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  1. Feliz aniversário 

  2. When CS:GO Surf RPG Deathmatch was alive and everyone built some great memories there.
  3. Man's been gone, but happy birthday! Come back fully one day, Kubby. 

  4. Omg it's Jgay! You stopped DMing me, hmph. :c Happy you're back though!
  5. Happy birthday, darling! I love you! ❤️

    1. Auralanity


      I love you too princess! And thank you aaaa 💗

  6. EU Overwatch 6v6 Event

    Your Battle.net ID Proof of your level - 1252 Your team name & members Pachimo#2351 (@Pachimo) Fire#13371 (@ItsFire) Shadowrift#21681 (@Rick) mucus#21927 (@Mucus) Ducky#21788 (no account as of now) Dualist#11178 (no account as of now) SUBSTITUTE: Liloz01#2793 (@Liloz01) RockRoyce#2503 (@Royce)
  7. @VilhjalmrF @Auralanity @Lamb @Pyros @Rick Awe I love u guys ;w;
  8. @Rick @Dano @Liloz01 @Auralanity and everyone else I have already thanked; these four have been a part of my life for many years and helped me through my most difficult times. Hadn't mentioned them in my original post since I thought it had to be only one person and even then I couldn't just pick one. Thank you to all of my amazing friends I've made throughout my run in GFL, you're all amazing and I love all of you. ❤️
  9. bitch

    1. Roy
    2. Roy



    3. Pachimo


      quiet heathen

  10. what Also PLEASE don't bring politics onto the forums or anywhere public, that's just going to cause so much unecessary conflict and drama.
  11. My personal intention wasn't to have my staff team's permissions changed or revoked since the staff need their own power to punish people much like in the server, as well as to keep track of people who have been banned, and so on. We have gone through a vote and there were more +1 to -1, but the discussion got flooded and I didn't really see most of it. I should've put a seperate channel for it, I'm sorry. I didn't intend for any of this to change and it happened while I was away so I didn't notice/know at first. I wanted the moderation team to come help in terms of moderation since I personally can't train anyone with it (the bot commands and the full list of punishment guidelines spread across all official Discords), while still having my staff team keep their own permissions as well. I personally am more in agreeance with the first suggestion, but will go through with what is deemed necessary for the Discord. I am truly sorry for any issues that have risen between the staff and moderation team, as well as the Discord itself.
  12. Hope you do come back one day!
  13. lol



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    2. Pachimo
    3. Roy



  14. i was advised to post this one too lol
  15. rip people in my country
  16. -rep.

    Thought it'd be a funny meme to spoil something for me. Hmph. 

    1. Roy



    2. Pachimo


      Say sorry! 

    3. Roy


      hell nah, i don't regret what I did!

  17. Joined a RPG Surf Deathmatch server in CS:GO in 2014 and stuck around until now.
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