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  1. Ok? I think of it as justified since I do also think you were just minging. I'll undo the mute so you can use OOC and whatnot, but I do not want this kind of mingery again.
  2. Once the server reaches a certain amount of players, it gets very hectic for staff. I don't know how many staff were online at the time, but admin chat does get spammy and cluttered by other people's messages. You were kicked from your tryouts and got arrested for not knowing the way out, but it's… pretty much the way you got in. People assumed you were minging, as I also do from reading this, because of things like this. You seem like the kind to be impatient for admin responses when your arrest wasn't false. You were loitering after being told to leave (the way out is the way in, sorry. The map isn't that confusing). If you simply "didn't know how to play", then you can either follow along with other players or KINDLY ask for help. There is no need to rush everyone to help you as I'm 99% sure other calls were happening as well.
  3. #giveaway Idk I don't have perma
  4. I wonder who did "Harakoni x Sister"....
  5. Who else other than Leks and I?
  6. oh if only u ppl knew
  7. honestly dude
  8. love u ❤️

    1. Pachimo


      I love you too cutie 💕

  9. Happy birthday Sally 💖💖 Love you!

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      Thank you, allie 💞

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