and there aren't as many new players but a GFL Overwatch division would be cool, though.
  8. Happy birthday, old friend!

  9. Nya~Β πŸ’œ

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